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Heaven is here!

Heaven is here!

This is my latest skin called "Liquid Paradise". IMHO it's fresh, cute and smooth, and I hope you will enjoy it. Peace!
(Btw: Got any jobs? You need a unique winamp skin to match your website? Contact me at alkoholik(at) and spare some change for a poor skinner...LOL)

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July 22, 2006 by Nullsoft Classicz345792 downloads

LiquidParadise - Heaven is here!

Staff review

Wow, so beautiful!

This is really calming and light. Really great skin!

Original Design by ampburner (aka Stephan Hoekstra).
WA5 update by Jones.


Dear wy - I like it. - April 12, 2007 by Nikolett Antal

Nice - Nice design and colour scheme, for a classic skin =o) - April 8, 2007 by Nick Zammit

12222 - This is great!!!! - December 7, 2006 by Alexandra Sorokina

pretty good - LOL - August 14, 2006 by Boris Karaivanov

Yes but you can apply some more border layouts - Yes this looks great scheme. Good thought made an great artistic thought. But i hope that you can mix up some more border with the same concept in equalizer like i did in my Heat_red check this out you can get an idea. Well i can give only 4 - August 1, 2006 by praveen kumar