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Ralph Steadman/Fear & Loathing Art

Ralph Steadman/Fear & Loathing Art

The Great Red Shark crossing the desert. No point mentioning those bats. The poor bastard will see them soon enough.

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May 29, 2004 by R Jones23212 downloads

fearamp - Ralph Steadman/Fear & Loathing Art

Staff review

Time to go to Las Vegas.

Could've been a better skin though.


Rough yes, but this isn't rough enough - If the fonts and icons don't look like something out of a Ralph Steadman drawing, then what's the point? I love the idea of Fear and Loathing on my desktop (I love the book and the movie), but this could use some tweaking by the author. Please try again, this could be a great skin! - November 6, 2006 by Charlie McCarthyism

Perhaps, if I explain things, you'll rest easy. - Who needs finely polished skins? Sometimes I look at these skins with simulated gleaming metallic shapes and fixtures and I just need to shoot something and vomit. Those are the times when I need to look at something that looks like it was thrown together while in a mesculine induced haze. IT'S NOT ROUGH LOOKING ENOUGH!! It needs to have some sweat dripping off it or something! I always test the transmission that way and the rear end for stress fractures, well this is a really nice pen man. - June 19, 2006 by SKEV MON

awesome - bad ass skin mo fo's - March 12, 2005 by tom howard