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Imperial Assault

Imperial Assault

Imperial Assault

This is my first winamp skin, so judge lightly. So many Episode 1 skins being produced nowadays that I felt a trip back to the originals was warrented. Enjoy!

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July 26, 2006 by Nullsoft Classicz42179 downloads

Imperial Assault - Imperial Assault

Staff review

Yay! Imperial Walkers on the North Ridge!

This is great. The subtle use of greys and the picture make for a very attractive skin. The buttons are neat, and their animations are really nice. The little Snow-speeder play-position bar is cute too. Finally, there is also a very intelligent use of transperancy. -w.

Original Design by Steve Leck.
WA5 update by Jones.


Love it! - Great use of the language. It's great to see Star Wars themed WinAmp skins. - July 1, 2007 by Andrew Catluvr2

Impressive...most impressive. - A nice change of focus on design when it came to creating this skin. It takes full advantage of Imperial codes and the targeting systems & stylings. I guess the AT-ATs are entirely optional. The Star Wars purists would likely have figured it out all the same but it still compliments it nicely. With an armor white like that, how could you not tell me the generators would be down in moments? - August 2, 2006 by Alan Eh