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Take a ride on Graviton

Unique user interface that on Mouse over changes to Play Buttons.

Totally configurable to your liking.

Change Button Order around at the base of the skin the order you like.

Lots of color themes and fun things for you to find.

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Skin Consortium

Skin design by Daniel Mauch

Coding by: UUL

Color themes and additional coding: Quadhelix

Final touch up song notifyer: Slob

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September 1, 2006 by Skin Consortium414294 downloads

-Graviton- - spin

Staff review

Super shiny and compact with a raft of functions at your finger tips!


Awesome Skin! - My favourite skin ever!Cool design, with extraordinary colours!The only thing it doesnt work are the visuals... FIX IT PLESASE!!! Then will be PERFECT(5/5). - August 22, 2009 by sebastianrossini

Wow! - This is the fucking coolest skin i've ever seen! Amazing quality. Unbelivable colorthemes.Never seen a better one!Wish i could give 15 stars.Thanks for such a skin!! - August 16, 2008 by Janne Letsch

Love it - This is one of the best skins I've found. I started using Winamp in it's first edition (forever ago) and few skins have the quality, style and functionality that this one has. Keep up the good work! - April 7, 2008 by Tami H

Beautiful and Simple - Really nice colour schemes and very simple easy to use design. Best skin I've seen all day. - March 10, 2008 by Claudia G

tech glitch.. - It used to my favourite skin. but after reinstalling my computer's software, there is a problem - instead of the 'wheel' as the main window, I can see a 'bar' as in the picture of all Graviton features below 3 'wheels'. and have no idea how to bring the wheel back! if anyone can help..I'll be happy to get my Graviton back! Maria ([email protected]) - November 18, 2007 by Maria Bruevic

perfect - really, the best i've ever seen - congrats! it's very stylish. just perfect. - October 18, 2007 by merczedes sagit


Looks cool but laggs my pc out hard! - way too much graphics and "toys" all i want is a player that plays and sounds good. - September 24, 2007 by Shaun Rosevear

thanxx!! - i love it thanx for ur effords!! - September 17, 2007 by Gkhan Demirel

Love it! - My favorite Winamp Skin Yet. Except I can't get the Vis Options to work. Any Suggestions anyone? I left click on one of the 4 vis options but I get nothing. - September 16, 2007 by Yoshi Winamp

Nice - Its a nice design... but... I have a question... works in vista? .. cause.. when I press "mini" button...just it disappears. And, when you have the song in Stop and you press Visuals, play the song automatically.AANNDD.. is true...when you press stop, the CPU goes off to 50+%. - September 16, 2007 by Rodolfo Ortega

New Version - Its coming soon - September 16, 2007 by QuadHeliX Barber

nice - new generation :D:) - September 15, 2007 by blabla dudede

great - really great skin. nices colors and style. - August 30, 2007 by Spiderr Mann

I love it! - I love this one - it suits me perfect (and all the extra colour schemes are such a plus). Lovely, clean and just what I wanted my winamp to look like ^^~Erica - August 12, 2007 by Erica Wyrdling

Nice - I love the color combo's on this skin! - June 6, 2007 by Jessina Mercy

Too big! Too bright! - I fell off my chair when this thing popped up onto my screen. It's... very... ...dynamic, isn't it?Great concepts, pretty much flawless execution, a skin of the quality that we have come to expect from the Consortium. It's just a little big for my taste, and I can't find a colour-scheme that doesn't send me blind. Turn down the bright lights!Feels like: Owning your own space-stationTastes like: Warm metalGoes like: *Wwwssszzzchew, bizzZOW!*Try if you like: light-polution - May 23, 2007 by THUD~* Munkki

Good design - Have to admit it's one of the best skins for winamp i've seen so far. Very good design, great usability, perfect main window. Good job, well done.The only thing i'm concerned about is the use of CPU. Let me explain. I'm using a Centrino lappy with 1GB DDR2 and PM 1.86GHz in it. When i enable this skin, the CPU usage by Winamp rises from 1-3% to 30-40% in idle on-screen state. As result, it causes the system to use the fan much more often, making unreasonable to use the skin when on battery power and, finally, just annoying! Another one happens when you run just one song. As it reaches the end, CPU usage jumps to whopping 95%!!! Until you manually press Stop button in Winamp. Seems like there are some functions in scripts that conflict.Once again, I really like the skin, but those irritating buggers keep me away from using it. - May 20, 2007 by Ivan Borisov

Gravition - It's the best skin I have seen so far, very smooth, packed with custom features. I am impressed, I love it. Petra - May 2, 2007 by Petra Kuhrmann

future sound - 5 stars only.I renamed it: Graviton!!!!!!!!!!!to find it easily between other skins.It's like a toy on my screen.It was created to play. - February 6, 2007 by kid kitty

Very pretty - Beautiful skin, lots of features! My only complaint is that the text in the playlist and media library windows is rather faint! - January 30, 2007 by Matti White

Graviton is the best - Beautiful design, so much option. - January 14, 2007 by Tanja Ilic

Graviton gets the throne! - Wow, Graviton is one of the best skins I ever saw. It's menu and options are great, smooth graphics and cool visuals are the best! Congratulations Skin Consortium! I repeat: Graviton gets the throne! - November 24, 2006 by Konstantin Djordjevic

Very Well! - I try lots of skins, every months... and this one rocks. It has a good look, lots of customs.. and is very funcional. So, to me, is perfect. Congrats!! - November 23, 2006 by caixa69 caixa69

Impressive - I always find it hard to find a skin that I like that is stylish AND goes well with whatever wallpaper I use or the mood I'm in. Yet, somehow I've stumbled across one that manages to do it all. Something I noticed though... for some reason, I can't toggle the visualization on/off (yes, I selected one in the config window), and that on the silver and gold themes the top has a little too much highlighting and you can't really see the words or other details all that well. But both of these aren't that bad and quite managable. Nicely done. - November 22, 2006 by Selina Walker

My New Fave - I must admit I'm prety hard to impress with skins...IMHO most of them look pretty junky and I don't like to clutter my desk with them. But this one is really slick and works well. The only thing I'd suggest is to make the text in the PL and ML windows more visible (they're pretty faint). EXCELLENT! - November 7, 2006 by Patrick At_Denman

Ram Usage & Style - I expected this skin to use at least 50MB of ram but i was amazed that it only used 15MB and it has really cool effects and a perfect style.... Good job... I'll be waiting for more skins - October 27, 2006 by Aris Balomenos

damn - well done. very pleasing to the eye. - October 10, 2006 by J D

Kool - Very kool and smooth! good job whoever creatied it!!!! - October 4, 2006 by Melissa Leane

! - Cool - September 20, 2006 by Ella Anna

on - on - September 17, 2006 by rami simntov

Awesome Skin - The skin is really nice and awesome...Well planned. Except for the next and previous buttons which are being cut-out by the curve. But over all I would give it a 5 stars. The notification won't slid-in as it should do, it just fades-in. - September 17, 2006 by Naveen Kumar

Awesome - Awesome, awesome skin guys! I only have minor nit picky comments! The winshade mode doesn't have much "grip area," and the snap points for your layouts could use some tweaking. Other than that, super sweet!! - September 14, 2006 by Taber B

Stylish!!! - A great skin.Just tried it and I'm amaized!!!Good Job "SkinConsortium"! - September 14, 2006 by Andrei Cristescu

Not bad - Maybe not the most original skin out there, but tastefully executed, nicely rendered and practical. - September 13, 2006 by Jimdrix Hendri