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Funker Vogt


Featured Skin, October 23, 2003.

Based on the CD cover of "T" by Funker Vogt : very complete skin. Winamp skin for the industrial/electro band "Funker Vogt".OFFICIAL COMPONENTS SKINNED :- Main- Equalizer- Playlist- Minibrowser- WVS- Generic Windows (2.91)- Video Window (2.91)3rd PARTY COMPONTENTS SKINNED:- Albumlist- Amarok- Mikroamp- Vidamp- Cover & Tag ---- THERE IS A WALLPAPER TO GO WITH IT -->

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October 21, 2003 by IlluSionS 66729420 downloads

Funker Vogt - T - Featured Skin, October 23, 2003.

Staff review


Not too detailed, but looking very nice. All windows are skinned.


Interesting! - Didn't think anyone would of thought of this idea, so thanks for the great skin. :) - July 10, 2005 by Lorraine Rizzotto

Thank You - Finally, some good skins. - January 22, 2004 by Vito Oliver

good skin - nice design ... - November 13, 2003 by nikkie c

lol - seeing an ebm band's skin on is just cause for much hilarity. goes along smoothly with the cover of T, but the border around the window frames looks a bit off. - November 7, 2003 by Ian Swift

Funkerlicious - I'm not exactly leaving reality and entering the metaverse.. but anything funker vogt gets my approval! Nice job and great taste.. - October 30, 2003 by Jackie B

funkerVOGT ist die Schei?e - I was amazed to see this on the featured skins page. Awesome skin for an awesome band. Truely well done. -loads up all the funkerVOGT albumns- - October 30, 2003 by Black Sun

Funker Vogt - T - kinda cool, but I wish the parts flowed together more. - October 28, 2003 by Carl Stephenson

weak - very - October 26, 2003 by random v

Hey, pretty cool! - Simple and easy to use and has some extra goodies.. Nice. - October 25, 2003 by Sweet-O Dude