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for 5.24

for 5.24

Tool bar Winamp Skin (FIXED FOR 5.24 had to republish)
5 Song Storage (hold buttons down for 2 seconds)
Slide to Hide >>>
170 Color themes Including many of todays favorite Desktops
Configs to any screen rez
UUL -coded resize feature
Leechbite - coded stick to side feature

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July 3, 2006 by QuadHeliX Barber114830 downloads

-Lithium- - for 5.24

Staff review

Another useful toolbar skin.

This one does its job right, and looks quite good, but I simply cannot get it to stick to the exact top of the screen, but sticking to the taskbar works. The EQ looks nice, but it's perhaps too big for a skin of this type. The 5 Song Storage is a very nice idea, but it would be a lot more useful if the script included searching for the stored song in the loaded playlist before "clearing it up". It's a nice skin though, and if you're worried about Winamp cluttering your screen, you wouldn't make a mistake by getting it, but there are better choices, like Flo by the same author, which is much more flexible.


So close to perfect - Very nice indeed, I love this skin. It doesn't quite dock to the top of the screen, can't change the direction of slide and some times the button labels are impossible to read, but nice nevertheless. The other thing which I'd like to see fixed is that when listening to something more than ~100 minutes long (internet radio etc) the time counter sometimes overflows out of its little box and ruins the sleek appearance.Good range of colour schemes, simple, powerful, neat, sleek, all in all my skin of choice. - June 7, 2007 by Ben Nizette

Excellent, but with an oversight - I like this skin. It's simple, easy to use, low clutter, and stylish. I only have two problems with it...The 'Play' button is non functional. It will pause music when music is playing, and unpause it afterwards, but it will not start music when nothing is playing.The direction of slide cannot be changed. I personally would prefer it to slide from right to left and stick on the right side, but that's me. Aesthetically, I can ignore that, but the Play button still needs to be fixed. - May 20, 2007 by Reth Eldirood

Lithium - This is one awesome skin! The colour themes are great and the design is beautifully sleek and if it's discreetion that you're looking for, this is the skin for you! :D x peace x - November 4, 2006 by Hippie Days

Small Footprint~Mega Functionality - I really like this skin. I love when function meets aesthitics with the efficiency of an engineer. Tons of color schemes to choose from. NICE WORK! - July 16, 2006 by rooo sted