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My eighth modern skin for winamp5.

My eighth modern skin for winamp5.

version 1.1 (# 8 / 27)

My eighth modern skin for winamp5.
The created otaku for otaku

Enjoy ^__^

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November 5, 2005 by Ilya Muratov753439 downloads

GUILTY GEAR XX WINAMP5 SKIN - My eighth modern skin for winamp5.

Staff review


This skin proves that you don't have to make fancy shapes to make a good modern skin, very well designed, very well put together with lots of options to change the look of the skin, good work


silver - whoa 0_o wonderful :) - February 27, 2009 by Silver Whatever

hi - nice work - October 15, 2008 by oliver jaison

Let's Rock! - This skin kicks enormous amounts of ass. The changeable characters fit well, and allow you to choose your favorite character, eliminating the need for different skins for different characters. The only thing that could possibly make this skin any better would be to animate the life bar, or to be able to have a random character appear on startup. Rendered very nicely and full of detail and functionality, this skin will make any fighting game enthusiast happy. - November 2, 2006 by Michael Sodaro

Only good if you like guilty gear - unfortunatley it doesn't really appeal to most audiences, if you like maga then go get it! - August 18, 2006 by josh subra

The Dogs B*ll*cks - Character changes. Nice Original Buttons. Smoothing off and rendering. Great Composition. Great Theme, great game. Shame did not come with GGX music, ha. - June 20, 2006 by A W

excellent - its very excellent and it has so many versions .i lkie it very much - March 5, 2006 by sanath kumar

This is one HOT skin! - What a great concept! Looks just like the character select screen. Hats off to you. - February 19, 2006 by Isahm Ashour

Awesome!! - You did amazing work on this skin! The layout is nice and I love all the extra features you added in. Keep up the great work! - February 12, 2006 by Thomas Gutshall

WOOHOO - One of my favorite games also, great skin, smooth enough, no bugs found so far, pretty easy to use, basicly no flaws. I'd give 6 stars if i could. Thanks for the skin. - February 8, 2006 by Shintaro Oe

good god - One of my favorites games is now one of my favorite skins! I just can't get over this skin,five stars! - January 31, 2006 by shien getsuto

cool! - i like the design of character very much,but to my regret, i havent played this game.... - January 13, 2006 by jolly lo

Cool!! - It's the first skin include repeat 1 track. I like Charactor change panel on the main window. - November 9, 2005 by Sutham Juariyamark

Sammy - very stylish workup of an addictive game, all the detail you want for your Lama ! - November 5, 2005 by G Sol