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Skin is made under style of my loved program for making the music.

Skin is made under style of my loved program for making the music.

Skin is made under style of my loved program for making the music.

FLSkin - classic FL style

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April 6, 2005 by Romeo Gilfanove511140 downloads

FLSkin - Skin is made under style of my loved program for making the music.

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The one I needed - perfect - For those who still don't know: "FL" stands for a music software called "Fruity Loops" (now owned by Sony I think !?), and this skin most definitely models it to perfection, which surely played a role in me liking it...*BUT* it is first and foremost the cleanest, easiest one I found after looking at the 10 or more most downloaded !!!Cheers for it, I don't think I'll change it anymore! - August 2, 2008 by frederic thompson

Nice - Not sure what program this was based on but I really like the look. - November 19, 2006 by Trent Tompkins

media rack - it has the look of one od the older media rack. this does not mean that it is not a good skin, but for the next version i would use a metallic texture created from a graphics program like pant shop or photoshop. except for the color of the background it looks fine, and i like it. it is a good skin. ratin 4/5 - March 25, 2006 by paul robinson

OMG - This is by far the best skin i have ever seen on the surface of this earth and I don't even know what FL is!! Thanks for this stylish and user friendly skin! Great job!! - March 25, 2006 by Daniel Gourkine

My Fav DTMP tool - Nicely done. - March 22, 2006 by Dan Jones

The Shizzle - All i got to say is that I am the default king and this skin rocks... It uses little resources as does the default skin and the look is primo...Download it now... It is visually easy on the eyes and simple to navigate as well, I dig it if you can't tell, later... - March 9, 2006 by Blu Blood

:) - soooooo sweet! FL rulez ! - March 7, 2006 by Lieses Law

Cool!!! - This must be the best skin I have ever seen!! I have been using FL for a long time now and really love it!! Keep up the good work!! - December 23, 2005 by Stine Reitan

ALL YOU WANT ! (for a skin) - Top skin ! Easy to use. I am a user of propellorhead REASON and now i am looking for a "REASON-skin" In one word "fantastic" this skin design! - October 14, 2005 by oscar de_gelder

.... Wow .... - Wow..... thats some sleek ****!!!!!!! HOw did you get thatt gr8 look?! my only skin is like as good as this divided by aout 20! Well done Romeo Gilfanove - July 3, 2005 by Paul Wisdom

flskin - it?s very practical and don\'t crash. i like it very much i use this skin because i\'m a dj and i work with FL5 to...... lsdj_a.k.a._djalex - July 3, 2005 by Alexandre Ribeirinho

Wunderbar Programm - Polish: To przepi?kny program. Estetyczny i bardzo funkcjonalny. Nam muzykom sprawia du?o rado?ci. Winamp jest pod wzgl?dem oprogramowania i zmys?u pi?kna - niedo?cigniony. Pozby?em si? z swojego komputera wszystkich nak?adek karty muzycznej. Pozostan? wierny Winamp !!! Janusz Grabowski Professor von Musikakademie Krak?w u. I Fagottist Philharmonie Krak?w - June 22, 2005 by Janusz Grabowski

Hell Ya - Good Job......This Skin Is Great.....Keep It Coming......Thanks DJ Q - June 20, 2005 by DJQ Chris

Very nice - sehr aufger?umt und nette farben. klasse - June 18, 2005 by Tobias Ruetten

(Y) - Good Job Romeo (o_O) - June 18, 2005 by Hashem Saeed

Damn good usability - Very good to use! It's easy on the eyes and provides a very good overview. everything is readable and clearly marked out. it's not like all the other "i look like a plastic ghetto blaster" bullshit out there. - June 15, 2005 by Carmen Reit

Awsome SKin - i love this skin, not for the use of colors, but the the lack of colors.. its very easy to see on my TV (i have tv out on video card). .and ver few skins can you acually READ the playlist! .. ty - June 14, 2005 by kevin shorty

nice =) - hmm.. think I didn't submit my review right =/ anyhow, your skin looks very good :) - June 12, 2005 by ariel a

one of my favorite skins - I, too, love to create music in FL Studio and this skin is a nice addition to any fan's skin collection for Winamp. - June 5, 2005 by Aaron Boswell

Simple, Modern and essy - This stuff is cool and i like it very much I hope others will use it - May 27, 2005 by Xavier Miin

O.K! - Very good. - May 25, 2005 by Joanna snakeangel

Holy wow. - The best skin around here. Great work. Looks just like fruity loops. Keep up the good work! 5 stars from me. - May 24, 2005 by Daniel Marklund

amazing - such a clever conscept! the cleanest skin since SmartAMP_2.1 - the only two skins I have now :) - May 21, 2005 by Boris Yakubchik

FL Rox - I had to get this skin! I use Fruity Loops all the time, so why not get a skin for my Winamp, which I also run all the time? Good job, man. - May 16, 2005 by Willie Odom

odd - I find it strangely attractive :S - May 14, 2005 by Emil Butiri

"Easy-Going" Skin - I had been looking for something like this for awhile, good job! - May 11, 2005 by Ramon Melero

love it - love the skin i have been using FL Studio for 3 years and have been waiting for someone like you to come along and make a winamp skin of it good job - April 26, 2005 by steve westington

Beautiful SKin - You did a great job and should have been rated higher! Maybe there was something wrong with the rating system. - April 13, 2005 by QuadHeliX Barber

FLs - I created this skin, and I like this FL skin. - April 11, 2005 by Romeo Gilfanove

Fresh, Fruity and F*ggin nice - FLStudio, the best app and winamp skin ever. I love this skin! - April 10, 2005 by nuky gulbrandsen