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Ionu Shades

Hopefully more positive than negative Ions!

Hopefully more positive than negative Ions!

Vidamp & cursors added

New update 09/30/04

I've given this one a simpler

look, & made that Black background(mentioned before)

Balance/Vol buttons, are different as is the overall


Hope you approve of this one

a little more..

The whole idea of this was to

test my theory of skin tones.


Download skin

September 29, 2004 by Lee Larsson43578 downloads

Ionu Shades - Hopefully more positive than negative Ions!

Staff review


Thank you for your submission


uhmmm... - The Main window's ugly (esp. that nose), but everything else is pretty good. - August 26, 2005 by Mizu Haru

Ionu Shades - Personally I don't like this skin. Something about the snoz turns me off. I feel with some work and changes on this skin it could be very good. Maybe it's because I'm more into the retro and cool skin category. I really like the color version of this better than this one. I suggest that this person try again with some other design. Just my opinion. - October 1, 2004 by Eugene Edwards