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Kaolla 2

Featured Skin, August 29, 2002.

Jason L. (design) Mathieu P. (Code).
How about something simple, yet elegant. Try it - the future is beautiful

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September 28, 2002 by Jason Lange2801241 downloads

Kaolla 2 - Featured Skin, August 29, 2002.

Staff review

This is a good example of just how far away from the norm winamp3 will get ya.

Koalla 2 has been floating around for a while bit it still seems to be a crowd favorite.


style - love the blue too - April 20, 2008 by majja roberts

its good - make it like a fire blizz - January 2, 2008 by sendege cyrus

If this is what you want, it is the best I have found! - I would say that, for those that are looking for a skin of this type of artistic style (modern, techological) with a good corner version, it is the best you can find. The only thing I would like to see is the ability to have it rotated vertically, instead of horizontally. - February 25, 2006 by Michael Blank

Wild, man - What an awesome skin. I keep switching between this an a favorite WA2 skin. Only problem is it's hard to grab the playlist/library since the upper tabs are goofy. We need more like this. (I wouldn't use this if I was in the mood for an easily usable, easily viewable skin, I use this when I want to be overpowered by the scent of cool.) - July 9, 2005 by foxyshadis _

Dude!!!! - Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet... - July 3, 2005 by So Lo

it's not star trek, its' the best skin in this section - - May 24, 2005 by cole kerr

Sleek and Shiny - This is a really stylish design, but what good is a fancy skin when you have a hard time finding out how to use it and where all the little things are? Also, everything seems so small, that I find myself increasing the size to 150% or even 200%. The shiny part of the right "wing" makes part of the text and the shuffle toggle hard to see. Then when I click the small buttons, the text says "toggle [function]" so I have a hard time figuring out what's enabled and what isn't. In conclusion, this skin was fun to play with and look at, but it's not a skin I would keep in regular rotation. - June 1, 2004 by Brady Kahn

WOW!!! - One of the coolest skins on the site; I can't believe I didn't find it until now. Sweet shade mode, maybe the best out there. Only two complaints: not enough color themes (although the default is great) and no tooltips. The buttons are a little cryptic and take some getting used to without the tooltips to clarify their functions. If those were added (and yes, I know its 1.5 years too late), this skin would be perfect. Still worth the download and adjustment period though! DO IT NOW!!! - May 14, 2004 by toejam 07

Winamp wa umai? - Like it =). Makes me wanna complete my SuAmp skin ;). - November 12, 2003 by mf ?@

kaolla - j - October 25, 2003 by mo mu

beh - no say - October 15, 2003 by behi bah

ddddrrr f.... - blue is a colore - October 14, 2003 by frano vranjkovic

Star Trek? - It looks like a Star Trek ship, so I figured I'd like it. Unfortunately, poor labeling of the buttons, no resizing options (that I could find anyways), and the average graphics of the skin itself bogged down any appeal it had. - September 20, 2003 by Dante _

RoX A LOT - ROx a lot SKin - August 7, 2003 by Guilherme Faustini

EWW - I didn't know the creator of The Simpsons also made ugly WinAMP skins! - August 2, 2003 by Sonic the Hedgehog

Zabardast Hai* * * * * - A Cool skin , No doubt. Me thinks THE BEST - July 26, 2003 by Mian Abdullah

Coloring - The blue color is dry - July 20, 2003 by FX Ega

Beautiful Creation - absolutely amazing, i love it. it beats out that MMD3 thing, that one thats everyones favorite. well, youre mine! i LOVE the minimising look, its GOT to be the cutest, prettiest little thing i have laid my eyes on =) the equaliser, if ppl are wondering, is tucked away on your left side, the one where it has the music bars you'll see a pinkish metallic thing. click and the equaliser drawer will slide out. now that you know that, can people tell me where the volume option is? i cannot find it for the life of me ! - June 22, 2003 by Angela Kingsway

one of the best... - This wuz was one of the first WA3 skins i found here on the site. And it's still one of the best, a bit small, but that's OK for me. - June 4, 2003 by andreas finken

decent - it looks cool, but the interface isn't the best. make the icons bigger, and put an equalizer on there for christ's sake. - May 31, 2003 by Brad Marshall

Sorry... - For a long time i thougt, Kaolla 2 has to be my great love... but then I found MMD3... Kaolla is great! Want to see your next one! Hurry up! - May 9, 2003 by Neulinger Christian

AAAWWWRITE - nice...VERY nice. I've recommend to everyone I know. Thanks Jason.. - April 28, 2003 by Matrix Child

Hail the king!! - What more is there to say it rocks the fundation of WinAmp skin creation!! I hail your creative mind - April 28, 2003 by Koniu Koniu5

its got everything...! - its got smooth lines curves and sharp corners what more could any1 want it KIX A$$ - April 16, 2003 by cat whittaker

Nothing special - I didn't think this was anything spectacular. I liked the overall desing but what was with the track information being tucked to one side. You could probably make the file information easier to see. But the actual design is fantastic!!! - April 6, 2003 by Andrew Puksa

The reason I switched to v3 - This skin is the reason that I switched from Winamp 2 to Winamp 3. I've searched and searched but cannot find any skin I like better. It's sleek, easy to use, and has a professional look to it. I would have preferred a little more space on the song names and some better options for the default vis, but other than that I love it. Keep up the good work! - March 6, 2003 by Brian Mason

ooh... pretty. - This is a very pretty skin! I'm impressed with your design skills! ... But. The implementation could be a little better. If I have to get 5 inches away from the screen to figure out if that's the play or the stop button, that's not good. And... I had to search for about 5 five minutes to find the close/minimize/switch buttons. Now that I have seen them, they are perfectly obvious, but that's five minutes I could have spent doing something worthwhile. *shrug* I guess all it would take would be a bit more contrast. All in all, I really like it! ^_^ - March 4, 2003 by Rime Dragona

Excellent - Ma premiure skin W3, mon premier coup de coeur... - February 14, 2003 by Florian C

Best ever! - I've viewed each and every skin here on but this one I have to say is just the best skin ever. Good job Jason. - February 7, 2003 by Keneth of the Darkforest

Very hard to use! - This is a cool looking skin, and wins on that over any other skin. But, sadly, the design hinders it. The design means many buttons are hidden, i couldnt find eject and close/minimise easily - took me 15 minutes as they were tucked away - to keep the design cool. Unfortunately, this is concentrated too much on design, and not user friendliness. I great skin. a great achievement, but these tiny tweaks of a couple more obvious buttons would go a long way. Also, im having problems finding the equaliser - and this IS why im not using it, am i missing something? The small buttons took the skin to 4 stars, and the no equaliser to 3. - February 7, 2003 by Andrew Gamble

Fun Stuff - Really kickin skin, for some odd reason reminds me of The Fifth of Element, the cruise part. Love the different approach and color schemes. - January 28, 2003 by Mary Douglas

Great - I've downloaded many winamp skins, and this is, by far, my favorite! - January 26, 2003 by Meghan Griffen

superb! - Very impressive skin, really like it. :D - December 23, 2002 by muppet 9

I cant do 4.5 stars so 5 will do - this was one of the first skins i downloaded when i got wa3 but it soon was replaced by mmd3. now i no wtf wa3 is and how to work it i got this one again cos it is just the coolest skin!!!it looks great, it works great and it doesnt have the probs i had with it wen i first got it. only 2 q's tho:on the bit with the graphic eq's zigzaggy line thing what does the little button do that looks like a wavy line and also is there a function on it to vary the crossfade duration??apart from dat it excellent!! - December 20, 2002 by chris wilkinson

Cool! - Recently upgraded to winamp3. Finding hard for ideal skins. This one... Real Cool! - December 10, 2002 by Jannis Tan

looks great...but - don't get me wrong, this skin is amazing. it looks great and it has a great winshade mode.. but its a little hard to get used too, and its fairly large...after a few days with this, i went back to MMD3, which has the best of all worlds - December 9, 2002 by Jake Jackson

GREAT GREAT GREAT - It's a great skin for me,beautiful,creative,good work. - December 4, 2002 by grand bkk

the best for long time - the windowshade-mode is the very very best of all, i like it even more than MMD3 !!!! but the equalizer is too small ant the EQ buttons are missing or too hidden. and a little bit bigger minimize/close/winshade buttens would be fine! - November 26, 2002 by Nappocat X-]

Very SciFiesh!!! - I'm a web designer and this is one of the best skins I've ever seen. Those who dislike it, probably they have no sense of art or they're simply jealous. Great job, Jason! - November 26, 2002 by john ng

Really great - Fu**ing great skin. Little bit difficult in the beginning, but when you finally get it, it's fantastic. Hope there are more skins like this coming. - November 25, 2002 by Robby De Maesschalck

pretty snazzy - im just downloading this puppy looks pretty cooooo xox wazsie macran - November 21, 2002 by wazsie macran

Dooood!!! - Skin kicks major, umm, yeah, not any faults that I've found. N if ya like the whole futurotech look, definitely a winner. Personally, I give massive props to Jason for the design. - November 18, 2002 by Chris Hobby

not bad, but... - still not top for me. the interface itself is a bit tiny i think, and it is not as easy to use as for example mmd3. however, it doesnt look bad :) - November 12, 2002 by Georg Veichtlbauer

good job man - first of all.. i just had to register to reply to this one " Winamp User's Comment: Kevin Allen gave it WOW posted on August 10, 2002 @ 5:54 PM I didn't know the creator of The Simpsons also made cool WinAMP skins! " wtf.. matt groening made the simpsons.. you idiot. - November 11, 2002 by TDL_ LinkinXx

pretty good - it's different and that is what caught my eye and so i took it. Worth a look - November 10, 2002 by Sudeep Patnaik

YUMMY!!! - WOW THIS SKIN IS GOOD! You covered your bases man, and did an overall DAMN GOOD JOB on the color schemes. Keep 'em comin'! - November 8, 2002 by Spider Man

o.o - *drool* - November 7, 2002 by Liz (aestas caerulea)

Nice - Great it completely...i am usually one to find something small that will hide off in a corner of my desktop but this one is well worth seeing! - November 5, 2002 by Tom Servo

The Best - It's the best,try it out. - November 3, 2002 by Khoi Nguyen

Too complicated - Very nice looking but too complicated, not user friendly. MMD3 skin is 100 times better then this. - November 1, 2002 by Lawrence Chai

Awesome - Ever since i dled winamp3 couple of months ago, this has been my only skin. mainly b/c its the only one worth dling. not to hard to understand, good skin. - October 28, 2002 by Matt West

This is the best skin I've ever seen - Anyone who rates this thing any lower than 5 stars is an idiot. This is fundamentally the best skin anyone has ever made for winamp, and I use the word fundamentally because I learned it in 7th grade. If you don't download this, you are a loser, and I hope you die. - October 25, 2002 by Dave Hojak

Uncomplete - Equalizer presets? Where? Thats something that kills it in rating. Another is that it's too complicated, like the crossfade howmuch time is it set to. This is a very nice looking skin, but hard to understand. This skin needs a manual so no one spends 10min. tring to figure out whats going on. Overall:3.5, completeness:2, Looks:3, Originallity:5 - October 25, 2002 by Bryan The Reviewer

RADICAL....... - It's radical u should keep it goin or it we drop out like the rest do mainly others would became better or worst cya Mate!!!!!! - October 22, 2002 by Anthony Gaetano

Symmetry - Very symmetrical, like it, but I would want to see it maybe with one of the sides cut off. Great skin though. - October 21, 2002 by Taylor Yoelin

I SAW GOD! - For the first time in my life, I liked my monitor screen... and there was nothing nasty or obscene there! Jason made me proud and happy! Now I want to have a baby with him! Take, Jason! I'm yours! - October 21, 2002 by Jose Roberto Pereira

COOL! - Future arrived ! COOOOOOOOOL - October 20, 2002 by Sikander Shahjahan

Mean!! - I think this Skins Rocks, i use it my self. good work man keep making more like this - October 20, 2002 by High Tech

This one's my favorite - Very unique setup. Everything is easily accessable and even the smaller version of it is user friendly. - October 19, 2002 by Andrew Way

Great for tired eyes1 - I think the publisher is blind! it's too bright and i can't look at it for a long time.. and there is nothing special i think... - October 17, 2002 by saygin baksi

Great aethetically, but it's too big - Even in compact mode, where you could put it on the bottom-right corner of your screen, it doesn't seem to fit there well. The artwork itself, though, makes up for it. It took some getting used to (I never thought a skin could have a learning curve! :-)) but in the end, I enjoy this about as much as I enjoy Dr. Pepper. (That's a compliment, BTW) Kudos to Jason Lange - October 16, 2002 by Rand Huck

Not easy to use for a beginner maybe - but for anyone who has used winamp for some time,it takes very little time to find where the buttons and stuff are.Not the most user friendly,but hey,who cares,I'd rather have a beautiful skin than a user-friendly one,if I must choose...:) - October 15, 2002 by Cecilia Bergkvist

GOOD - GOOD - October 13, 2002 by Qian Liu

Great! - I have nothing bad to say about this tite skin! oh ya and by th way Leon Gajzler i have win 95 and ive got wa3. oh well - October 5, 2002 by Steven Lorenz

The best... - Unquestionably one of THE best Winamp3 skins ever. It sits perfectly in the bottom corner of my screen and it's got every button I need (PL, ML, etc...). Over 1 Million people have this very skin ... why don't you??? - October 4, 2002 by Rob P.

SPiFY! - Ohhhhhhhh... so smooth =P~ good colors good direction. I wish I could skin =/ anyhoo.. awesome awesome... currently my fav. (matches my desktop). Good WorK! =) - September 30, 2002 by Joshua Martin

Thinger Button? - The skin is very well made and i would just advize one thing and it is to add a button right on hte main part of the skin to gain access to the Thinger or make something that would make teh Thinger pop out and so as the Equalizer. Andy - September 29, 2002 by Andy asd

Wow !! - The least which can be said is that it's A M A Z I N G but could anybody tell me why i couldn't get it ?? Nice work anyway !! - September 26, 2002 by Fly Jason

Cool Blue 2 - Oh Hell! I didn't even catch the equalizer can retract into the left bulb! Totally Awesome. - September 24, 2002 by Travis B

cool - muz say??? cool... again? vary cool... ok ok it really cool... - September 24, 2002 by tan rex

The Best - This is the best skin out there right now. I love how it folds into the corner like that - September 24, 2002 by Scott Nellis

good - layout and all but 5 stars ? no.. it lacks usability the buttons are hard to read, the shining on the glass is too bright - September 23, 2002 by sputter supper

WOW - This has got to be the most visualy appealing skin i have seen. Very good job - September 23, 2002 by Jonathon Grooms

Great! - this is one of my favourites! - September 22, 2002 by Ashwin Nand

Finally, a real skin - It took me some time, but I finally found a skin worth downloading. - September 20, 2002 by S. X.

This ROCKS!!! - This skin is awesome. I've tried just about every skin on this site and this one blows them all away. - September 20, 2002 by Richard Falardeau

It Rules - The Kaolla 2 (Reference to Lovehina?) is sleek, beautiful, and well animated. Add to that some really cool themes (they do add here), animations and excelent functionality - and you have a winner. I look forward to anything else you may put out eagerly. - September 19, 2002 by Strasa Acimovic

What the - Good one jason one of the best skins i have seen. - September 19, 2002 by Nima Elahi

wwwwwwwwaaaaaawwwww - hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - September 19, 2002 by Mike Zee


WAY tight look, but... - Can't see the buttons and the transparent stuff is distracting. OH well great stuff, will keep it for those times when looks is what I want. - September 16, 2002 by Ken Williams

RuleZZ! but... - ...but doesn't work at WinXP Pro Russian version.:(( WINAMP looking really nice, but when closing raise the error "Access violation":(( Compassion... - September 15, 2002 by Voldemar Lochmaty

damn wat the hell? - damn how the hell??!?!?! i didnt knoe that you can make skins like that on the new winamp.... god damn that tihng is tite!!!!! props to the creator - September 15, 2002 by Jay Concepcion

Um... - Maybe its just my computer, but, this skin doesn't work with Winamp 3 - September 15, 2002 by Dufus Flict

dam - dam........ - September 15, 2002 by Bob Watson

pretty good - but the color themes are horrible - September 14, 2002 by Smyth Smithers

kaolla 2 - very fine - September 14, 2002 by markus kevaanranta

Help - It's wery good, but i can't download this skin. Help me if you can, my mail: [email protected], maybe someone can send me skin on my e-mail. I'll b waitin' - September 14, 2002 by lacx lacx

Super Cool Skin! - I never see a skin like this, SO COOL! - September 14, 2002 by Jason Yeung

Nice but ... - ... You should add some stuff , and the look ... too fancy i like simple skins smaal and quick . - September 13, 2002 by Walter Jakovski

Good - One of the best skins I've seen. - September 13, 2002 by Justin Thompson

need help - i have downloaded the skin but it doesn't change. - September 13, 2002 by Eddie Fung

good skin - The best skins I've seen - September 13, 2002 by alvin loo

Why can't I skin like that? - I think this skin is great. It has total functionality and looks cool. - September 12, 2002 by Michael Lichterman

COOOOOOOOOOOOOOL - The BEST winamp skin.I think that says about everything. - September 12, 2002 by Cristian Butiurca

OMFG. - I think I just peed my pants in joy. Um, yeah...But anyway, this is a totally kickass skin. I loved the original Kaolla, and I love this one even more. Keep up the freaking good work. *sigh* If only I could do anything this well... - September 12, 2002 by C P

Measurement for Excellence - This is my default skin. Author/Artist Didn't miss a trick on this one. Nothing is like the original WA-2. Both the full-sized and condensed versions are operable and aesthetically pleasing. So many colors, too! If there were a sixth star available, this skin would get it! Condensed mode fits perfectly in the corner. Here is the measurement for excellence to which you can compare any of the new skins. Just LOVE it!!! - September 10, 2002 by Wireless Mike

Okay. - Aliased edges distract from the would-be style of this average skin. Some functionality is missing, and I need functionality man. - September 10, 2002 by Jeff Cook

Oh MY ! - Hot hot hot... Yep, I have a new favorite! Beautifully done and you're right... The colors are exquisite. HOT fits my current desktop like a glove. You go Boy - September 10, 2002 by c settles

WOW - I'm in shock. I didn't thought skins could be that cool!!! - September 10, 2002 by Bj?rnar Vister Hansen

5 stars! - Best. Skin. Evar. - September 9, 2002 by Brendan Jackson

Wow - I love this skin!! Expecialy the minimized version. It fits in the corner of my desktop perfectly! It does not obscure anything! It is, by far, the best skin for WA3 yet. - September 9, 2002 by Allen Dutton

I wish I could give six stars! - I've been a Winamp since version 0.60, and I have to say this is by far the best skin I have ever seen. It's sleek, fully functional, and just like so many other users of this skin, I am in love with the minimized version. Jason, thank you for your efforts. They have paid off. - September 9, 2002 by Adam McKee

i cant see the main window - yeah when i switch to ths skin, the main win does not appear ?? - September 8, 2002 by Chintan Shah

A Skin?? - I call this skin "YEAH!". - September 8, 2002 by Andre Conti

Hoon very nice style - Its interesting to see stylish winamp 3 skins..... - September 8, 2002 by Ahsan Pervaiz

This skin r0x0rz! - I remember this skin during the Wa3 beta... it kicked ass and it still does! :) - September 7, 2002 by Neema M

Awesome, but COLOR - At first, I didn't like the way the advertised pic looked for this skin. But relunctantly I downloaded it. This has become my favorite skin next to APill. The best feature is the corner mode. I really like that it locks in place and doesn't take up lots of room. The only cons I have are: the glare makes reading it in corner mode difficult, the color schemes do suck other than the default, and I would like to see the next version have options for which corner you want it to be in. Otherwise, AWESOME!! - September 6, 2002 by Troy Schmidt

ok, but - while the design itself is nice, compact and original, it would be nice if it (and most other winamp3 skins) could get bigger, say, if it came out of windowshade- what the standard view would be. it would allow for more and/or larger buttons. larer/easier-to-read test is a priority for people running laptops, and small screens at high resolutions. i'm interested to see how these skins develop, considering trends and style "fads" that occured during the developments of all skins for 2.x and before... -a - September 6, 2002 by nyc boi

Looks very sweet but... - The skin is awfully sweet. highly futurustic and stuff, but I just can't find my way in the skin. - September 6, 2002 by Kevin Pors

Kaolla - this is a way how skin shud be! - It'z da 1st skin 4 WA3 that i've downloaded. It was when wa3 was beta 2. It'z incredible! Keep on movin' I hope, that my skins will be just half_so_good! With luv from Russia! - September 6, 2002 by Hibernation In Light

it SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - This skin has virusssssssssssss - September 6, 2002 by Alfredo Hupiu

Here it is!!! - Very nice work there boyz. Keep it up coz this one rules! Everything is juuuuuuust perfect... Thanx - September 5, 2002 by Marcus Mattson

The Best - Ive seen many skins on Winamp but this ripps them all i think its good to see Australia being the worlds top sporting nations. it got us yanks worried - September 5, 2002 by Dave C

Really nice skin - Very well done, a really 5 starts skin. Good job, keep making this kind of stuff, please. - September 4, 2002 by Daniel Iglesias

RUBBISH - I have tried to download two skins and both of them came up with, skins do not work on winamp3 i am very annoyed if you have a skin for winamp3 that was sucessfully downloaded then e-mail me with the name [email protected] thanx Zoe xXx - September 3, 2002 by Zoe Offen

The best winamp3 skin for the long time - Great work!!! keep it up One thing to notice: how to load equalizer preset? - September 3, 2002 by Vano Beridze

5 Stars? 1000000000000000 Stars at least - This is the most amazing skin i have ever seen in my life. It should win an award in the category of being "Absolutely f***ing amazing". Jason - do more skins - please!!! - September 3, 2002 by Kriss Scott

Brilliant - Another great skin, just on problem I get a flashing at the top of the skin when having changed to different color modes. - September 3, 2002 by Gaz Jacobs

i love this sh*t!!!!!! - this skin is super kool i like it its all futuristic and stuff. Well this a message to the staff: what happened with the alt-s command to change the skins in winamp 3? I know they're more "heavy" now but i think that was the most useful command, i used a lot in the b.2x versions. I hope you find a solution for this. - September 2, 2002 by Lizard King

Perfect - This skin is just great. Nice, useful... Many color schemes, and the generally look. My own favourite. - September 2, 2002 by Deimos Jajco

Beautiful, but... - It's abolutely gorgeous, I have to say. The corner version is the best part, in my opinion, but it could use some improvement. First, reduce the gloss/glass effect so it doesn't interfere so much with reading the display. Two, make a greater contrast so that song titles and time are more legible. As is, I have a difficult time with either. :( - September 2, 2002 by Ben Wipperman

Very Good - Itz an aight skin, not overly impressive but your color themes makes it worthwhile. - September 1, 2002 by Quetus Bluephii

okok - good - September 1, 2002 by pippo ado

Awesome design - Very complex to say the least. If your having serious eye problems or have a short temper with too much detail, this isn't for you. But if your young and able to run still, then you better check this skin out. It does however, have a few minor bugs, but so do many other Winamp3 skins. The design is so fresh and clean, I recommend it anyway. Atleast try it out. - September 1, 2002 by Nar Sterking

What is going on - This skin looks cool and everything and I want it but it will not let me download it something about Permission what in the Hell does that mean and how do I get permission to get it?? - September 1, 2002 by Jon Chafin

Class - I just downloaded Winamp 3 and I'm not yet familiar with it. But any way this skin is great (even if I'm a little confused by it, but I'll get used). - September 1, 2002 by Ioana Cozar

Very good - The big mode is a little messy, I love the small mode - I'm very fond of skins that fit in corners. Other than that, great design and good colour schemes :) - September 1, 2002 by Andrew Goodbourn

Don't - Daniel Severin, don't Rate the skin if you have'nt even tried it. This skin does not deserve 1 star, be considerate: somone spent many hours building this skin. - September 1, 2002 by Andre Reid

Kaolla 2 - This skin is hecka tight - August 31, 2002 by D T

this Skin Is Phat - this Skin Is Off tha Hok. and there should be a Kolla #3. i'll download it 4 sho - August 30, 2002 by Mel Cole

Nice Skin - Nicely done, love the animation. Make me able to load in presets and you get 5. - August 29, 2002 by Micah Rose

Awesome!!! - That's right it's awesome but the point is that even if it's awesome it needs some improvement.The one that cames in mind is that the whole skin doesn't match very well(main+eq,playlist,thinger,video).Work on that and it will be a five stars skin. - August 29, 2002 by Jean-Francois Barbier

Superior - Let's see more. - Superior skinning effort here, there's no such thing as a perfect skin, but there are those that come close. Great product fellas, keep it up. In addition, it matches my Fallout Tactics Theme when using some of the color schemes. Kickass, gents. - August 29, 2002 by Erik Bordenkircher

Good But...... - Every time i close the Winamp with this skin i get an error, and is just with this skin 'coz i've tested with other and it works fine, anyway really COOOLLLLL skin just fix that and it will be a fabulous. :D - August 29, 2002 by CosmoS CosmiC

One step away from awesome - Slick, and really makes my desktop look neat. One problem, though: whenever I close WinAmp with the skin applied, it crashes, and asks to report to Microsoft. No crash problems with other skins. - August 28, 2002 by Shiva Thiagarajan

Cool!!!!! - Nothing better i can say about this skin. It's just too great!!!! - August 28, 2002 by Danny Jackson

sick x12 - THE skin for winamp3. at the beggining a little tricky to find the buttons, but later, so sick. you better download! - August 28, 2002 by Benjamin Wheat

that is concept! - Man, that skin is addictive! a little messy to drive at te beginning but.. great work! Beautiful with the advanced alpha visualization - August 27, 2002 by Leo Neo

nice small mode - i don't like the big mode, it just seems like a huge waste, i'm a minimalist though, and i love the small view... sorry, i gave it five though, because the small mode is great, you skinned everything, and everytime i see the large view it grows on me a little more - August 27, 2002 by james ashworth

(...) - yeah.. whats left to say? very nice this one.. what do I say... IT ROCKS !!! WOWOW GREAT JOB DUDE !! Nicely integrated the buttons thinger playlist etc . Only too bad the buttons are a bit too hidden ... but 5 stars anywayz !! :D this one OWNZ ALL BIG TIME!! - August 26, 2002 by Wizler Daeminator

Gosh! - That was the skin I was waiting for! Since Winamp3, I wait a lot to have a skin like this! Winamp2 couldn't have done it and all the proud goes to Winamp3 and the author of Kaolla2. Great job man! amazing! - August 26, 2002 by Maxime Rouiller

woah! - WOAH! SLOW DOWN! man this skin is so good it belongs in the future, yeh, 2009!! (tho' it duz look beta in the pic, the real thing isnt as good! but still, itz good, man!) - August 26, 2002 by heart attack

this skin is cool - This is the best one i've found so far 4 winamp3 and it makes it load up faster on my pc :D, that can't be bad can it? [it also looks way cool]. - August 26, 2002 by costa gauci

Great, just great - This was the first skin I downloaded for Winamp3. It looks great, and has a good feel to it. The buttons were a little small at first and it took a little bit to get used to. It is my permanent skin now. The diffrent color schemes are great too. - August 25, 2002 by Thomas DelleDonne

I love this skin. - Vladivostok say; no bad Jason! - August 25, 2002 by Slava Shelemetyev

The Best - This is the best skin out there bar none. To the person who was asking where the volume is, it's right above the time on the right-hand side. It's nont labeled and it doesn't even look like a volume bar, but it's there. If you have a scroll mouse, you can use that to find it. - August 25, 2002 by Scott Nelson

would be nice... - wtf! it don't even work with winamp3 - August 25, 2002 by Pretty Princess

not bad - pretty cool - August 25, 2002 by Matthew Laclair

cool... but one question... - Where can you access the equalizer presets? On the config screen, it has a screenshot that says those two " - August 25, 2002 by JJ pierson

fill me in - where the !#$* is the volume i really like the skin but with no volume i cant use it - August 24, 2002 by romeo aubin

Lovely blue! - Really super original and what a pretty colour:)Awesome!!! - August 24, 2002 by Kathy Stewart

This Skin is Great!!! - This skin is great! It looks realy kool and it also has all the buttons and stuff that you need. best one of the winamp3 series ive seen - August 24, 2002 by john word

Best skin yet, best windowshade look - very cool design but I'm a freak for small windowshade mode functionality and this is the best...I can't STAND when windowshade modes don't have a "playlist" button and this one has has it's my default for sure. - August 23, 2002 by Jeremy Prince

What is the matter - I think this looks awesome but it will NOT let me download it, it sats I "do not have the appropriate permission" what in the world is the appropriate permission and how do I get it? - August 22, 2002 by Daniel Severin

Minimized! - Definitely my favourite skin at the moment, narrowly beating the "X" one to the post. What really does it for me is the handy little half-minimizer button that shrinks the skin down to fit in the corner of your desktop. At last I have an excuse to keep Winamp "always on top". - August 21, 2002 by The Mentalist

Wow - This skin is GREAT! I love the windowshade mode! The only thing I would add would be a volume control in its window-shaded mode. - August 21, 2002 by Scummder Boyder

Smart - Yeah! Never seen a skin as kompact, as cool, as smart as this. I'm gonna set it as default skin! - August 20, 2002 by Alex P

jason says it rules - ya man this has to be heaven - August 19, 2002 by vexen nexev

Great but big - Great but big... I don't see how it could be improved, and thats a great thing! - August 19, 2002 by Dominic Grenier

A Must for those who use winamp often!!!! - This skin is the very best i have used since the beginning of winamp! love the style and colors. Keep it up im looking forwared to more skins from you. - August 19, 2002 by Chris Sewell

Pure Class - This skin is just mental, i love it. It takes a little getting used to especially if you have just upgraded from winamp 2 but it is well worth it especially with skins like this. To the author of this skin, well done mate please make more you are talented. A must download! - August 18, 2002 by David Cox

High Rez evil - I got my 19" monitor runnin at 1280x1024 and well the skin is cool but too small if you have really high screen resolutions. - August 17, 2002 by Weed Head

Cool! - Pleasant to the eye... but not quite amusing... Cool but confusing! (specially the buttons) Playlist is hard to browse... my favorite color! - August 17, 2002 by Ervin Sam Yray

Way Cool - This skin is Way Cool. Lay out is great and looks great! - August 17, 2002 by Connie A

VERY Good - This is the best skin I have seen by far. Keep up the good work! - August 17, 2002 by Andrew LeCody

Best there is - My personal feeling about this skin is that its the best skin you can download for wa3 at the mo. Thats all i have to say so bye. - August 16, 2002 by James Fox

It should Be the Default Skin - The most beautifull skin ever!!! - August 16, 2002 by Bassam Elias

Wow.... - Winamp3 has opened up a whole new world for skins, and this one is just awesome! Great job! - August 15, 2002 by Robin Ekeland

The impossible has happened... - It may seem impossible, but this skin seriously rivals Yaxay 3. Unlike Yaxay 3, it offers many color schemes, Yaxay 3 doesn't. THe only problem is I can't find the load EQ preset button. BUT WOW IS THIS AMAZING!! - August 15, 2002 by Matthew Carpenter

damn dis is nice!!!! - this is a nice peace of skin!! thoe it needs to have baby blue added to the colour theme thoe but all in all i reccomend it to all ppl!!! - August 15, 2002 by larry gehiere

Awesome - Awesome work on this one! Definitely one of the best, blending stunning aesthetic pleasure and sleek design with hardcore practicality. A great blend of art and technicality that results in a most definite five stars. - August 15, 2002 by Drex Olympus

kaolla 2 - wazuuuup? where you are? - August 14, 2002 by matti sinisalo

Outstanding - A beauty of a skin. In fact many skins in one, with the different colour choices available. I love it! - August 14, 2002 by Mark Pud

opps - btw my email is [email protected] sorry bout previous review - August 14, 2002 by GTi Guy

My favorite skin of all - Let me just being by saying that I've been using winamp3 since the begining of the beta days. What grabbed my attention with winamp3 was the new skins. Now at first I was impressed with some of the original skins that came out. But as soon as Koalla was released I was hooked. This has to be one of the most creative and well designed skins out there for winamp3. Everything on this skin is crisp and clean. The buttons are easy to find, easy to click and easy to access unlike other skins such as Yaxak3 where the buttons are tiny and hard to find. The song text is well placed and easy to read - not hidden or hard to read like some of the other skins out there. Access to the preferences, media library, thinger, and prefercnes is easy with the click of a button on the main circle of the skin. I also like the spectrum/oscilliscope on the left side. It is well placed, and easy to see. This skin is a *MUST* download even if you don't decide to use it (although I recommend that you do!). My one con about the skin can be the colors. Although I love the default color, the other colors are quite horrendous. But what can I say, overall an amazing skin! - August 14, 2002 by A M

decent - if i could imagine a skin winamp2 would NEVER look like, this one would be the one. great - August 13, 2002 by Xhantus 404

Oh my God, this one rules! :) - This skin is awesome! Yesterday i downloaded all 14 skins, but couldnot decide, which skin to use. So i checked today and discovered this masterpiece. Absolutely the BEST! Small in size, easy to use, very very pretty skin! P.S. Dont forget to check out color theme "hot" and of course other themes! - August 13, 2002 by Ug not Bug

YEAH!! - What took so freakin long to get an alpha channeled media player for Windows??? :) Mac users have had Audion for so long I was starting to wonder about Windows' technological abilities... LOL Just kidding. ;) Now we need some more inspired skins like this one, or port some skins over from Audion. ;) - August 13, 2002 by Ryan Martinez

NICE One! - This one beats up other skin 10-0. Keep up good work ;) - August 13, 2002 by Petteri Pihlajamaki

Nice! - I must say that this is one of the best skins I ever downloaded. It got class and style and the design is incredible. The only drawback is the that the buttons is really hard to find but i think i found them all. - August 13, 2002 by NiNiP Aktas

woot!! Ultra sweet! - ma, this skin is soo freakin sweet, and if you dont like the color, you can tweak the colors, i switched it to ocean. keep up the good work Jason! :x - August 13, 2002 by Jaap Klaver

A New WA-2 Skin...? NO! WA-3 Skins Rule ALL! - Simply, three words... God, My, & Oh. You put them in order. - August 13, 2002 by Daniel Bradshaw

Kick ASS!! - This skin is freakin awesome, The best Winamp 3 skin I've seen or used so far BAR NONE! - August 13, 2002 by Chris Konchalski

Pimp!! - This is a pimp-ass skin. Very easy to read and the design is awesome!! And i love the minimized version also, keep up the good work! - August 13, 2002 by Adam Harris

great start, lots of potential - I love the collapsed mode. However, A couple of things could make this great skin a really awesome skin: 1. I wish the "1" in the font used for the time display were the same width as the other numbers. This drives me absolutely crazy. 2. The reflection effects on the "lens" parts make it hard to read the track titles and differentiate the buttons. 3. In collapsed mode, the skin snaps a few pixels before it actually gets to the edge of the screen. - August 10, 2002 by Tyler Durden

tight! - all you can ask for and then some. Take a few minutes to figure out all the features but all worthwhile. skunk - August 10, 2002 by skunk garoo

Its just okay - This skin is just okay because of its small size - August 10, 2002 by Sheng Ding

Love it - I love youre skin altough some graphical bugs when changing color mod and using the high quality mode... I would love to see a Kaolla 3 skin :D - August 10, 2002 by Sedrik Andersson

You've permanently ruined my skinning powers! - It's skins like these that discourage me from skinning because I'd never match them :) Incredible job! - August 10, 2002 by Nutty Schmo

dam man this skin is awsome - i give this 5 starts if not i'll put more if i could keep it up man - August 10, 2002 by luis guerra

WOW - I didn't know the creator of The Simpsons also made cool WinAMP skins! - August 10, 2002 by Kevin Allen

Where did ya...!!!! - man where did you get the idea to do this skin, you're a maniac I really like this skin and 5 satr is to low for the rating that this skin is - August 10, 2002 by jose ramiro

Nice - This skin is very nicely put. Very soothing themes too. The person whom made this skin should be a favorite in the future! - August 10, 2002 by Joe Mock

What the... - GOOOOD JOB MATT! - August 10, 2002 by Eyas Sharaiha

Koalla 2 - Very good. - August 10, 2002 by decker feng

Damn - Damn... I'm completely blown away by this amazing skin! This thing is definitly going to be the skin of my choice for a long time! Keep up the good work! - August 10, 2002 by Chris Uldack

Unglaublich - Leute was fur ein Skin, dass nenne ich wirklich perfekt gelungen!!! - August 10, 2002 by Benjamin Eckhoff

Nice Skin! - This is a pretty good skin. Although the text for the song names etc. looks a bit too crowded. Other than that its a must download :) - August 9, 2002 by Shyam Pandit

Wonderful - A nice tech-styled skin with great colors. 5 stars! - August 9, 2002 by Patrick Cash

sWeEt - it looks sweet. the problem is.. HOW DO I INSTALL IT.! :) - August 9, 2002 by Nelson Abeleda

Aha! - Out of all the skins there are for Winamp3, this is the most redible, which is a very good thing and its also "Good-Looking" per say. Dont worry about the four-stars, I'm deducting one star from every skin, because they arent very redible, but are excruciatingly cool, also pardon my formality, the people from Winamp say I have to be "Civilized" - August 9, 2002 by Jorge Pazos

sweet - great skin - August 9, 2002 by Jeremy Stephens

Great job - I love it :) - August 9, 2002 by Ian Swift

good job - I think it's a good job you did and hard working,pays off,Make shure you keep the ruond form,if not it will be transfered to "abstract section",no offense,5 starz - August 9, 2002 by Facundo Albin

The first skin i ever downloaded - i been with wa3 since early alphas... and i always used default skin untill i saw this a while back on forums... and it has stuck as bein 1 of my faves - August 9, 2002 by Darren Horrocks

love it! - since the first time i saw it ... but i allready told you that! ;) awesome work jason! keep it up! - August 9, 2002 by c - specter

I like the WinShade mode... - The full mode is a little too bulky for me, but I love the winshade mode. I also love the fact that you included numerous color themes. The "Ocean" theme fits my computer's theme PERFECTLY. Great job & thanks again. -Ax- PS: I registered @ just so I could tell you how much I really love this skin...if that tells you anything. ;o) - August 9, 2002 by Axari Design

What the .... - This is the best futuristic skin i've ever seen. There's nothing more i can give beside this 5 STARS !!! - August 9, 2002 by Aditya Widyapratama - already a classic since the beta releases :) good job jase! - August 9, 2002 by 883 [breed]