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iPlay made for winamp 5.3+

iPlay made for winamp 5.3+

Graphics by me (playboy)

Codding by R.PeterClark




make sure to enable alpha blending for best appearance.
To open the side window just click on the aple logo and take a look at the configurations.

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June 18, 2004 by Andre Goncalves397259 downloads

iPlay - iPlay made for winamp 5.3+

Staff review

Tastes like apple

Nice n' smooth modern skin, but maybe clean up the visuals for those of us who don't use desktop alpha, and no close button?


Nice, simple, minimalistic and perfect size of buttons! - September 19, 2010 by Jose Benaque

best. - August 11, 2010 by 2rist

My Favorite Skin of all......... - I am ADDICTED TO THIS SKIN!I've had it since about a month after it was released, it is my "go-to skin" when my eyes are hurting, and since being Legally Blind, I have to doublesize it or Scale it to 250% but it stays looking nice, and I LOVE IT!!EXCELLENT WORK!!!:-) - December 31, 2007 by Emily Green

'' character - This is the best skin i know, but i detect that the '' character is not represented in this skin, i agree a new version that includes this character.Thanks! - December 9, 2007 by Ruben Fernandez

One of my favorites - I adore this skin. It is sleek, simple, the colors and layout are great, and the little beating apple graphic is terrific. It stays on my desktop a lot. Thanks! - November 25, 2006 by Jessica Tok

Nice & Cool Skin! - I have used the iplay-skin for a long time now and it is wonderful skin but with the latest version of Winamp 5.24 there appeard some ugly graphical issues in the Playlist Editor: the scroll bar switched to a light green color and - believe me - that doesn't look very nice :( I hope it'll be fixed soon...I want to keep my favourite skin ^^ Greetings Master Mueller - August 27, 2006 by Master Mueller

cool - very cool - March 23, 2006 by peter bonde

Almost Perfect - Captures the Apple essence perfectly. Look & feel otherwise is also perfect Usability is almost perfect. If I dock my window at bottom left of the screen, I would like to see the side window open in the opposite direction. - November 10, 2005 by Vickrum Online

Sexy and Sleek! - Very neat...Ive tried loads of other mac looking skins but this is the BEST!!Very Sexy and cute .Havent changed it for 3 months..the longest!! Exellent skin!!! - October 22, 2005 by Aman Yajurvedi

Excellent ! - My preferred skin with a very amaising finish ! - September 22, 2005 by Stephane Mbaye

Great skin, simple and useful and beautiful. - except for the blue apple i like everything about this skin. it's not overdesigned like many other skins, it has the importent functions on one click and it's even more stylish than itunes. thanks to playboy. - September 15, 2005 by Heiner Mueller

Nice and thorough programming - Very good looking tasteful skin, also for the media library. Good functionality, no bugs so far. Intuitive interface. Thank you Playboy and R.Peter Clark - September 3, 2005 by Jan Altmann

Good Skin - Es de las mejores que he visto, limpia y agradable a la vista. Buen Trabajo. - August 13, 2005 by Octavio Le�n

Apple Beat makes me wiggle! - Dang, this is a nice skin for those of us who haven't switched, but instead installed Flyakite OSX ( The Apple Beat is the best thing EVAR. - July 28, 2005 by mykie G

Not what I was expecting, but still cool. - When I first saw this skin, I thought it was going to be a copy of whatever the default sound player is for Macs. But instead I found this cool, simple player :) Although I would still like to see a skin of what I was looking for (the reason I want an Apple skin, but don't even know what it would be of, is because I used to have an Apple IIGS a long time ago, and I still miss it :( ) - June 1, 2005 by Wulf Saxon

good, but.... - It would be great it the drawer could be configured to slide out of either the left or right, so that I could position it on the right hand side of my screen. Otherwise it is great. Clean, simple, eligant. Great job. - February 4, 2005 by Anton Visser

very good - very good - January 19, 2005 by Francesco Malucelli

Yes. - Great Skin. I don't like macs but love this skin. Very Well designed. 5 stars. - January 17, 2005 by Matt Hi

Clean & elegant - Pienso que este es uno de los mejores skins publicados, quiz?s har?a falta agregarle algunas utilidades. Pero en general es excelente. I think that this is one of the best skins published, is excellent, clean and elegant. Good work!!! - January 14, 2005 by P MG

I normally hate plagarism, but this is brilliant - This really captures all that's best about Apple's iPod design - really clean and dead simple but still inexplicably pleasing to look at. It's also dead easy to use - once you've worked out that you can click on that Apple logo. The Outlook-style "notification" window that pops up over the system tray at the start of a new track is a touch of genius, too. One suggestion though - I put Winamp at the top-right of the screen, so I want the LCD panel to slide out to the left, not the right. Any chance of adding an option for that? - January 10, 2005 by Rich Wilson

Some suggestions - Nicely done! I would personnaly like it even better if it could resize to the right. Come on, 14 character for a song name? - November 15, 2004 by Tim Comer

The Best !!! - Very Very Nice !!! - November 10, 2004 by Piotr Lek

Great skin! Awsome and simple - nicely done,I like that responsive apple logo,Awsome - November 3, 2004 by Jonathan Guzman

did not install - Was really excited to see it but winamp installed it, but it didn't actually switch the skin. Switching manually in the skin list doesn't do it either. Other skins worked. Too bad, really wanted an ipod winamp :) - November 1, 2004 by Kat s

Respect brothaah!!! - Real good skin!!, a Apple Skin for Windows too! great, cant wayt to the next thing by u! Da king sting - October 22, 2004 by Da_King Sting

Very Impressed ... - I love the simplicity, yet it has subtle detail like the shading of the LED's. I love this skin. To the point I created a login JUST to rate this skin. I'm not an Apple person ... but this skin is so well done ... I dont mind an Apple logo on my super system. One last point ... I too recommend left side and top, and bottom placement. - October 16, 2004 by Rouen Sterling

Neat! - This is a very neat and clean skin! My only suggestion is to have an option to have the drawer slide out of the left side also. - October 13, 2004 by Tim Williamson

for Mac Lovers - This is a great skin ... have a Mac Desktop and now my Winamp fits right in! - October 12, 2004 by Marc Smets

Really Great - I really like this skin.It's small and it stays out of the way of whatever I'm doing. I love the notifier on it and I really like the wat you can toggle the aong title screen. Way cool. The only thing I didn' like was that it didn't have any different color themes. Other than that, I'm loving this skin. :) Melissa - October 9, 2004 by Melissa Cross

good - cool and useful!! - September 20, 2004 by nihon kamoshika

Slick - Despite my dislike of the apple/ipod skin craze of the moment you cannot fault this skin. I would love to see some alternate versions based around other design idea's but keeping the skin layout, the digital looking drawer is very slick. As they say on ebay A ++++++++bestEVA++++ - September 8, 2004 by ran93r .com

Love it - Clean and simple. My only gripe would be that my scrollbutton stops working to scroll the playlist but scrolls the volume instead after I've clicked on any of the buttons in the playlist screen. - August 31, 2004 by Jos Heuts

Great skin - appreciate the effort! - The perfect compliment to my Mac OSX-themed desktop. Lack of close/minimize options are really the only things that stand out to me as a negative point for this skin. Great work otherwise! - August 28, 2004 by John Rockstad

Absolute iPlay! - I've got everything on my PC like a Mac. My StyleXP theme, ObjectDock, and other goodies. and this is the best complement for every MAC style. - July 19, 2004 by JuanCarlos Aguirre

Woo! - Nice, clear skin that I lets me actually *read* the info from a distance on my secondary system (ancient 14" monitor, nuff said). The pulsing apple is really nifty, too. I can't see how to put this skin into window shade mode, though - that would be the icing on the cake. Mmm, apple cake... - July 18, 2004 by Tiny Clanger

Good, but needs work - This skin has a nice interface, the apple drawer is clean. The "apple beat" is cool too (the Apple icon pulses to the beat). But this skin still needs work: 1) An unsightly black line appears on the left side of the main window during the drawer open/close animation. 2) The KBPS indicator spazzes when VBR-encoded MP3s. 3) The playlist and media library windows open slowly (significantly slower relative to other skins) -- my biggest complaint. 4) Spelling errors are not that cool. - July 18, 2004 by Pascal Getreuer

Just an incredible work ! - I'm fond of Nullsoft Winamp effectiveness and Apple Aqua Brushed style. I just can't understand how making such an incredible is possible ! Now I hope that you'll offer us others skins. iPlay is about to become an Winamp standard. Congratulations & Thanks a lot ! - July 18, 2004 by Christophe BISMUTH

so simple - Just perfect - July 13, 2004 by louis GUINGOT

GREAT! - I am not a big Apple fan, but I love this theme. It's extremely well done. Pros: Great animations, easy to go between "small" and "large" mode without any menus. Cons: None! - July 13, 2004 by James Brown

Awesome!!! - I love it! Of course I love my iPod too. It's like having the remote control on my computer. Really love the design. Looks just like it and it's small, compact, and best of all it's simplistic like the iPod. - July 7, 2004 by Vivian Tong

I like - The ultimate skin, but it mees a few more features or I haven't discovered them yet. - July 5, 2004 by T W

lovin' it! - look great!!!! well done!! even the exit button look just like what u would expect from an apple! fits in perfectly with an apple theme for windows xp! love the the blue apple which gives a flashing glow to the beat! amazing skin!!! many thanx for creating this one :D will be using winamp alot longer due to this skin!!! :p - July 3, 2004 by phil smith

What a skin - I really like this skin, especially the glowing apple. I like the iMac interface on my XP, and this iPlay skin just made my screen complete. - June 29, 2004 by Steven Lee

Victor Kong - This is the best skin i ever seen! clean and small design make it suitable to be always on top! Here is something I am looking for in your future release: - Support multi-language in the title display - cancel out volume up / down button to save space cause they are rerely used - June 25, 2004 by Victor Kong

Clean apple design... never seen that one before. - For the amount of skins that rpeterclark rips on I would really expect to see a little more from him. This is just a plain lackluster rectangle. There's no color themes, no Winshade/Main Window functionality. All the buttons aside from the main play and volume buttons are hidden one layer deep. Dunno... just not super impressed. 2 Stars for the attempt and the clean look. - June 23, 2004 by Ground Hawg

A visual feast! - This looks fantastic. And it works very well. Could have been a 5 star skin with ease... I am missing the stick mode though. Just think how the stick mode may have looked!!! Still, this is a masterpiece of skinning. - June 20, 2004 by Hawk .

Look Again - This is a Gem of a skin!! Please download this and see for yourself, make sure you push the Apple to bring up the Configuration. - June 19, 2004 by QuadHeliX Barber