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Linkin Park_ A Meteora Skin

LP Rocksss...!!

LP Rocksss...!!

Simple skin to add 2 my series hope u like it...

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March 6, 2005 by Pradyumna Nandavanam133305 downloads

Linkin Park_ A Meteora Skin - LP Rocksss...!!

Staff review

Really ?

The skin could use far more detail, but I'm sure the hordes of LP fans won't mind. Could use some cursors.

Comments could be better - All right now,I sure love LP,it's the greatest band ever,but the skin sux(sorry to say that,I really don't want to hurt anyone).And now as I already have the new album,I'd be glad to see another,new skin.Take care ;) - July 21, 2007 by Fany Kostova

pretty kool - thats pretty cool keep it up linkin park is sweet - June 25, 2007 by jesse fanning

It's cool !!!!!!!!! - I think Linkin Park is COOL, cause i fan of LP many years and i know about good skins to Winamp, so i think this skin is great. - July 31, 2006 by AdVeNceR Wertys

HI! - Hi! Keep up the good work.I love the skin......can you send it to me in another color? Luv Sparsha - November 29, 2005 by sparsha nandavanam

LP v.v - Hehe, I was just randomly clicking around and this was the first thing I found. Thanks! ((not that Kaiti's obsessed with LP or anything ... )) - March 17, 2005 by Kaiti Sukai

Comment - This skin can do better with a bit more visual effects. - March 8, 2005 by Jaichandran Jayapalan