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version 1.2

version 1.2

Now with New(TM) Pretty Rounded Corners(TM) Technology(TM)

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December 4, 2003 by TOGoS o S87308 downloads

GreenLCD - version 1.2

Staff review


Very nice and clean.


I Like It!...Ooh, button troubles. - Nice, but... What does sequen mean? "shuffle of course!" Right? Well, I'm a stick in da mud for classic buttons, and classic words. And what's with the funky booby dude in the corner? Dude, ya done good, but them things I mentioned don't please me. Replace the dude with a leaf or something nice, return the classic button words, and you got me smiling and downloading. Otherwise, no, I'll pass. You rock, but I'm a bit picky. Good points? Nice mellow greens, good style, all is skinned and none ignored, most classic ways kept classic... Yeah, I almost want it, but the negatives mentioned kinda ruin a great thing in my opinion. Sorry. Many will truly enjoy this beauty. - July 20, 2007 by Michael Muchowski

Yuk - Too small and ugly. I thought it would be more like an actual lcd, but it is just this "green". No thanks. - March 7, 2007 by Barry Rose

Yeah! - Very cool. - September 14, 2004 by AnImoL Leeciow

Nice - I like skins which have clear buttons. This one definately has, and looks very nice! Good job! - August 26, 2003 by Kees Aak

Green like ganja!!!!!!!!!!! - I like this skin!!!(Can i smoke it) - August 23, 2003 by Sanioque From UA