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Heart of Steel

Featured Skin, February 6, 2003.

My first skin.
A Valentine's Day themed skin, includes 14 colorthemes, stick shade mode

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February 4, 2003 by BriAnna Shultz463919 downloads

Heart of Steel - Featured Skin, February 6, 2003.

Staff review

Heart shaped skin for all your Valentine's Day needs

Heart shape with a nice metallic red/grey color combo. Heart buttons and sliders here and there add a nice touch. Just in time for Valentine's Day.


wow, I love it - March 24, 2010 by muslma egy

Very cute - November 24, 2009 by Victoria Bu

good - wonderfull - March 8, 2008 by rdvan ylmaz

- - - - May 7, 2007 by A K

Chris - Great looking. Easy to use. Nice job. - January 22, 2007 by Chris Kell

good - good!! n_n... and too big for me :T - December 22, 2006 by Kirei Chan

Very "loverly" - Ok, I am like so totally "meow" on kitty-nip over this one. So cute, and very "loverly". It is compact and saves desktop space (YEA!) and is still stylish and so cute! This will likely appeal more to girls than guys, but it's worth looking at to impress a girl *hint hint* guys - especially around a certain February holiday *hint hint* And this is one of a very few that I've seen make the "gap" between "snapped" components work well and not like disjoined and messy. I like that. - July 21, 2006 by Kaitie_Lynn Parker

Lovely - Thank you for this bestest skin - May 13, 2006 by noora tommila

goodshit - really good skin , good work! a lot of little options to fuck around with - October 26, 2005 by chony distefano

Good work - I couldn't help but try this out. It's not just for girls! I find it pleasant to look at, nice shading too. This is one I'll use often. Good work. - September 8, 2005 by Veet Voojagig

aahh so much love! - how coincidental that i love a skin thats a heart! i fell in love with this skin (haha) when i first saw it. its really simple, easy to use, and its so so so EMO. ^___^ - August 12, 2005 by Jill Bill

Well made but... - EMO!!!! - July 7, 2005 by Ian Soule

Woohooo :o) - A nice girlie skin and about time too! Would have preferred a glass look in pink and a little less jagged but overall it's fantastic :D Thank you! - July 6, 2005 by Karen Bridges

nice job brianna - great job on a first skin! look forward to seeing more of your work :) - December 8, 2004 by rob nygard

Classy - This is very sleek, smooth, classy, yet unique. Love the details, buttons, colors, etc... RIGHT ON!! LOVE IT... - September 28, 2004 by kim martin

Good looking and simple - I usually download winamp skins then end up going back to the base skin so that I can actually read the damn thing; I have switched to this skin full time, its simple, fun, and I can tell what all the buttons are supposed to do, do I really need anything more here? - February 13, 2004 by Cyn Markey

itsa weegee board pointer right - mommma saidddd life issss like a boxxxx of chocolateeeesss - November 8, 2003 by zogg noff

Another of my favourites... - I used this skin perfectly fine. It's wonderful. I love the colour themes, I loved the sleek-ness of it, everything is just great! I would download it over and over if I could! Great job. - November 6, 2003 by Sarah Benarroch

I heart it - It is an awesome skin. It's pretty and the colors are very bold. YES! - November 3, 2003 by nat ann

Cool - I love this skin. Neat and easy to use. I think you should make a gothic version, however, with a checkerboard in the background and black accents rather than metal. Either way, its still awesome! - October 31, 2003 by Angela Tattershall

This is the Prettiest - This is the prettiest skin I've seen so far. The only thing bad about it is when I try to put it on Winamp3, my Winamp3 crashes, and my whole computer freezes. Other than that, it's a pretty skin. - October 6, 2003 by Ronda Keasler-Ford

Sweet Skin - This skin rocks! I love it! It is very usable and cool to look at! Very Awesome! - August 18, 2003 by sooner steph

Steel makes it - the colors and the look of steel makes it worth sitting on your desktop...would look even better if you could switch colors from time to time, just to give it some change..but other than that; all the buttons were right on..its cool and worth downloading; even for guys. :) - July 21, 2003 by Mychelle Van Zant

HOT - This is the coolest skin for any program I've ever seen. I want more! - July 4, 2003 by Frank Griggs

SWEET skin! ;-) - I was looking for the perfect skin, and I didn't find it, but what I DID find was Heart of Steel, and I LUV it. (God forbid the pun there!) It is just the right size, easy to use, easy to read... if I had my choice, I would make it purple, but that's it. Get it!!! - June 5, 2003 by Robin Barnes

dissapointed (but i love it) - ok i fell in love with this as soon as i saw it..and eagerly awaited the download..i awwwww'd when i saw it on my pc..but was totally dissapointed when i tried to use sent me a winamp error msg and i had to close i tried again and same thing..i had to then uninstall winamp..reinstall and i thought i'd give it another go...sigh same i have to uninstall again and give your skin a miss..but hey..if you can figure out why it gives a error (i notice someone else had same problem)..please let us know! because i lovvvvvvvvvve it..absolutely love it..but unfortunately only 3 stars..because it won't work!..sigh..if it worked..i would of given it 10 stars if possible.. - May 16, 2003 by beckles elusivegurl

Love it - This one of the easiest skins to use and it looks great I love it thank you so much... Please keep up the good work I'll be looking out for more :-) - April 19, 2003 by Jacqueline R

Amazing. - Best skin I have ever seen and used. Makes me want to use Winamp 3 all the time, even thought I didn't like it (version3) at first. The color schemes are awesome and 4 of them totally match my desktop. I want to see more from this person. - April 4, 2003 by Daphne Rush

great skin ! - this skin is so perfect that i can't part with it, even after valentine's day. everything is perfectly clear, complete and i must say that the multiple color themes is my favorite feature :) thanks for bringing us such a cute and fantastic skin ! - March 5, 2003 by Gaelle Schilles

Hearts Of Steel That Sets Fire - Great Loking,Kinda Cute and looks unbreakable too. - February 20, 2003 by Nilanjan Dey Roy

Great heart - This is a great unbreakable heart, Congrats Good job i give it 5 - February 20, 2003 by Lisa Holloway

wowzers - i - February 9, 2003 by Danielle Andre

Cute little thang - Happy Valentines Everyone... This is a cute little skin with a wide range of nice colors and well placed controls. Good job! - February 8, 2003 by c settles

Thanks alot - this pathetic excuse for a skin messed up my winamp and i had to redownload it. If you use this skin then winamp will close and send an error report - February 2, 2003 by Karyn Runey

OH!!! - My heart..... - February 2, 2003 by ake land

Very nice skin... - It reminds me to my girlfriend... LOVEFULL SKIN! - February 1, 2003 by Mr. Maniak

I think I'm in LOVE!! :D - Beautiful! - January 31, 2003 by Wen Mac

wonderfull - Yeah That is wonderfull and cute thanks for making this skin i find it so so good - January 30, 2003 by caner ender

Let Love Rule - Think I like the look of playlist, medialibrary etc. most. Great work! Of course I like the main window, too.. just cute! Keep goin on... - January 30, 2003 by *shazzer* b.