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my first skin ^^ for Kenshin fans

For my first skin, I wanted to make one about Himura Kenshin, because I love it first, and also because I've found great pics/colors to do it.

It was hard to put altogether serious Kenshin and soft colors, but I find the result pretty good (though you always find good what you do !)

I hope you will appreciate it, since it was a lot of efforts!

Enjoy ! ^^

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February 25, 2004 by Finalgrunt Finalgrunt262301 downloads

Kenshin - Winter - my first skin ^^ for Kenshin fans

Staff review


a lil Hiten Mitsurugi style for all you kenshin fans


it was a lil dark - its very nice and i really like it its good. - June 26, 2007 by Andy nguyen

Nice! - Thats a cool skin! - February 9, 2006 by mai valentine

nice - love the purple color - February 8, 2006 by erika eichelbrenner

preety good - its graphics r too good - October 14, 2005 by vishu shar

sakura - this one is damn cool it has really brought out the colour of kenshin himora.... - September 18, 2005 by sakura avalon

blow this one away - Shit! This skin kicks ass!! I love it. This skin is well designed and very pretty. The color is very good bright yet dark, with a little sparkle. The buttons are cool and so is everything else. A job well done. Great work. - July 20, 2005 by Aero Tech846

Verito - hi - April 15, 2005 by veronica ureta

nice - never seen one like this.. - March 11, 2005 by yeoh chi_chung

Amazing! - It's been a while since I've seen the actual Kenshin Anime. I have to sleep before it comes on. :( However, this skin is absolutely AWESOME! The pics are nice and it doesn't try to make it into some wierd animated skin. - January 30, 2005 by Dana Malmgren

hmm - quite cool, but he has the title bar in his head ... - November 14, 2004 by Darkside Blues

kenshin - this is a really tight skin - October 30, 2004 by brassman brassman

Great! - I think your skin is very artistic. I am one of big kenshin fans too. The colours really match with the picture and I think it shows the real character of Kenshin. Can't wait to see your coming kenshin skin's! :) - September 28, 2004 by Ines Lukita

New Favorite Skin - "Oro"s across the board! - September 2, 2004 by Stuart Lash

Rurouni Kenshin - really cool - April 26, 2004 by Satan Queen

Good Pic - Good choice of Picture, but maybe you can pick another one where kenshin do some kind of attacking with his sword. - March 23, 2004 by brian dinh

awesome skin - ~see title~ seriously great skin.....but can you make one of aoshi? - March 8, 2004 by aoshi .LbH^

awsome - all the kenshin skins ive seen up until now have really sucked but becuase they were kenshin they get 100 out of 10 lol kenshin is so mad and this skin is awsome lol make some more and send me em [email protected] lol - March 7, 2004 by Brae Hodges

Absolutly great ^^ - This is just awesome job!! - March 2, 2004 by X_Death none

Kenshin RuleZ - And dis skin 2 !! Oroooooooo - March 2, 2004 by Ghost Stalker

Kenshin - Very nice, but I think it would be better. Anyway very good. - February 29, 2004 by Damn You

Nice! - I love the colors! And of course, it's Kenshin. ^_^ The only thing that bugs me is the placement... His head is cut off by the song name bar. It is over all a nice skin, keep up the good work! - February 27, 2004 by Rime Dragona