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Horizite -red canary edition

Horizite -red canary edition

Horizite -red canary edition

This skin has a very elegant design, yet nothing has been left out. Download the colour editions that you like the best! Five editions available; Green Apple, Blue Diamond, Honey Bee, Red Canary, & Steel Chill. No Llama's were harmed in the making of this skin.

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July 28, 2006 by Nullsoft Classicz15472 downloads

Horizite -red canary edition - Horizite -red canary edition

Staff review

keep keep it on!

I am fascinated by your special line of design here. You have a thing going, don't you? Well I must say that your work looks great! It's sharp looking, easily functional, aesthetically beautiful-need I go on? There are certain aspects that are too small to identify(like all of the play buttons)-could you make them larger perhaps? Also, may I suggest incorporating more of this red into your AVS? -CO

Original design by Raj -
WA5 updates by Jones