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For 5.24

For 5.24

Check out Flo, (Fixed for 5.24 had to republish) lots of neat little hidden features are in here. More skins at QUAD-HELIX.COM
Push the Arrows to retract Skin.

Mode 2 is like a Skin by itself it has its own Equalizer that snaps to it.

55 Color themes and a whole lot more.
Thanks to krckoorascic for coding the Vis and Also Extras
Thanks to Mr. Jones W/ scripting
>Also this has UULs And Leechbites Coding just as in XMP.
All Other Coding and All Graphics QuadHelix

Download skin

July 3, 2006 by QuadHeliX Barber88876 downloads

-Flo- - For 5.24

Staff review

Suprisingly useful, but not perfect.

This is one flexible skin, and extremely useful at times because of that. However, the second mode of the skin (the "ordinary-skin" mode), doesn't look that attractive or original, and the exit button's placed where it simply shouldn't be. Don't know why the author prefered to switch the places of the minimize and the exit button, but it really annoyed me until I got used to it. All in all, it's a well executed skin, worth having.


Powerful Design ---- love it ---- thanks - March 12, 2010 by Rob

My Favorite Skin - This is my favorite skin.Though it could use Docked Toolbar in winshade mode... - August 24, 2008 by Nivek Gallacci

very, very nice. except for the name! - The name of this skin reminds me of my aunt, but it is easily hidden and very clean. - July 23, 2007 by jonathan bogle

Very nice - This is a very nice skin, the only issues i have with this bad boy is the layout of the buttons for closing the player it is all back to front and mode 2 is far better than mode mode, this one gets a 5 from me - April 8, 2007 by Nick Zammit

Great Skin - I have been using this version and also the previous version of this skin and I have to say many things have impressing me. 1st is the fact that this skin is a great skin for its funtionality and great layout. Only thing I would improve is the equalizer skin (not very funtional and sliders do not move incrimental very well) 2nd thing I was impressed with is when the older version before this one was out when Winamp had did an version upgrade there was a small glitch with missing bitmaps on the player, I then wrote the skinner and he fixed the problem with an update for this skin so I can continue to enjoy this great skin.. too bad the EQ couldn't have been fixed but still a great job! Keep up the good work QuadHelix.. you made Winamp a permanant place on my PC! Ben Green - October 3, 2006 by Ben Green

best yet. - Just about everything I could want in a skin. Maybe the 'shrink' button could be better placed in the same place as the 'stretch' button, which feels more intuitive to me. - August 6, 2006 by Steve Floreani

Best Ever - Great to have as a music player, or as something to have in the background while you do other stuff. You can even make it into a long bar that fits nicely above the windows taskbar, or on top! then you can easily press a button to minimize it to a very small object, just press it to have it slide out again! So sweet! - August 4, 2006 by josh subra

So close! - I love the look and the usability. I just can't get it to ACTUALLY stay on top of the other windows. Other than that, KUDOS! - August 2, 2006 by JonWesley Barnhill

Fantastic. - Thank you so much for updating this. This is seriously the best skin that has ever been made...the color schemes are very versatile and there is definately one for everyone to enjoy. What I like most is that they go along with the theme of my actual computer. Precise, sleek, and just plain fantastic. Plus the name rocks. I think the ONLY con to this skin is that it does not remember to keep the equalizer part with the playlist, color themes, media library buttons etc open when you close and then have to keep opening it each time to open winamp. Oh well, no biggie. - July 26, 2006 by Sarah blaah