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made for the winamp skin contest // 2003

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May 13, 2003 by tg -723464 downloads

hcdev - ver_2_

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Thank you for your submission.

on re-publish: looks great!


For the most part, everything about this skin is awesome: the basic colors, the simplicity, and the elegant look. The only thing I wish were different would be the contrast between the default text color and background in the media library and playlist windows. - March 5, 2011 by [email protected]

great - love this skin - November 18, 2006 by Neo theman

Simply THE BEST - This is the best skin I EVER had on Winamp!! This skin is fast (for slow computer), it never crashes, and doesn't have any bug (or at least that I have seen after 1 year of usage). It gives a new life to your winamp, quitted winamp a few times, because some of the features were missing, or not userfriendly... This skin is the ultimate solution!! The design looks very basic, but trust me that when you have a lot of music it's really NOT! You will get used to this design, and will never want to change again from it. All I have to say is: 'Enjoy your music' ...... - March 15, 2006 by E M

Excellent - I just think that this skin is amazing, and its one of my favorite skins. Good job you guys, I hope to see more of your submissions. - December 22, 2005 by Brandon Hall

This is great! - THere are lots of neat looking skins out there, however this is the first one thats actually organized. WIth many skins buttons are placed all over and aren't clear or easy to find. Yet this skin looks good and it is easy to get used to. ***** - December 15, 2005 by Jimmy ^LastNameless^

geourgesly readable - This would be the first skin that I downloaded that looked this cool and at the same time was easy to read. Definitely makes me want to visit the site. Keep it up! - December 13, 2005 by Jt Burgess

Skin Review - Very nice skin. Keep up the good work ;) - December 12, 2005 by Walter Brunswick

Awesome - This is the best skin ive ever seen lol GJ man - December 11, 2005 by John boutilier

The best - It is the best skin that I downloaded during this month - November 27, 2005 by Arturo Nacci

rating - not reuired - November 27, 2005 by aditya NIGAM

quiet good... coninue - I found it rather good. Slim and good looking, without having to always search the commands (funny the shuffle button, I didn\'t see it first but cool). For the windowshade mode, I\'m part of the one who like to have a slim but very accesible interface, so that\'s the bad side. I appreciate the presence of the single repeat. Continue on that way, with the visual and the accessibility. - November 15, 2005 by Daniel Gaggini

Sweet... now I can stop looking for more skins. - Matches my custom bbLean theme perfectly... now I have one look and feel for my whole computer, just what I was goin for. - November 10, 2005 by Mike Formisano

the skin - this has to be the best skin for winamp iv ever used since i started using winamp thanks and keep me updated on any updates to this skin. 11 outta 10 - November 9, 2005 by kevin cambell

Amazing! - I have been waiting for someone to just make a stylish yet useable skin with clean lines and EASY navigation, finally it had to be easy on the eyes with no high contrast colors and eye sore provoking colors like orange and yellow with green!! This is my answer!! Great skin!! I FULLY recommend it!! - November 5, 2005 by Xero Tech

A Masterpiece - The hcdev Skin combines a smooth and very professional interface with great usability. The colors perfectly match the design and the buttons are great in style, yet easy to work with. A good looking, professional skin I can really recommend. One of the best I've seen in a while. 5/5 - November 3, 2005 by Dan Charez

Great! - I must say, this is one of the most simple, modern skin I have seen. With a great Tech feel to it. Good Job - 5 / 5 - October 29, 2005 by Andrew Knight

Cool Skin - This is one of the best skins I've ever seen. 5 * on it! - October 24, 2005 by Alexandru Busuioc

This is my new fav - Love iT! Builder Nucleus and mixer,COOOOOOOL wow. Thanks for this I think I found my new default. - October 7, 2005 by Lady GRRl

So. Good. - One of the best skins I've ever seen. I use it every day. - October 6, 2005 by Taber B

Z Best - I downloaded this skin almost a year ago - I have since been unable to find a skin that is comprable. This is the best skin I have ever seen or used. It is clear and conscise - it is user friendly - it has excellent coloration and it is not an eyesore. Get it, you will catch cloud!!!Five shooters, no doubt ~~ - July 31, 2003 by Creighton Cannon

Nice Work! - A very smooth, slick skin with nice color coordination with the blues and greys. One of my new favorites =). - May 18, 2003 by chris donthavealastname