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Featured Skin, October 9, 2003.

Have a great Halloween! Enjoy the skin!
Set your desktop on fire with a hot Winamp 3 skin this Halloween! Glows to the beat. Enjoy the skin!

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October 9, 2003 by Pete Clark712050 downloads

Halloween2003 - Featured Skin, October 9, 2003.

Staff review

Halloween theme.

Get into the festivities with this very well done skin. Color themes fit well in with the subject.


Fantastic - Fantastic skin, Just thought i would let you know the time elaspsed does not count down, no big deal, but is usefull.Thanks for a great skin,Thanks to Winamp for a super media player,Better than all the rest. - October 26, 2007 by Roy Watkins

woooooow - Its really a very nice one. i keep it on my desktop usually. Because i have a photo like that. - February 22, 2007 by Asadul_Amin Tanbeen

I love it - This skin is sleek and stylish. I keep it on my desktop frequently... even when it's not Halloween. - November 24, 2006 by Jessica Tok

NICE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - WHAT CAN I SAY, I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - April 4, 2006 by John Calitz

Cool but... - This skin is cool, but it is hard to connect everything to move the player with one keystroke. I like the different colors one can choose from and the shadows and the appearance of fading light on the player itself when the beat hits. Good skin. - February 24, 2006 by Will Hull

wow - COOL! :D I Love it. Perfect. - October 27, 2005 by Stefan Drvenica

Fantastic looks with minor usability issues - The skin looks fantastic, the pulsating colour effect on the time elapsed screen's background just adds to the fire-look. Really halloweenish. Some improvements could be made on the usability side, as usual with winamp skins; it's hard to tell exactly what your volume level is or the percentage of a song elapsed as there's not terribly much contrast on the indicators, and dragging the player around requires accuracy (unless you do it by the flames :) Anyway, I'd recommend this skin, it's usable enough to be kept for longer than a few minutes, and it really has a finished, well thought visual appearance.. - August 20, 2005 by Antti Leinonen

Halloween2003 - LOVING IT!!!! WANT MORE!!!! WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS IN A RED, ORANGE, AND YELLOW FLAMES!!!! THANKS!!!! - May 31, 2005 by Julie Ware

AWESOMEST SKIN EVER! - It has lots of colours, so its not just halloween. A beauty skin, eh? - April 6, 2005 by Jackie LeBlanc

Awesome Job - Great Job! Love The On Beat Orange In The Center! Even The Kids Love It - December 16, 2004 by Shane Jameson

awesome-ness right there - This is for a pyro-lover and that I am. The design is great and the color options makes it more adjustable to go with different desk-top themes. For halloween, this is a must for downloading or even just for the hell of it! - October 29, 2004 by Aqua Tonic

Flamy - Flames put 2 thumbs up in my book but it's a little spread out. - August 29, 2004 by Neil Taylor

AMAZING - Gr8 job dude, Amazing work...I use it in school at home...It matched everything...When I'm using it at school my teachers ask what r u doin and i jus say typing akuz I hav microsoft word right under the fire stuff and they jus say take the fire stuff off... - July 25, 2004 by Alex Levine

awesome - this skin is beautiful! - May 21, 2004 by meg w

Amazing! - A very well designed skin! Many display options for whatever you like. Love the bass flicker! Awesome job on this! A must have! - May 13, 2004 by Thomas Gutshall

Great Skin - This is a great skin to have for winamp all year around. I personally like the way that it glows when there is a lot of bass on the song. Great Job on this skin!!!!!!! I GIVE IT 5 STARS :) - April 9, 2004 by Stephen S

Killer - I know its far from Halloween, but this skin still pimps... Keep up the macking Pete. Pimp,Pimp...Hooray! Pimp,Pimp...Hooray! Pimp,Pimp...Hooray! - December 12, 2003 by Sean McClanahan

Way cool - Nice work, dude.. Keep up the good \m/ - December 3, 2003 by Aegrimonis Inferis

NICE - I love this skin! It's very neatly designed, and all color themes are excellent! I tried to design a skin back in the wa2 days.. Didn't really make a good skin, but I don't have to make them when I see skins like this :D u aint no n00b!! - November 20, 2003 by Noddy Noodle

Pure Energy!!!!! - The concept was well rot. Color changing helps enhance the overall effect... additionally, it decreases the boredom of continously staring at the same ol'skins; without finding another. EXCELLENT!!!! - November 7, 2003 by Jax Killer

What can you Expect? - For a themed skin that has to cater to a date, it's good. It works, everything that needs to be explained is explained, and it plays the music, other than that it has some things to work on. I like it as a halloween skin, but not something I'd have everyday. - November 5, 2003 by Sarah Benarroch

Sweeet. - Awesome, minimalist, sweeeeeeeet. - October 31, 2003 by James Maxwell

best halloween skin I've seen - Not bad. Not bad at all. Really high quality skin, pulse effect is cool too. - October 27, 2003 by Shaun Quinn

wonderful - I like it very much !~ It's wonderful!~ - October 27, 2003 by liu kica

I like it lot - yea I like it, at first i wasn't sure about how it would run on my computer but I whent ahead and downloaded it.And it's a little slow but Hay it works. - October 18, 2003 by joey tester

The Skin I Have Been Waiting For!!! - If you don't already have this skin gracing your desktop then you are missing out. This is the skin to have. Different colors for different moods. Can't get any better then this. Easy to use, cool to look at, and not just for Halloween. Its good for all year around. You gotta have it!!!! - October 18, 2003 by Dawn Penner

Just in time! - Great skin, and just in time for halloween! - October 17, 2003 by ziad hilal

Quite nice! - I appreciate your originality and attention to detail. Halloween2003 is well-designed and simple to operate with a interesting selection of color themes. A 5th star would have been awarded for an equally unique and functional winshade mode (just cuz that's the mode I use most). - October 14, 2003 by c settles

cool - cool i like this! =) - October 11, 2003 by Katya Litvin

IT SUCKS! - Just kidding! Very nice skin! - October 11, 2003 by Endit .

nice looking - nice looking.but till now i can't use it.i have downloaded,but can not use.please help. - October 10, 2003 by yali guo

sweet - this makes my workstation look sweet. thanks - October 9, 2003 by jeff marchant

very nice - i may even keep this past halloween, its very nice and smooth... and i LOVE that i can change the colors. good job! - October 6, 2003 by heather l

Very good man! - As usual, a very high quality skin. It's HUGE, but really nice :) Good job man. -Plague - October 4, 2003 by Linus Brolin

Its Straight - This Stuff is pretty damn cool im gonna keep on my winamp for the rest of the month Luv the colors the fireballs are pretty Cool. Its Original And its not a nutha dumb ripoff. Can't Wait to see next years!!!!!! - October 4, 2003 by brandon scott

Cool Holiday Skin - I thought I should be the first to say something about this great skin. I really like this one. It really makes for a festive desktop, the only thing I have a problem with is that it's kinda large, but that's just me. I like small, square things, but it's great anyway, and I love all the color themes, and I love the way it glows, like real fire. That's cool. Great Job! - October 3, 2003 by Megan Noble