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Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded

The Herbie Fully Loaded Winamp Skin follows the new film about Maggie Peyton (Lindsay Lohan) is the new owner of Number 53 - the free-wheelin' old-school Volkswagen bug with a mind of its own - and puts the car through its paces as she hits the NASCAR? circuit. This time, Herbie's definitely got some new tricks under his hood. Be sure and download this full featured animated Winamp 5.09 skin!

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May 13, 2005 by Herbie Fully_Loaded1605254 downloads

Herbie - Fully Loaded

Staff review

The return of number 53.

Sure to be classic just like "Herbie Goes Bananas"


A Bug, and Herbie to top it all, I gasped when I saw it. My very 1st car for my 16th BD a brand new Bug and it was metallic blue, still can recognize a bug just by the sound it makes., bought 5 more then started buying Golf and Jetta, Oh and @Bob Croesus if U ever owned - July 2, 2010 by Nanook84

Milia - OK - January 12, 2009 by milia milia

just plain wild - it's the best skin i have seen thus far it really brightens up the winamp expireancesuper well done on this 1gamer p.s. would like to see more along this line - January 29, 2008 by steve prest

modern rarity a sweet- family film - HFL / Disney gets as much mileage as is possible out of Herbie. But even a car with a life of its own is bound to slow down at some point for some older movie goers. Herbie: Fully Loaded is that modern rarity, a genial, sweet-natured family film, G-rated and proud of it, an old-fashioned Disney movie to the core. For more info on Herbie do to - December 8, 2007 by Bob Croesus

; - k - September 14, 2007 by nubdalislam nubdalislam

cool - its the best of all skins - September 4, 2007 by sharvin shobhane

Great skin - Retro car radio... Cool! - August 12, 2007 by Danijel Dombi

shadf - astsegdsaga - February 12, 2007 by tommy mudrek

super skin - I think this skin is perfect! - October 25, 2006 by Ove Froitland

lesgal - lesgal... - May 3, 2006 by Pedro Tamutis

wow - it's really cool - February 2, 2006 by adrian komala

Warning: Extremely Fun Looking! - Firstly, there are just too many fantastic skins! I wish I could load them simultaneously! I love the way the bonnet opens up, reavealing a photo galley. Novel! - September 7, 2005 by Veet Voojagig

auto - good - June 19, 2005 by kraxmal kraxmal

Wool! - Very abstract and stylish! - June 12, 2005 by Nickolay Minkov

hojjat - - June 8, 2005 by hojjat entekhaby

Just awesome! - I'm a beattle fun, I have one 38 years old that's in my family from before I even was born, I always loved the old movies because I thought my car was also alive :D You truly gave the sensation of being inside the car, really well done! - June 1, 2005 by Ana Kusicka

Not to be a pedant, but.... - "This time, Herbie's definitely got some new tricks under his hood." Like what? New groceries? Is this an official tagline for the movie? If so, it was pretty poorly thought out, as the old bug doesn't have anything under "his hood" except for cargo space, and maybe a spare tire. Nice skin though :) - May 20, 2005 by addy biru

-WOW way kinds of cool - Wow way kinds of cool. I like the photo gallery in the hood. Very sassy! Nice job I am sure Lindsay Lohan herself designed this one ;) - May 16, 2005 by Lady GRRl

It's ok for a promo skin, I guess... - A long time ago, I decided to not keep any skin (with very rare exceptions) that do not have a notifier in it. That's one against Herbie. Two, the first review is right, there seems to be no shuffle/repeat/xfade. Yeah, we can just use the regualr config menu, but where's the fun in that? Ok, on the upside; nice looking skin, good placement of promo stuff (i.e., photos) and good look to the spec analyzer and osc. But also on the con side, all skins (ESPECIALLY ones without a notifier) need to have a song scroller in the full skin, not just the shade mode. I know that they don't really care, they just want people to go see the movie, and really this is a decent attempt, it doesn't quite make it. All in all, I would expect a skin for this movie to be... well, fully loaded! - May 15, 2005 by Noah Burge

Glossy! - Glossy skin, no doubt! Ashamed to admit it, but I have yet to watch a Herbie movie... :( But I'm drifting, I'm here to rate the skin, not ramble about movies. The skin is sweet, and I just love the stylish old school radio buttons, but I have one question: Where are the buttons for shuffle, repeat, etc? Can't find them anywhere, and I've clicked all over the darn thing! =) That aside, cant find much to complain about. - May 14, 2005 by mattias nilsson