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Java Duke

Java freaks all over the world, shake that ass...

Java freaks all over the world, shake that ass...

At last, here he is the one and only DUKE !!! Have fun :-)Java freaks all over the world, shake that ass !! Even your java enabled toaster will love it :pGreetz -TheBlackDeath -

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January 20, 2003 by TheBlackDeath TheBlackDeath446585 downloads

Java Duke - Java freaks all over the world, shake that ass...

Staff review


Java Duke.


funky character - I don't like the way he looks, he looks like a wanna be evil telitubie. Who does he think he is with tha surfboard? - August 26, 2003 by Brent Dixon

nice - esta chido el pokemon le gusto a mis hijos gracias por compartirlo - April 7, 2003 by octavio mora

Pretty cool! - M S, what were you thinking? This isn't a Pokemon character. It's the Java mascot! - March 17, 2003 by Sky Call

So cute - I love it :) - January 13, 2003 by Vanessa Pu

nice nice - nice nice - November 2, 2002 by Marino Martens

Java for ever - It really is a cool java skin it yust rules if you have anytihing to do with java use it!!! - October 26, 2002 by joske vermeulen

Great job, but please... - I love duke, but he's supposed to look cute and friendly (like how he really does w/ all OS :). I hope in the next version duke would look cute, soft, and fluffy! Java rocks! - October 25, 2002 by Digital Squid

Duke to the rescue! - Can you say Candy !!! - October 21, 2002 by joachim meeeheh

so cool - We didn't see duke rockin yet. This is a collectors item! - October 15, 2002 by Revin Revin

I love the pokemon characters! - This guy must be a new one! - October 15, 2002 by M S

a very cool and original skin - Really like this skin!!!!! Love the way the buttons are integrated in the Java Duke. The space is really well used without disturbing the sight. The concept of the skin is original, especially like the surfboard. Cool!!!!!!! - October 14, 2002 by Zillah Zillah

a developers' must have - By far the most original skin i've ever seen for developers. The sliders, buttons and controls are extremely well integrated in the few possible areas within the artwork. This is not a skin that looks like 85% got ripped from the traditional look & feel, as most skins do. Awesome ! - October 12, 2002 by Mar Burg