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KalaK Amp updated

Featured Skin, January 9, 2003.

KalaK amp is now tweaked/updated and now support wa2.9.xEnjoy!razmansix

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October 9, 2003 by Jan Jensen3664822 downloads

KalaK Amp updated - Featured Skin, January 9, 2003.

Staff review

Great new skin

There's a new skinner in town, and this is one of his skins. Check out the intricate detail and craftmanship in this fully functional piece of art.


44444 - jjjjjjjjj - March 11, 2009 by Zivile Zivile

Winamp at its best! - I downloaded Winamp, and being the type of person that I am, I am always wanting to have something out of the ordinary. It just so happened I stumbled upon something extraordinary. The KalaK Amp skin is light weight, sleek, and easy on the eyes. Everything is in an easy to locate place, and the visual style is unique and makes the Winamp experience more your own. - October 1, 2008 by Andrew Youngs

Blue steal - wonderfull! - June 18, 2008 by ROGER DEWITT

website - its the best thing ever - April 14, 2008 by shotta boy

very nice! - it works so well with the windows aston shell that im using, just blends right in. its very functional yet takes up little space, and its super detailed :) - August 8, 2007 by Shane Kirkley

Perfect ! - This is the skin I was looking for... thx !!! - June 15, 2007 by Bastian Rathje

Great looking - Decided it was time for a change since runnning KENWOOD_ALLORA_III skin for ages but havebt found any other suitable substitute yet until now! Great work man 5/5 - March 25, 2007 by j e

Awsome!! - I Love This Skin. It Is One Om My Abosolute Favorites. ^.^ - March 10, 2007 by Sheri Smith

OFF THE CHAN!!! - controls, color , size. there should be a better word for "PERFECTION" cause this is it!!!!!!!!! - March 1, 2007 by luis delgado

Very Very Nice - I am impressed with this winamp skin. I would like to see more of them. - January 29, 2007 by Joanna Fleet

COOL - Je to super browser - December 19, 2006 by Jan Syrovatka

KalaK Amp-ipajuk! - Hey man what a work! as we say in greenlandic, kakkaak torrak! " damn good fantastics" tusass' - December 2, 2006 by Nick Lorentzen

Great visual effects...but difficult to use - This skin looks great, but is difficult to use, for e.g. I could not find a button on the main window to toggle Media Library, also not sure where the volume button in the main window, and seems like it does not works! - November 22, 2006 by Salil A

In many ways, better than Modern skin - In my opinion, the appearance is much better overall than the default Modern skin, as well as many custom Modern skins I've seen. If it weren't for the fact that it's missing a button for the Media Library, I would've thought this made pretty recently. (I never use the ML, so that doesn't take away from its awesomeness at all.) - September 24, 2006 by Chris Young

almost there... - i love it, but one thing always bothered me, the balance shows the r when balance is left and vice versa - September 11, 2006 by Thomas Lynn

Surgical - This is an extremely clean, very polished skin. It looks great, I haven't tinkered with too much, but really like everything about it so far... and I'm generally not a big fan of lighter-coloured skins. It's so precise and operating room sterile, you could perform surgery with it. - June 23, 2006 by Elmer L

Looks Good - It looks good, but it is too small for my liking. or I'm overlooking some option wich might enable me to enlarge a bit.. but good jod anyways. - June 8, 2006 by Daniel Harms

Cool - Cool skin.... Chek out this skin too: - June 2, 2006 by Winamp Winamp

Kalak Aging Well - I'm still using this skin after several months. The overall feel is really nice and the buttons are clear. The only things that stop this one getting 5 stars is that the unselected playlist text is a little too dark and the playlist buttons could do with being wider. Other than that, a great skin. - May 4, 2006 by Paul Muir

Excellent! - Great skin, a classic, as the description says the detail in it is extremely intricate and exact, it's easy to use and I'm loving it! 5 stars from me! - March 26, 2006 by Amelia Carrusso

KKKK - KKKK - March 25, 2006 by dovile stankute

BEST SKIN EVER - there are many cool skins on winamp, but the most of them arn't user friendly. this skin has a nice look and is easy to use. i wasn't member of winamp untip now. i registered, just to rate this skin 5 stars ;) greets lennard woudstra (bl00dy mAniAc) - March 13, 2006 by 1 2

cool classic skin - looked like it came out of a mech movie - March 10, 2006 by Jerome Ocampo

cool - great! - February 28, 2006 by Maria Trigueiros

Cool skin - Love it! - February 28, 2006 by M Rasmussen

Simply Great - I re-install my computer quite often, and I usually experiment with skins. But one thing is for sure, I always come back to KalaK Amp. I simply like every aspect of it - December 26, 2005 by Jesper Fabriek

Best Classic Skin - Have this for years, always change to a nice, shiny modern skin, then come back to this. both windowshaded and full screen it is straightforward, looks nice and is just generally the best... you haven't got it yet? go for it! - December 12, 2005 by Kai Kempe

Very nice - Every time I re-install winamp, I get this skin. Very nice! - December 8, 2005 by James Sabean

Excellent - I don't download many Winamp skins (I'm really picky about color and design and my poor tired eyeballs when it's on my desktop 12-14 hours a day) but this one is very nice! - November 26, 2005 by Don Hatfield

ah - l?kj?lkjfa - November 25, 2005 by hayrettin atalay

perfect - this is a perfect skin! supply - November 17, 2005 by chrizz rotter

Awesome! - This skin is really awessome looking, and it is still as easy to use as the basic, this skin is for you star trek/wars fans out there. You gotta love the high-tech style. - October 24, 2005 by matt kindy

Worlds of Wonder - This skin has a beautiful finish, it's looks like a space ship of the new world. I like it a lot. It has a refreshing look. Ps. love the blue on the equalizer controlls. - October 13, 2005 by Staceyann Gray

???????? ???? - ??? ???????? - October 13, 2005 by Alex Kulon

NIce NIce - Verry Nice - October 9, 2005 by Dirk B

cool - nice skin but still i prefer mm3d for the bar at top of the screen - October 2, 2005 by christophe Meert

Perfection - Very cool! Good job! - August 31, 2005 by sjm moss

BEST - BEST skin out there...looks high tech very well organized and sleek - June 29, 2005 by ml i

nice - cool| - April 11, 2005 by tiago moreira

cool - coool - March 5, 2005 by malinka tessari

Excellent! - I like the fine skin design... Good Job!!! - February 2, 2005 by Ricardo Salverredy

GR8 look but..... - look is good but main window size if quite small ,,cant increase its size 2..cant read what is written 2 under the button..:( was almost the perfect skin..cause the look was the best i had seen but then it screwed all the other small things which r imp 2!! - January 29, 2005 by Rohit hhhhh

woooow - i love those colors and everything in it!!! - January 26, 2005 by rolyat ztolk

it touches the perfect - very very good - January 16, 2005 by dk dk

Love it - I do not think it is hard to use , very simple , clean and I love it !!!! - January 4, 2005 by dany gochanour

Difficult to use - This skin is difficult to use - January 3, 2005 by Frederic Darondeau

O dat's awesome! - What a great skin!! Not difficult to find buttons and adjust things at all - my only question: why does the "lib" button not open the media library? (for me it opens the About Winamp window) - December 17, 2004 by Laura Stoerzinger

KalaK Amp updated - Very clean, crisp and easy to read.. Not cluttered.. - December 12, 2004 by Norman B

ummm? - This is a great looking skin, very smooth and perfectly mapped controls. My only issue is that its blue, i would like to see other colours: orange, red, gold, purple etc.... they would all look just as great. - December 7, 2004 by Jamie Finch

Jeez... - This skin could possibly be the best skin ever. I've been using it now for about two years, and every time I've decided to change I've come back to this one after not very long. Beautifully detailed but not in the least cluttered. It's fully functional and, for once, you can actually see everything! What I particularly like about this skin is it's compact mode, when everything has been minimised. Everything you could possibly need is there and visible. This is a perfect skin. Absolutely nothing to complain about. I would definitely argue that it is one of the top Classic Winamp skins available. - December 6, 2004 by Somang You

wicked skin - one of the best i've seen - November 29, 2004 by m j

Sweet! - Lovely, skin, bright, easy to use and I can actually read the text! - November 21, 2004 by Stephen Sowa

COOL - I really like this skin..... ------------------------- - November 19, 2004 by Damian G

THE BEST ONE ! - this is the best skin I've ever seen, especially 'cause I like this blue ;) congrats to the author :) - November 15, 2004 by Sanaa MYSELF

The King!!! - This is a skin I wish I could create. There is nothing to complain about. First of all I like the template of the classic skin, its a challenge to make it look unique. This skin is both unique and as goodlooking as a modern one. - October 27, 2004 by Henrik Bjornfjell

That's how a PERFECT skin looks like - One of the few perfect skins - nothing to complain about. Really. - September 27, 2004 by Sam T

Very nice - Very attractive, easy to use, does the job quite well. - September 12, 2004 by Andy S

cool - Very nice, like it better than the default - September 5, 2004 by Janet Nealey

You sir... - are a legend... - August 26, 2004 by ChrisP Bacon

jijoja - nothing - July 21, 2004 by alonso rivera

jerk! - wtf do you mean !?! - July 16, 2004 by Jan Jensen

WTF - One word BOX wtf why would any one like a Box - July 16, 2004 by Bryon Potter

tomasz - it's very good - July 12, 2004 by damian tomaszek

Holy!!! - This definetly competes with mmd3, or shall i say, out-does it! - July 12, 2004 by b silver87

Best skin ever, been using it for 5 months. - I've tried a lot of skins but this is by far my favorite,I like that its not cluttered up with fancy useless graphics,the color scheme is nice and the text visibility is excellent, Great job! - July 3, 2004 by jason roberts

WOW!!! - this is plain BEAUTIFUL! i can't take my eyes off it! it looks like a jewel, all shiny and perfect! u don't usually get to see this kind of talent no more. jan, u've totally got it goin' on! thank u for this gem! - July 2, 2004 by sinner Eva

Elegant - Realy cool. - June 28, 2004 by Jan Bitman

hmph - this is great... - May 29, 2004 by Herra Huu

Great skin - This has been my constant skin since i downloaded it!!!! - May 23, 2004 by pigg dawg

dgsg - scgsgd - May 21, 2004 by mike mikexp

Awesome! - I recently downloaded Winamp v.5, but I still use this skin. It is VERY easy to use, and it is one of the coolest lookng ones out there. I love how EVERYTHING is skinned, making it look all the more complete. I'd like to see a newer version for 5, with changeable color themes. Kep up the good work! - May 18, 2004 by Evangel Morrowsithe

PERFECT!!!! - I agree with ANGEL ROSE : this skin is PERFECT!!!! - April 21, 2004 by Eduardo Dallana

Great Skin! - Perfect!!! - April 20, 2004 by Angel Rose

COOL! - Thumbs up for you dude :)! - April 14, 2004 by Eugen Borcan

wow - Great Skin!! - April 14, 2004 by Ash Harper

One of the best skins ever - I love this skin, its sleek design, and it's so easy to use!! This is definitely a jewel. Great job - April 6, 2004 by Yuliya Kaliyeva

Kickin' A! - This is one solid skin. I haven't had to change from it since I downloaded it, nor have I wanted to. It is sleek, smooth and functional. If it were a person, I would let it take advantage of me, and I know it would be gentle. - April 4, 2004 by Jonathan Wright

4 Stars!! - Love the skin, my fave! - March 21, 2004 by Angela Jones

THE BEST - Hey i luv this skin, i told all my friends to download it and they did its great - January 24, 2004 by Kelly Blah

Incredible - This is an awesome and very professionally done looking skin. Very happy with it! - January 4, 2004 by Bonnie Lynn

About as Good as it Gets - Only problem is deciding which friggin color to use. This one, no this one, no this one........This is my new default skin, no this one, no this one, no this one............... - December 26, 2003 by Jackson Sorrentino

awesome - definitely one you should add to your collection - November 20, 2003 by B Rad

SUPER!!! - IT'S VERY COOL SKIN!!! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! - November 7, 2003 by Salamander ...

Sofisticade #1 - i think!!! is very sofisticade to put in my car, it's look good better in my PC. - November 1, 2003 by J.E. Uribe

Nice - Very beautiful, 5 stars. There might be a small bug though. In the playlist, the selection bar is black. It is nearly invisible on the dark blue background. In the library, the selection bar is in lighter blue, and therefore easier for the eyes. - October 26, 2003 by Ex Nihilo

Wow. Seriously. Wow. - Jan Jensen has truly redefined the art of skinning for Winamp. Not only is this skin aesthetically pleasing, easy to understand, and sexy; it is complete! Every aspect of Winamp is skinned approriately! I, being a collector of Winamp skins allround, recommend KalaK Amp to anyone who's looking for-- Heck, ANYONE! Arguably the best skin online! You're still reading? DOWNLOAD! - October 19, 2003 by Karim Zietoun

I love it - Thanks for making this skin. I love the look of it, the buttons are easy to see, and what sold me on this skin was how small it can get. It looks like it could fit in my purse as a credit card. Nice job - October 18, 2003 by Ronda Keasler

Love it - Clear and beautiful - September 12, 2003 by David Pham

not very fine - I don"t like it. - September 6, 2003 by te wu

Greatest WA Skin Ever - boy do i really want to see its media library skinned - August 28, 2003 by Stepano Valmiki

Good Job - awesome it, it's worth it!!!!! - August 10, 2003 by Al Demian

Looks Great! - Shinny!! Detail is great. I like the shines, makes it look very 3D. Great skin, good colours and patterns i love it. - August 3, 2003 by Jake Taylor

Very well done... - *Claps* Matches my desktop. You should make a matching Trillian skin, too! Very good colors, great visibility, stacking was well executed, just well done! - August 2, 2003 by Robert Rees

Tyte Work - Definately a top 5 skin in my book. Tyte work - July 31, 2003 by Ernesto Serrano

10 - 10 - July 29, 2003 by Cledson Bianchini

Awesome! - This is the best skin ever... the detail is incredible. - July 23, 2003 by Ikki Tellitud

INCREDIBLE!!!! - Simply one of the best skins i've ever seen...Winamp or otherwise! And i thot there wasn't anything coming from Greenland other than fish and snow! - July 22, 2003 by Garry Frankum

.. Wow - This skin is the best, The blue lights and the metal effect looks really cool. You must get it... I wonder why it isn't the most downloaded cos I've in the ratings more than 9 tenths have 5 stars - the rest are 4 stars - July 13, 2003 by Callam Weeks

a wiinamp classic - i love your work Jan ! i`ve tryed other skins but nothing compares to KALAK AMP ! i hope you have more skins coming ! ! - July 5, 2003 by tim brewington

One word man - SWEET - June 18, 2003 by The Skinner Z

Kalak Amp - This is a great skin with blue and silver working well together. The buttons are clearly defined making it easy to operate. Great job. - June 15, 2003 by Miles Warburton

Just perfect! - This skin is one of the best ones... Actually, it is now my default skin!! Great job Jan Jensen, you really know what you're doing! - May 29, 2003 by Seb Markus

I can't bielive - After living winap 3. i am back to winamp2 after 1 year. THIS is the cooles skin i ever saw! I love it ^.^ - May 27, 2003 by Sikander Shahjahan

excellent - but not five - May 24, 2003 by hart trash

HOT! - HOT and clear buttons, whic i like, cuz else i click the wrong buttons, even after having winamp over a year. - May 15, 2003 by Kees Aak

beautiful - amazing skin, it's by far my favorite. love the playlist font, it's the perfect size (most skins have tiny fonts that are hard to read). nice contrast between the song that's playing and other playlist titles. i love it, everyone should download this skin :) - May 15, 2003 by avery carmichael

Just what I wanted - I usually have some sort of blueish background and this is perfect. Easy to read, buttons are clear, very well done. Looks like u spent a lot of time on this one! - May 7, 2003 by Village Idiot

THE BEST! - Definitely, the best WA2 skin I ever came across with... BUT, and I'm deeply sad about it, there are still three windows to skin, AVS, Video and Library, and I guess a skin like this one REALLY deserves to have all the windows properly skinned. Nevertheless, it's definitely a WA 2.81 5 star skin so I can't help it... - May 5, 2003 by - johnny -

Incredible - Wonderful skin. I have used this for 2 straight weeks without getting bored with it. Play with all the bars. They look great. - April 29, 2003 by Tarkan2467

WHoa - ok I've used Winamp for years and never have I bothered commenting on a skin but this is something special, more than a 5 Star effort mate my commendations. this is a superior skinner people Respect - April 28, 2003 by Kris B

Very Good Interface - Nice Job about this skin man. very user friendly and with a lot of graphics. the lights continues to awakin the skins. i repeat to u... very good job :) - April 22, 2003 by Chris Deguara

Great - Its perfect - April 16, 2003 by Miguel Galan

Oh yeah! - Oh yeah baby! This skin is the bomb-biggady bomb yo! It reminds me a little of the Expensive Hi-Fi Skin. But hell I like it. Nice job! - April 15, 2003 by c/o '04

I only have one - skin this i even deleted the base skin i had about 30 skins and by to all but kalak. KALAK IS THE BEST!!!! If you havent downloaded it you must NOW! - April 14, 2003 by Nathan Spratt

trop bon - vraiment super beau il va nickel avec mon skin de dfx - April 12, 2003 by Jimmy Dolan

The One and the Only - The best skin made ever, anyone has said it before? ;). - April 10, 2003 by Juan Fernandez

wow - i am shocked...such a great skin :) - April 10, 2003 by Dan Green

Awesome Skin - Easy to use, looks cool, great colors. It's my new skin. :) - April 8, 2003 by Lisa Blount

100% EXCELLENT! - I am very impressed by this skin. I am one of the fans of winamp2, still one of the most stable versions (I don't like winamp3). I am glad some people still continue to make great skins for winamp2, and that's a great thing. A high 5 for those! Thanks! - April 5, 2003 by Let me Be

Awesome - My fav winamp 2 skin - March 30, 2003 by Jason Bailey

Holy Chit - I have downloaded proably over 300 Winamp 2 Skins over the past 4 years and thought all the good skinners have moved over to Winamp 3. I'm very happy somone is making still making excellent skins for the original (and still best) version. Some skinners try too hard and cram the whole skin with little details and patterns. But here we have some nice tiny details in the design but only in the right spaces. Nice use of shading too. Also props for clearly marking the EQ and Shuffle/Repeat buttons. - March 25, 2003 by Billy G

very cool - This is the best silver skin I have seen. But at the playlist, only the currently playing song is clearly visible. It would be great if all the list is clearly visible. - March 14, 2003 by Tears Fears

\O/ - One of the best skins I've ever seen O_O - March 14, 2003 by Abi S.

Awesome! - This skin is amazing! The volume is genius, the buttons rule. It's easy to use but looks great at the same time. Great work! - March 13, 2003 by Rob Flegg

Orgasmic - This skin is orgasmic. The best yet. Absolutely top notch! Finally somebody gives the skinning feature what it deserves. My winamp is now complete. Great job Jan!!! - March 11, 2003 by Adam Millerchip

oh my god - yeah. just that. oh my God - February 26, 2003 by gerdez 2k3

Great!!! - Me encanta! Por que no puedo llegar a hacer algo asi? - February 24, 2003 by Veronica Mogni

VERY GREAT WORK - you are a artist ... very great work !!! - February 22, 2003 by Serge Gagnon

FantaStick - Bloody good, wish I could make skins like that, keep making them like this and i'll keep downloading 'em. -Stick- - February 4, 2003 by Stick Man

Excellent! - This is a fantastic skin! - February 4, 2003 by Pete Clark

oh dear GOD! - this has got to be one of the greatest skins i've seen... um, nope. it is the greatest skin i've seen yet. - January 20, 2003 by eek freek

it's shiny - I like the blue lamp thing.... It's Great.... I gave it 5 stars... + 3 more from the sky at night... - January 20, 2003 by BILLY .

Great Look! - Keep the classic skin alive , you the man! - January 19, 2003 by Peter Jordan

Tight - A this SKin is off tha Chain yo Main it's tigh And Alright - January 18, 2003 by Mel Cole

Awsom!@ - Its all great and its the best skin i have ever had, but threr's one problem... There are no hebrew fonts which kindda sux :( so 10q, and cya later :) - January 15, 2003 by or gilor

Whoa... - ...that is SWEET and extremely user friendly. I love it! - January 14, 2003 by Jenel Khan

awsome !!! - It's the best skin i've seen in ages.... good work mate ;o)... - January 13, 2003 by Kostya Pronin

Nice - Really nice Amp Razor... I love all your work, you are very talented!!!! - January 12, 2003 by kevin lamantia

AWSOME!!! - Awsome skin, email me at [email protected] and ill be happy to give you a admin on my site just for makin such a grate skin! say are u planning on makin a php nuke theme to match that? email me at [email protected] and ill be happy to gi9ve you a admin on my site just for makin such a grate skin - January 11, 2003 by Ben _

cor blimey - havn't seen a skin with aesthetics like that for a long time. Love the LED backighting effect - January 10, 2003 by Graham Lord