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Into the Windows Media

Windows Media Player 11 skin

Windows Media Player 11 skin

***Into the Windows Media - WMP11 skin by Uros***

Here is my second hand-made skin,
it is much better then the first one and it is also
by wa2.9 standards.Nothing else to say then...

Enjoy :)

Copyright Uros Jovanovic

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August 2, 2006 by Uros Jovanovic203213 downloads

Into the Windows Media - Windows Media Player 11 skin

Staff review

Another Wimp inspired skin, oh happy days..


Nice - Winamp meets Windows Media Player - May 3, 2007 by Andy S

Perfect replica! - I really like the look of mediaplayer 11 and was tickled to find this skin which matches it perfectly and at the same time doesn't muck up the standard winamp controls. - January 26, 2007 by Nathan Lowe

wmp11 - OMG you saved my life TNX a lot!!! - August 17, 2006 by turbo_zob Dolfar

Good black and blue colors - I don't like to mucho the Windows Media Player in general, but this skin is cool. Pretty good job!!! - August 13, 2006 by dIEGO P.

Great skin. - It is a great black skin and just like WMP 11. - August 5, 2006 by Rahul Mehta