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LayerONE v1_3

The LayerONE experience.

The LayerONE experience.

For all those who like a flat and minimal design.

3 modes, visuals and many colorthemes to choose from.

Includes Latest Open Source Notifier.Skin remembers positions of different modes.


- For Winamp 5.03

Coding and Scripting by Jared Kole (iPlayTheSpoons)

Graphics by Panos Chatzisavas (Anemovatis)


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July 6, 2004 by METASKINS Team235143 downloads

LayerONE v1_3 - The LayerONE experience.

Staff review

Dosn't have to be 3d

See kids, skins don't have to be all 3d, flat works as well.

Looks a bit like one of those LCARS pad things of star trek.

3 different modes, tons of themes, what more do you want.


for years. - well, it's been years since i'm using only this one. just years - April 15, 2007 by jane black

Really really neat! - Truly beautiful job... this may well become my everyday skin. Just the easiest thing to use, and the stick mode is a triumph! - February 28, 2007 by Mike Farley

Great skin! - Use it in stick mode where it's small n sits at the top all comfy & nestled away. Plenty of colors to suit your needs too! One of the best skins nay, THE best skin I've ever used!! - February 19, 2007 by Dammitt LC

nice - This is pretty cool, I dig it. - July 30, 2006 by Aaron Boswell

unique, very good - one of my favorite skins ever, and coincidentally one of the most unique. there should be more skins like this! - May 23, 2006 by winamp winamp

probably best skin ever. - i drop by from time to time, mainly to update my winamp, sometimes browse the skins, but i never find anything better than this, and it's been about a year that i'm using it. very practical, esthetic, what more do you want.. all those "3D" skins look stupid or just plain ugly on my desktop. alien space crafts, geez.. the ones i sometimes switch to are 'the neverhood amp' and 'yummi yogurt', when i'm in the mood for a funny cartoon skin. regularly, i use this one and i'm starting to lose hope that there will ever be another skin that neat and useful. this is how i want my player to look like. - February 25, 2006 by jane black

Fantastic - I love this skin, it's the mutt's nuts. Very accesible, high usability, lots of colour themes and the vertical seek bar in winshade mode is pure genius. Not too keen on the visuals in winshade (prefer classic-style graphic EQ), but that's not enough to bring the rating down. Keep up the good work and thanks for a great skin!! - December 30, 2005 by Sam Hany

A keeper! - One of only a handful of skins that are complete, pleasant to look at, laid out logically and easy to use even at 50% size. This one is a keeper for everyday use. 5+ stars. - October 10, 2005 by Ray Evans

Really clean - For once, I'm got stuck with a "modern" skin. That has all the functions of the so called modern skin, but this makes sense in 30sec. Then you have figured it out. So I vote for this NON "overdriven-color-and-3D?sh*t skins! - October 3, 2005 by Henrik Malinowski

FLAT NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD! - Most likely the best skin I've ever had in a while. - February 21, 2005 by Caro Pan

Finally - It's been a long hunt for a skin to work with my desktop, but I found it. This is perfect. 100% functional, stylish yet not intrusive... The kind of Winamp skin to base a desktop around. My only issue is with the odd parameters where it docks. Very far off from where the skin actually is. But that's not a big issue, I can still place it where I need without docking. - February 16, 2005 by J F

functional, clean skin - I only use skins that are minimalistic and easy to use, and this skin is almost perfect in those regards. I particularly like its stick mode, which docks and autohides. There are a few minor bugs - when it comes out of autohide it shows the song that was playing the last time the player was visible, until you mouse over it. Same with volume. I found that the layout of the controls isn't as intuitive as some other simple skins, but I eventually got used to it. The main aspects of the skin that appeal to me are that it displays the pertinent info about the song that's playing, has clearly visible buttons, and is compact while still functional. I forgive its minor faults for its excellent functionality and clean look. - December 29, 2004 by addy biru

one of my favorites - this skin is easily one of my favorites. its the first really modern skin for winamp. lots of style. i do have one issue thoough. it would be great if the notifier worked for streaming audio as well. Classix Player ( does a really nice job of that. i hacked this theme with some of the notifier code from Classix and it seems to work. other than that, i really like the style of this skin! - August 24, 2004 by dave bloom

This Skin Is The Shizit - Oh, I don't really review skins, but this one is the best skin I've seen. I've been with winamp for about - I donno - 6 years now - I've seen a lot of skins - and this beats the lama's ass!! There's a new skin that the METASKINS Team put in and it has the winamp's site's theme - its simply awsome. It also has a preference window that incorporated with it that just... mmm... wets my apitite. It show the song and a thumb of the album cover near your system tray. you have three views, the stick view is the best to sit on top of your window bars - especially with the winamp's site theme... beauty!! - July 29, 2004 by Paul von Hoesslin

Buggy - I downloaded this thinking a "flat" and high contrast skin makes it necessarily easy to use, but LayerOne proved me wrong. By far, the coolest feature in this skin is the use of RPeterClark's album covers code in the notifier. The light effects on the control buttons is quite different and fitting to the skin. However, there are a number of UI/coding issues that account for my rating: 1) There is clear way to reach the notifications configurations. (The only way I found was right clicking and turning on the "Notifier Preferences" window). 2) The combo box in the "Notifier Preferences" configuration window looks messy -- the list box has no outline and opens much further than it should. 3) In the "shade" and "stick" layouts, the playlist repeat display does not change when the repeat hotkey is used ("R"). (The shuffle button does work properly.) 4) There is no repeat, shuffle or crossfade display in the main mode, even though they are displayed in both the "shade" and "stick" modes. 5) Although the crossfade length is displayed in the configuration page, there is no clear way to change it. 6) There is no skinned window for the color themes list (it opens the Winamp preferences window). ... see other reviews for more problems. So far this skin has been on average rated very well, particularily for "functionality." LayerOne likely has more bugs than listed above. Those issues are just from five minutes of me trying to use the skin. Things are hard to find -- the layouts are unintuitive and incomplete. One star. - July 29, 2004 by Pascal Getreuer

it'S sweeet! - Pascal Getreuer, i dunno what your problems are, but this skin is a minimalist in perfection. guys, don't believe him one single word, he's just wrong in every point he says! go and look for yourselves... - July 29, 2004 by i rontz

Great!!!but.. - Its (almost) prefect, It has no skin for the EQ (yeah, i know has the EQ button, but if u change from one skin to another there stays the EQ in classical mode(ain't exactly a rip i guess). Anyway, its Reaaally great!!!! I luv blue flat skinss. - July 23, 2004 by Tremere Yager

This is simply excellent - What can I say? This is an excellent skin. I particularly love the layout and the highlighting on the buttons. - July 23, 2004 by Devin Cook

Okay, buuuuuuuuuuuut....... - I like this skin a LOT. It's nice, everything is easy to find, and it's pretty. But when I have it in stick mode, i can't change the volume of Winamp, or the elapsed/remaining time. I like the notifier (especially the album covers). But also when the skin is in stick mode, and I try to change the volume or time, the player docks with the top of the screena nd immediately disappears, taking the same appearance of whatever was behind it. And then to get it back to normal, I have to switch to another skin then switch back. Otherwise, it's a nice skin, and very functional. - July 23, 2004 by dave zielinski

Flat is phat. - A solid and unobtrusive design, a very unique button lighting system and legible text in all modes makes this a skin worth installing. Now if I can just settle on a color theme.... - July 22, 2004 by deus diabolus

Great Skin - Nothing more to say. Great! - July 22, 2004 by Claus Peter

nice - i really like this skin. simple and well designed, with many color schemes. and it is very very usable, which is a big plus for me. good work. - July 17, 2004 by graig smith

not a glitch! - The notifier box has a something like a glitch (when you click on the down arrow you see half of an "S") but this isnt a real glitch. Its like any of those menus. The only thing that makes it look like a glitch is that usually when you click on an arrow like that (like for example, on the Winamp web site) an outlined box appears, but not with LayerONE. So seeing that this glitch isnt a real glitch, I give LayerONE 5 stars! - July 17, 2004 by b silver87

An amazing Skin - This is an excellent skin. But I had to give a 4 because of a small glitch in the Open Source Notifier. Hard to explain, but the glitch is there. Anyways, nice job, boys! - July 16, 2004 by Steve Swanson

so cool - nice, complete, awesome, clear... - July 13, 2004 by louis GUINGOT

Impressive! - I really like this skin. The intuitive controls are a welcome feature. And I just love the color themes. All modes are quite pleasant to the eye and elegant in their simplicity and functionality. LayerONE earns a spot as one of my primary skins... - July 9, 2004 by c settles

Really like this one - This one I have used for quite abit. Very functional!! - July 8, 2004 by QuadHeliX Barber

Reply: - Dear Ground Hawg , excuse me my friend, can you read the title of the skin? Thanks :) - July 8, 2004 by METASKINS Team

Ground Hawg.... - make something like that with one layer in ps, and i'll call you master... and about the extra window for the themes: open your eyes and you'll find it, because it'S there! - July 8, 2004 by i rontz

I know why they call it Layer One - Because it looks like it was built using only a single layer in Photoshop. The only reason I give it 2 stars is for the desent coding. But with all the thought put into this, why wasn't the color theme seletor given a custom window? I find it flat and boring. - July 8, 2004 by Ground Hawg

great skin - you cant expect more than this. - July 8, 2004 by CarlosP Interactive

Its great - My skin of choice... - July 7, 2004 by Jared Kole