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Godsend Winamp5 Skin

In Theaters April 30

In Theaters April 30

The Godsend Winamp5 Skin was built for the new film staring Robert De Niro, Greg Kinnear, and Rebbeca Romjin-Stamos. This is the story of a young boy, named Adam, who is killed in a freak accident. A couple approach an expert in stem cell research about bringing their son back to life through an experimental cloning and regeneration process. When Adam comes back to them, however, he's... different. Be sure to download this ?Killer? skin and see Godsend only in theatres April 30. Built for Winamp by Petrol Designs.

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April 16, 2004 by Godsend Winamp_Skin309322 downloads

Godsend Winamp5 Skin - In Theaters April 30

Staff review

Scary stuff.

Skin based on the new horror flick.


perfect - Good work . - November 29, 2007 by ali ghazipoor

dfgfdg - dsgfgfdgfdgfdg - May 23, 2005 by Ivan Vasilev

Attractive: Yes!, Useful: NO - Very good lookin skin, but the use of it is nowhere to be found. - May 15, 2004 by Peter Manning

WeR2BvpaXeVt - WeR2BvXeVt - May 3, 2004 by ��������� ���������

Neat. - I have never heard of the movie Godsend, seen any trailers, etc. I'll probably not watch it. But it doesnt make this skin worse. I like this skin. In fact i like it enough to give it 5 stars. I like the sphere look, an the button are just right size and nicely placed. Metallic look is really cool. This my #1 skin now, its neat. - April 24, 2004 by Captain Keimo

Is this skin a rip? No, but... - ...the movie might be. It's called 'Pet Semetary' (1989) Skin looks nice, hence 4 stars, but I would never use it (or any other 'advertisement' skin). - April 21, 2004 by K. Shier

Agree! - I do fully agree with Peter M.! The only good movie skin i saw was for "grind" - never heard of it - but it was quite nice. btw.: godsend sux (i saw it) ;) - April 21, 2004 by Florian Zeh

Weak - How come every single movie needs a Winamps skin? The skinning process doesn't even matter any more, as long as the output is a crystal-clean-looking piece of crap without a single ounce of personality. SHAME !!!!! - April 17, 2004 by Peter Manning