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Freeform Simpsons Skin



Update (2 may 2004): improved the standard window and colors, it's better this time ^^


It's here.

C for yourself.



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February 13, 2004 by UUL !1062148 downloads

Freeform Simpsons Skin - *DOH*

Staff review

i am evil homer... i am evil homer...

just spent the last 10 minutes playing with the options- the added touches make this skin a definite keeper!


They're all there! - Have to admit I didn't think it'd be up to much then I read one or two of the reviews so decided to download it and well.. SO MANY OPTIONS! You're bound to find something you like with it!!Great skin! - June 10, 2008 by Eimear Spain

WOW!!!! - El Mejor Skin Que He Visto en Mucho Tiempo, y de mi Cartoon Favorito...FELICIDADES AL CREADOR.VIVA MEXIQUE! - August 12, 2007 by Marco Antonio Cervantes

fun - it is funny i like the simpsons please make now south park skins - August 9, 2007 by joop van der velden

ffsd - dfsfds - July 17, 2007 by daiu krak

mauri - esta muy bueno - July 3, 2007 by mauricio zavala

wow - very good! thanks - January 15, 2007 by oh huny_ji

Simpsons!!! - My favourite Sitcom now merging with my favourite media player, Cool!!! It is i beleive the most visually appealling Simpsons skin and what more its completely customizable!!!! - January 5, 2007 by Anogh Chitnis

a little help... - for the first this skin is totally cool and the effect rocks.... totally nice make... but i will just ask cant i put other persons from simpsons in ?? - October 20, 2006 by ibo _

BEST - The Simpsons is the best show ever.I like it. - August 7, 2006 by Aleksandar Stojanovic

nice job!! lol :)) - I'm speechless.. It's just PERFECT! Thanks a lot.. - January 25, 2006 by Boba Fett

simpsons - cool - January 7, 2006 by Dana Guseva

great skin!!! - Awesome features..... i have a problem though... how do u re-open the options window to move the charactors and stuff around?? other than that... VERY COOL Skin... highly recommend - September 2, 2005 by Punksifier b

well done - my girlfriend will like! - September 1, 2005 by Dima Paradise

simpsons - very simple - July 31, 2005 by leonel leyton

oine - i think, it\'s ok - July 9, 2005 by pako perez

Awesome - It's customizable beyond customizable. Really COOL!! - April 28, 2005 by Doug H

the simpsons - its the best of the skins!! - March 19, 2005 by alejandro lopez

Good but...... - I love it, but, there are too many options. i got confused with all the things that I could do. - March 7, 2005 by Jeremy Rakestraw

Almost 250.000 downloads! - First of all I want to thank Nullsoft for making it possible to download all skin shit for free. And thanx to the creaters of this Simpsons skin, this is certainly no shit. Most of the skin I download are shit and I look to times and then throw them away... Anyway, the option to move the characters is pretty cool. Unfortunattely, when I remove some characters the next time I open Winamp they're gone... I think you can fix that and I'm looking out for the update. Besides that, the skin is fucking awesome! And sorry for my English, Ernst @ Amsterdam - November 6, 2004 by Ernst van_Leeuwen

this is spankin - this is the greetest simpson amp ever!.i kno i d biggest damn fan of simpsons ever.please make some more of these cause this is so a little hard to work out but everything works perfect .it is my fav amp.keep up all d good work.ppl if u dont download this u r a f**king moron.chow - April 19, 2004 by jeremy jeremy

the simpsons - the page is good and the skin is good..i love the simpsons...bruno picco - March 17, 2004 by bruno picco

Totally Ausome - this is probably the best skin ever created! With all the characters in, Evil Homer dancing, ichy and scratchy fighting, moving the characters, and a second main window option with moe and barney make's the skin a perfect 5. - March 16, 2004 by jason lowsy

simpsons - muito loco - February 29, 2004 by rafael 130391

excellent... - great work. - February 29, 2004 by Alex Luu

the best - it is the absolute best skin with characters. All the others suck but this one is unbelievable. Great desing, colors, and you can even move the simpsons around, and there's itchy and scratchy hitting each other! I love this... - February 20, 2004 by Veronica Martinez

woohoo! - it's the simpsons- and a good skin to boot - February 17, 2004 by Saens

Heh - Wow, Nice. Great Layout... Looks good. Good job. - February 14, 2004 by Scott Kuehnert