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Euclideamp Geometry

Ancient geometry converted to Winamp form

Ancient geometry converted to Winamp form

This skin was made with a combination of PSP 7 and MS Paint. Various extras are explained in the readme file. My inspiration for this skin was Euclid's proof of the Pythagorean Theorem, written on parchment-looking material. Many thanks to the people at Skinlove for their suggestions and tips. Hand written and different. Different in a good way? You decide.

Skin includes: Mikroamp, support for Winamp 5, cursors, optional components in skin file (like roman numerals for numbers), and AVS.bmp and Numbers.bmp for those with older versions of Winamp. Read the readme for more info.

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August 20, 2003 by James Potter16239 downloads

Euclideamp Geometry - Ancient geometry converted to Winamp form

Staff review


Good concept, but the white does not do any good to the overall appearance though.


really cool. - Very nice skin. At first it looked kinda confusing but it's not; it's just that some buttons are not that obvious. The only bad thing about it is that it constantly makes me think about how I wish I knew more geometry than that I learnt at school :( - April 22, 2005 by ana thema

this is great! - I'm never using another skin again.. unless I do. which I might, if I find a go board skin the volume and seeker bar are SO SO SO cool! if the equality sign (next to pi) was an approximate one, this thing would definitely be the best skin ever.. I signed up just so I could comment on this skin ^__^' - April 3, 2005 by jenny zhu

too funny - hahaha! The popular eucledian geometry, or maybe, history of mathematics problems are here! The design is so real that it looks like there's a paper of notes stuck on the screen... The only problem is that it's hard to find where the true buttons are-and some of them, what they do. However, mathematicians will love it! - January 3, 2005 by Alexandros St

geometry on skins too!!!!!!!!!!! - Love it, except for the white. Good job! - February 8, 2004 by Reznor gajardo

Nice !! - This is soo original and creative. I disagree about the white.. it looks fine with it. I love the eqsliders, the volume, and balance. Awesome job. Very mathematical :) - August 22, 2003 by Basementman CochRan