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iTunes 6 Winamp

A crisp, clear skin that emulates the appearance of iTunes 6 for Windows.

A crisp, clear skin that emulates the appearance of iTunes 6 for Windows.

A crisp, clear skin that emulates the appearance of iTunes 6 for Windows.

The previous version of this skin, iTunes 4 Winamp, has been unanimously praised by user reviewers as easy to read, attractive, user friendly, simple, and clean.

iTunes 6 Winamp builds on this success by updating all skinned windows to the style of iTunes 6.

Take a look at both skins to decide which one suits you.

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November 1, 2005 by TC Falcon210466 downloads

iTunes 6 Winamp - A crisp, clear skin that emulates the appearance of iTunes 6 for Windows.

Staff review

I have to say, iTunes 6 looks very much like iTunes 4. Not much difference between the two.


Nice and Clean - My headline says it all. - July 16, 2008 by R Cornflakes

Nice Skin - Lovley skin, been using this skin on both of my players for 2 years winamp & beep-media-player (dual booting xp & ubuntu) and never get tired of looking at it :-) nice - August 16, 2006 by Lee Nuttall

great skin - This skin is nice looking. It is also fast and doesn't use much ram. cheers! - August 5, 2006 by Jared Highwind

great skin - no original graphics for this skin but what matters is the work put into it and the result, one of the easiest to read skins i've ever seen. 5 stars - June 28, 2006 by these pretzels

Easy Japs an Easy. - This is an easy skin to creat because you already hav Itunes to copy, but hey would of been done by someone sometime sooner or later, Hence 2 star. But I downloaded it, I need it. - June 21, 2006 by A W

Awesome - great!! just a little more work on main buttons\' shadows when clicked and it\'ll be perfect!! - June 19, 2006 by Gustavo Valin

Amazing skin! - I love the iTunes look! Your skin is perfect for as a classic skin because it's all classic! Good job! - May 26, 2006 by Pink Pen

Perfect - There's no more I can demand. It replaced my old LCARS skin in use for more than 5 years. There's a small bug with the volume slider. If you move it to the left you'll notice the loudspeaker icon disappearing. - April 4, 2006 by Judith Hethridge

A minor bug. - Excellent skin, I like it very much. I found a bug when shading the main window, if you mouse out, it will jump one pixel down and both the graphic display and the son position will look weird. I have fixed this and posted the fixed image here: The whole skin is here: but you'll have to change the extension to .wsz, because Geocities doesn't want its users to share wsz files. I couldn't reach TC Falcon through his winamp profile, sorry. Greetings, Arturo - February 17, 2006 by Arturo Espinosa

It's a Clean Skin - Clean, simple and Smart. Easy to view all items. Good for Office PC. - February 1, 2006 by Minami Ishigure

iTunes 6 Winamp - Congrats on keeping matters clean and unclutterd. I'm rather new to 'skins' but do appreciate the work done on this design. I've been poking around for a skin that's clean and professional looking and now have found such. Thanks!! Jim - December 21, 2005 by Jim Brough

EXCELLENT SKIN! - Clean skin, easy to use, not busy or complicated. I only wish it had a menu bar rather than (or in addition to) that right click menu. - December 15, 2005 by Mark Smith

A gray apple? - Well, I just have to say that's a well designed skin, with a few small bugs, and I think that people should design their skins, and not "steal" them from other's software. Anyway, if you like iTunes, you'll like this skin. - December 6, 2005 by Nahuel Carballo

Slightly darker skin than iTunes 4 skin - The differences between the skins appear to be mainly in the darker shading of this skin in contrast to the earlier iTunes 4 skin. There are also some minor changes to a few graphics. Both are great skins... but I prefer the slightly lighter, iTunes 4 version. - December 5, 2005 by Aharon Varady

Good high contrast, low vision skin - As a low vision, legally blind user, I appreciate and require a skin that is high contrast and not too busy. This is a good skin for the low vision user. - November 29, 2005 by Carlton Griffin

a long time fan - I can't stand iTunes, Winamp is kicks the apples @rse. That said this (iTunes 4 Winamp) is my fav classic skin. Very well constructed skin. It's got polish, simple yet elegant & is highly usable. - November 18, 2005 by glenn g

Seeking Bar - Very nice skin, but seekign bar doesn't look matching the main window, I think. It would be perfect, if the seeking bar was similar to volume/panning/eq bars like on iTunes4-skin. I hope, the author will fix that. - November 15, 2005 by at Serill

Play bar - Play bar doesn't match the main window. In your skin iTunes 4 it looks better. Could you make it look simular to volume/balance bar? - November 14, 2005 by at Serill

Not bad - This is a really nice skin with one small defect. With this skin when I minimize WinAmp it hides behind the task bar. The problem is that I have the taskbar auto hide and WA is partially visible in the lower left of the screen. I would use this skin if this bug were fixed. - November 6, 2005 by Sammo Deadhead

Neil Diamond rules - O RLY? It's the same program, of course it looks similar to the previous version. This is the best skin ever. - November 5, 2005 by Grandpa Shampoo

Solid enough - Seeing as I haven't seen the iTunes 4 skin, this seems pretty solid, crisp, clean,and worth the download. I've given this 4 stars as I can't really suggest anything for improvement, but it doesn't amaze. Functionality is a 5 star though. So really it would have been 4.5 stars. - November 2, 2005 by Tim E

pas mal - ce skin a bien l'air d'un i tunes - November 2, 2005 by antony vialle