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Fire Elemental

Elemental Skin #2

Elemental Skin #2

.....look! no lcd again!

Looks best on darker screens.

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September 23, 2004 by xenosomething ...643845 downloads

Fire Elemental - Elemental Skin #2

Staff review


Holy cow this classic skin is stunning, it's melting my brain, you have simply GOT to give this one a try right now, or I'm coming around your house with a box of matches to create a fire all of my own.....


Very stylish and pretty, but frustrating to actually use. - December 1, 2009 by Rojzik

the best - the best of - August 15, 2008 by marta tworek

Beautiful - It's so beautiful but a little too much small unfortunately. I downloaded it nontheless I can find my way around I guess but is it possible to make it bigger like the Big Bento skin? - October 12, 2007 by Mia Raven

cf - it's very good!! - September 27, 2007 by Rita Rendes

nice - it's perfect.. - September 6, 2007 by broken wings

awesome - such a wonderful skin.only the button to hide and find the tracklist ive not found.could you make a xp-theme like this? - June 27, 2007 by Felix Kaufhold

great design, but..... - the play, pause, stop, next - previous track and other buttons are hard or impossible to see......awesome skin though - June 3, 2007 by Adriana Becerra

Throwing usability outta the window, but what a piece of art! - Definitely in the top 10 of winamp skins art wise. Actually from a pure artistical standpoint while still let a sane person figuring out how to navigate around it, this is probably the #1 winamp skin in term of raw, pure artistic talent. I love this skin to death when I found it, and marvel at it all the time, but after a week or two I'm back using 52ampv2 due to functionality and usability. But damn! Form over function at its best! A pain to navigate but a pleasure to look at. - April 30, 2007 by xiao jia

What's with the buttons? - The colours on this skin are awesome except maybe just a little dark they're certainly not as bright as what they are on the site here which kinda sucks the overall design looks pretty nifty also except for the buttons which also stops me from rating this 5 stars. Fix the buttons & this skin will easily be one of the best on the site here! - January 11, 2007 by John Smith

It rocks! - Please make the buttons clearer i can't see the buttons properly but it is very good. 5 Stars for the skin. -1 for the buttons not being clear. If you make the same skin with clearer buttons i'll ONLY use that skin. Keep i up! - October 17, 2006 by The_Cool_Dude !

Love this - I love how this skin isn't too difficult to figure out, I didn't spend much time stumbling around it. The colours are extremely rich, warm and beautiful. The designs are gorgeous. One of my rare favourite skins. - October 15, 2006 by Cassie Bargery

Stunning... - Absolutely beautiful skin. I was annoyed with the lack of buttons in the main window however, maybe a version with buttons? But as far as pure asthetics go, definitely a true work of art! - October 6, 2006 by draconis42 Monaghan

My new faveorite.. - 'nuff said. - October 4, 2006 by Thomas Lynn

awesome - it's great! i would like to see a water or another elemental skin from you:) - August 9, 2006 by Feri Torok

fire elemental - absolutly superb - July 31, 2006 by ana roxana

Woaaa!!! - This thing is excellent. And functional too!! - July 23, 2006 by carl holden

IS estrege...but is beautifull - this is my opinion: this skin have llamative colors an is very original is very beautifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - July 22, 2006 by melissa trejo

Great. - This is so... alien. Somehow it never gets old. Very sleek design and very original. The color choice is awesome. Never seen anything like it. The volume control is great :) - June 30, 2006 by Matija Lovric

Beautiful junk - Beautiful, but some buttons are missing in a playlist window. What a pity... - January 23, 2006 by Winston Smith

Just.... - I don't know what to say.... I LOVE THIS! MORE MORE! - January 12, 2006 by Jenni Leivo

Amazing - Like nothing I've ever seen in a skin. It's artistic - not just some knockoff of a stereo or computer. It's truly beautiful to look at, with stunning colors and not one spot wasted. I really look forward to anything you release next. - October 6, 2005 by Miss Understood

perfect skin - Since this is the 35th review I doubt anybody will read it, but this is a perfect skin to my tastes and the best I've seen after scrolling through tons of them. Even though the buttons are hard to find or figure out they do have some indications (though camoflaged) as to their location and I figured them all out soon enough. The volume control animation is just awesome. The rest is beautiful with a balance of dark coolness. Its intricacy adds to the effect of wonder. Kudos. I'll be looking at your other skins very soon. - August 28, 2005 by z l

Very, very nice - I guess the new winamp user might have a bit of difficulty using this skin, but I didn't have any trouble. Anyway, the design is unique and very slick: I love looking at this one. - July 31, 2005 by Radiant Whisper

The best - This is one of the best skins I\'ve seen stylistically! I know nothing about making skins, so I\'m no help there... but damn I love this one! - June 15, 2005 by iTauren Kahiti

Quite Nice - This is a pretty good skin. I agree with some people when they say that it is difficult to use, but I don't really touch many of the buttons in Winamp anyways, so that doesn't really matter to me. Mostly, I am using this skin just to make this computer look awesome. It also goes well with my current theme (on a computer named "Pyromon"), which happens to be fire. The artistic quality of this skin is excellent. I give it 5 stars just for that. - May 12, 2005 by Samui Kon

Hmmm... - Dangerously close to perfection... - March 4, 2005 by Daniel Ray

This is it! - Xeno, you did it! This skin is art!! It?s mind blowing. I double recommend it. - February 26, 2005 by Carlos Maciel

Woooow - A very cooll skin indeed but you could'hav made it ... bigger. a very great skin ! keep on tha good werk :)) - February 25, 2005 by ivanusi robert

Wow - One word....perfecto! - February 2, 2005 by Hallie S

Freakin Awesome - Man. this skin totally blew my freakin mind. Kinda looks like Egyptian art. Very SWEEEEEEEETTTTT. I will keep this skin on my winamp. Must be cool to be that talented. Great Work, looking forward to more like this. Thanks - February 2, 2005 by Chris Shahan

fire elemental - its beautiful! - January 24, 2005 by amanda keck

...If I could only express in words... - am afraid that if you often look for the, "OMG!!!!1 That Zkin is teh Awesome!!!!11" you will find none of it from me. An elegant and well developed work such as this deserves an eloquent and well written accolade, one that is so very difficult to put into words. If I had half the power of the english language as you have grasp of your art, I could give only a half-way worthy recognition of this enchanting, passionate, and entrancing being. It pains me to say I do not have such power of words, and it pains me ever more to say I cannot give a greater review. - December 8, 2004 by Max Schoenoff

Reviewers are biased. - Although this skin's design is far beyond of what I thought possible, it is pretty damn hard to use. All the buttons are hidden, or camouflaged, and you can't tell where the EQ sliders begin or end. The buttons in the playlist are too hard to figure out and the cbuttons are very... invisible. Great design, awesome ideas, but as far as functionality goes, I have to say, it isnt the best I've seen.... it's actually quite bad. But ok, yeah, I hear you say "but d00d, t3h design is aaawsum!!!!1 who gives a dam about functionality!!!!11one". Yeah ok, then why did this skin get 2.5 stars? And that skin is probably better at functionality than Fire Elemental (good name by the way. It sounds like a Magic: The Gathering card ;D) Can Reviewers be biased? - December 1, 2004 by eltotoX lasserre

hi! - very nice skin, exelent work :) - November 26, 2004 by Roman Georg

Nice one !! - Great color and design. - November 20, 2004 by Andreas Bierhorn

STREPITOSA!! - as we would say in Rome: STA SKIN E' DA PAURA!! WHAT A BEUTIBEAUTIFUL SKIN!NICE JOB. greetings from ITALY - November 19, 2004 by jeppo jep

Linkin Park - co?? - November 14, 2004 by Iza Makowska

Wow! - That's realy cool! - November 7, 2004 by Lisa Masters

Cool - This skin has blown me out of me mind!! - November 5, 2004 by Mc_Hershies Jonny

fire elemental is great - this is a beautiful, functional, and just plain cool skin. try - you like. - October 28, 2004 by Mark Meyer

wowww - this is the best skin ive ever seen anywhere!!!! congratss... Just to make this comment, I signed up in winamp... oh, and the 'equalizer' just is breath taking. It'll surely be my fav for a long time. - October 26, 2004 by simone a

What more to say? - Since I first saw it, I said to myself: "Damn..." And I still think so. Everything, absolutely everything is perfect. Especially the volume control (the coolest I've ever seen). What else to say? 5-star masterpiece! (BTW, keep up the good work!) - October 20, 2004 by Petar Potocnjak

Good looking but - Its a good looking skin there is no doubt about that, very unique with a sweet design, however the buttons are hard to see - October 19, 2004 by andrew kajer

great artisitic quality - however, this skin does not get the last star called "easy to use" - October 16, 2004 by Es Pats

cool! - amazing design! its not easy to use, especially for new users, but having it on desktop is worth learning winamp by hard ^^ - October 15, 2004 by Kuba Bogaczewicz

WOW!!!! - At first I couldn't believe this really was a skin! It looks more like a piece of art (compliments to the artist!). Anyway, it's gorgeous, and it's definitely going to be a fixture on my desktop for a veeeery long time! :) P.S. Thank you for restoring my faith in the skins at, because lately there haven't been any really stylish ones. (oh, and the blending is amazing, but I still think the design is the most striking) - October 14, 2004 by Adelina Filipas

Oh my God - i cant belief how nice blending these colors can get...i dont minimize the winamp anymore its always on top...simply great job - October 13, 2004 by mathiew moussa

Awesome Skin! - A real work of art.. Great design - October 3, 2004 by Serhat Sermen

firesomething - This really is something. *stands up and applauses* me likes. - October 1, 2004 by Katri Anniina

a work of art - it's not the most usable, but who cares? It's superb! - September 26, 2004 by Emil Butiri

An Intriguing Classic Skin... - If you're into Winamp Classic skins, Fire Elemental here should prove a valuable addition to your skin collection. Creator says it looks better on darker desktops, but mine isn't all that dark and it looks great there, so don't let that dissuade you. Colours are very-well matched and sufficiently contrasted on all controls and tooltips, the Shuffle element is integrated better than any other skin I've seen, fittingly subtly but intuitive if needed, the EQ controls are good, and the Playlist controls are very-well skinned. The skin graphics themselves are just about right, not cluttery, not distractive, yet vivid and pleasant without the disappointing minimalism that's infected a lot of Classic skins competing. My only complaint with the skin is in terms of its interface usability. While clever and well-suited to the skin, such things as volume, back, next, and the like take a good deal of hunting, and while this isn't going to be a problem if this is the skin you use 90% of the time, it's irritating as a new user to have to hunt and peck, so to speak, for basic controls. I can't personally hold that against the skinner, though, because I use my iTouch keys to control Winamp (except for volume) for the most part. Excellent example of a great Classic skin, thanks for making it available to us! - September 24, 2004 by Ike Eisenhower

Beautiful! - This is a stunningly beautiful skin. - September 24, 2004 by Cat Dreamer

Don't Put Out the Fire! - Just when I think I'm through with classic skins forever, someone comes along with a knock-out like this and I'm back on the saddle again. Outstanding! - September 23, 2004 by Scott Snively

WOAH. - This is, without a doubt, one of the most beutiful classic skins I have EVER had the pleasure of downloading. Thanks. This one is definitely a keeper! - September 23, 2004 by Scott Kuehnert

very original gfx - solid skin here - September 23, 2004 by merci oner

Speachless... - no words to describe ir...It's...HOT! it...truly love it! - September 23, 2004 by El-ArGeNtO (Fernando Adorneti)