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Everyday is Halloween

orange + black + white

orange + black + white

minimalism has a new pacifist

Sophisticated, yet playful

Doesn't induce epileptic shock

Pheobe Cates calls it:

?sexy and full of spunk, just like the author?

This is my third skin, and first submitted. It combines my love of halloween colors, retro style, 2D, 80?s, Nihilism, and so on. There just aren't enough classy skins out there. Tyrannosaurus rex's love Halloween. Duh.

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October 13, 2004 by chrisasaurus sex32867 downloads

Everyday is Halloween - orange + black + white

Staff review

Still simple. Too simple even.

Nothing wrong with minimalism, but this skin does it wrong. The black just doesn't fit.


It snows on halloween apparently. - Good skin. It's exactly what I wanted except the quite annoying. I changed mine to a thin black outline with orange inside because orange is least used color on the skin...alot easier to see. - August 5, 2007 by huh tastic

Very cool skin - I like the design, very unobtrusive. - November 7, 2004 by Optimus Prime

I use this skin when I work (for love) - Yeah, it is named after Ministry's best song (aside from Work For Love). I'd also suggest the TRS-80 cover, or anything TRS-80 have done, really. Thank you to the 10k+ people who downloaded this, your free dental dams are being sent out this week (promise!). - November 7, 2004 by chrisasaurus sex

yeah - i like it, and i think that the title comes from the 80?s single from ministry.. cool color... - October 20, 2004 by dom r