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Life on the Farm

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Now updated for v2.9 and includes MikroAmp skin. Incredibly enough, it's a rpg game about farming. When I saw the image, I knew it had to be made into a skin. Who could resist a pic of two kids riding a fat cow?The skin is very simple and plain and has a black and white theme to match the cow. I tried to be a little daring with the buttons compare to my last two skins, but couldn't come up with anything interesting for the equalizer. There are lots of animated cursors for your amusement (or frustration). Enjoy!

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August 9, 2003 by kayak -187491 downloads

Life on the Farm - Harvest Moon

Staff review

who could resist?

i am starting to think i should play this game now.


e - e - April 15, 2007 by maya maya

cluttered - This skin is too cluttered for my tastes. - April 4, 2007 by Jesse Brown

Life on the farm is AWESOME. - Simply AWESOME! Love this game. ♥ - November 24, 2006 by mister cabbage

Woo Hoo!!! - when i see this skin, i need 2 say something! I LOVE IT!!! cos i am a big fan of harvest moon. this is cute as the game. thanks! great work! - August 9, 2006 by rachel low

very nice - menu are animated!!! - August 6, 2006 by Francesca Pavone

good picture - very nice skin - March 8, 2006 by TuoHuan Chen

?liczne!!! - To jest ?liczne!!!! Prze?liczne!! Wiecej takich skinow... - February 27, 2006 by Kinga Kreciwilk

love HM - I personally love Harvest Moon...and I also really like how you did it...the only thing I didn't like was how some of the options (like Open File, Shuffl, Repeat) were over top of the cow and not moved away. And there was one other The Other Mario Brother (he made a steel Luigi Skin), you didn't take into account the Media's all black due to your text time try a red....even if it's slightly darker than normal would be at least readable in the Media Library. Learn from it...take care. (PS THe Media Library is what brought it from 5 to 4) - February 17, 2006 by Mark Ninnis

hard-est moo-n - get this skin if u like the game u like this too - January 11, 2006 by Jay Laya

The best and most kawaii - A GREAT SKIN! it is just my favorite one! the audio balance is invisible but... I DONT CARE ABOUT IT XP - December 27, 2004 by fernando matsui

5 star skin!! - Great work on the skin!! Harvest Moon, classic game. Animated icons and all, a truly excellent skin. Only problem with the skin is the speaker balancer is invisible. Not a real problem but could be slightly confusing. - January 18, 2004 by Frank Foster

Luv Harvest Moon - I alway luv harvest moon the game, and now with this skin, I can use this for months. Very cute and well done to the hard work and time on the cursons. Please make more skins like this. - January 17, 2004 by Linda Ruan

Kawaiii! - I love it! I want to keep it forevers cuz' I like it soooo much. It's second place in my ranking of winamps only cuz i found one that's my fav color. - October 1, 2003 by Kim^^ C.

it's realy funny! - i played havest moon on gb-color! DELUXE-game + DELUXE-skin. Nothing better than that! Greetings from germany. - July 20, 2003 by Tobias Witthuhn

Great !!! - This skin is wonderful! Not only do you get the cute main picture , but little graphics appear when you mouse over other stuff! No Harvest Moon fan should be without it. Great job!! Soo Cute! - January 30, 2003 by b k

YAH! - I love Harvest Moon games! Its good to see a skin of Harvest Moon! - December 17, 2002 by Tyler Bell

cute! - It's sooo cute! I can't think of another thing to say :p... - November 20, 2002 by juliet valentine