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A trendy little skin that will help you create your own skins. (Featured Skin, April 3, 2003.)

A trendy little skin that will help you create your own skins. (Featured Skin, April 3, 2003.)

In attempt to make skinning more accessible for users of all levels, I have written a tutorial that walks through each step of the creation of this skin. Whether you've never skinned before or you're looking to earn those elusive Completeness stars, this tutorial is bound to help you out.

Be sure to try out the 5 different display/vis settings. You can cycle through them using the upper-left button on the main mode. Right-clicking brings up a menu for easier access to specific settings.

I look forward to seeing your skin submissions!


(Updated for Winamp 5.05)

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April 11, 2003 by Frisbee Monkey291644 downloads

J5 - A trendy little skin that will help you create your own skins. (Featured Skin, April 3, 2003.)

Staff review

Nice clear skin.

Has some features that are not really necessary, but seeing who made this skin made me understand. Here's another skin to help people make their very own. Visit the tutorial page.


J5 - J5 is a nice payer which is easy to handle. - June 2, 2005 by Bjoern Specker

hard to see a bit - ..the volume control is easy to see, but when you actually change the volume, it's hard to read what percent is on the screen. i don't know if it matters for most people, but notmally i keep mine around 80/90% so i like to be able to see the volume numbers. i like how the equalizer is rounded so it fits right next to the main window. i wonder if the equalizer is rounded, why cant the playlist or thinger be shaped so it fits as well? - October 7, 2003 by kko n

A Keeper - What can I say. Very few skins I take a liking to unless it's very functional or simple but this.....I guess it kinda meets both but most of all the colors schemes are great and.....the speakers actually vibrate!!!! hahahaha. Very nice. - May 8, 2003 by Jennifer Bowers

Good Skin; EXCELLENT tutorial - Thanks a lot for the skinning tutorial - it is better presented & understandable than the official NSDN tutorials on BTW, a good solid skin & excellent work done in making the skin :) - May 4, 2003 by Prashanth Srinivasan

Nice - Very nice, simple but high quality. Really need to check your tutorial ! Cause i need to overrule yours :D Greetings - April 20, 2003 by W00fer van den berg

Occay - not too bad - April 9, 2003 by Shin Wong

Nice work bro!!! - Great skin, clean with many "extras" that you have put into. And of course it's a great reference for future skinners begginers and advanced ;) - April 4, 2003 by Vangelis Makridakis

Thanx a lot for this! - I usualy don't erite comments about scripts but this time a just want to thank Frisbee for this skin. I think it is not imporatant how good the look. Important are the maki things in it. ->CarlosP Inateractive - March 30, 2003 by CarlosP Interactive