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black aero style

black aero style

simple quality

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December 13, 2006 by Pavel Gutsalov165779 downloads

KorAEROskin - black aero style

Staff review

Simple and effective


Nice - Fits snuggly into Windows Vista enviroment. This should be standard interface within Vista for Winamp - August 18, 2007 by po lo

o.O - in the words of Borat, VERY NIIIICE. this skin will meet great success. It just needs a little advertising ^_^ - May 1, 2007 by Elie Platt

OK, this is OMG! - How is it possible that a classic skin can look so OMG good?! One of the best looking skins on the site, better than any under Stylish modern skins (I say that because I just browsed though the category, donloaded a lot of skins but found nothing suiting). The only problem I'm having is that while using this skin the player is too small, but considering that all classic skins are small, this is not an issue. This skins deserves more than 5 starts, but oh well... - January 12, 2007 by Marko Zilic