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Big Skin for hi-res Displays

Big Skin for hi-res Displays

Big Skin with big Buttons for hi-res Displays.I-Button for show Songinfowindow. A-Button for show Coverwindow.Different Backgroundimages in Songdetailwindow, changed by Genre.

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January 23, 2009 by Heiko Mamsch75960 downloads

hm_Touch_m - Big Skin for hi-res Displays

Staff review

Hey folks, look here:

Nice big-button skin for those who need better visibility of those buttons. Get it now while the price is right.


Fantastic skin. It is BIG which is exactly what I wanted. Great Colours (I like Beige) great features. At long last a decent BIG skin. Thank you very much. :¬) - June 12, 2010 by pj123pj

This skin returns an error on startup with 5.5.6. Something about an asynchronous event at line 135 in the XML? - November 10, 2009 by thom

Very Nice Skin - Very Nice Skin, Some Very Nice Colours But Could Use A Better And More Understanding Name. - March 5, 2009 by Joshua Wells

too big - okay, this skin is really too big. make it on half size, and it would be better. the look of the skin is grandiosely. - January 29, 2009 by Buddy R

Huge! - This skin dominates the screen, and if you make it smaller, the image blurs a bit, but it is still pretty cool. - January 26, 2009 by Raymon Holeman