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Friends nbc

Skin de la serie "Friends"

Skin de la serie "Friends"

Bueno, espero que os guste tanto el skin como a m?!:)

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May 4, 2004 by Sonia Rodr�guez277556 downloads

Friends nbc - Skin de la serie "Friends"

Staff review

Friends-themed skin

A fairly solid design to this one... clean and functional layout. The PL and ML windows are consistently skinned, although somewhat basic.


skin ross - this is the virtual crap-baby of a cheap sirius radio and a pill-box, which is just as well, because "friends" always was something hard and unpleasant to swallow. - August 18, 2008 by G Miyata

Great ! - I like it - May 18, 2007 by Rabbit Lu

friends - =) - April 3, 2006 by sandra mateikaite

hi friends fans - helo everybody friends it's great and I am happy that is that skin of this sitcom - December 5, 2005 by Daniela Kukiz

friends is the best - Very interesting, good picture and colors friends for ever - June 30, 2005 by Carolina mabell

FRIENDS - who can forget this series? I won't... for the nostalgia... this is my painkiller... see them together... =) really good skin, stylish... somewhat basic, but, really good... - January 4, 2005 by David Barrera

Nice Friends - Thanks to the friend who made this skin - September 10, 2004 by Anjanesh Lekshminarayanan

F.R.I.E.N.D.S 4ever - Super skin. I love friends. It's the best TV show EVER. :P - June 7, 2004 by Gintaras Sakalauskas

Wich is the crappiest seinfeld-rippoff? - That's right.... FRIENDS. A truly hate this show with every single bone in my body and wish they all get infected with adis. But this skin is actually pretty solid piece of work. I especially like the mainscreen buttons. Nice & clear. No fuss. I like this (despite the spawns of hell that decorates this skin). - May 15, 2004 by Peter Manning

^_^ - Uwazam, ze ta skorka jest bardzo fajna, ciekawe tylko czy ktos mnie wogole rozumie... ;) - May 9, 2004 by Milena Sobolewska