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it's freeform, baby...

it's freeform, baby...

[Guiolympics Edition: 05/09/04]

The Breed Skin Division presents:

Enkera for Winamp 5.03. Graphics and concept by 883, coded by David (SOOPRcow) Serrano.


* Custom Vis Modes

* Slim, Usable Shade Mode

* 57 Color Themes

* Ongoing Development

* and More! Enjoy!

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July 8, 2004 by 883 [breed]681963 downloads

Enkera - it's freeform, baby...

Staff review

Amazing skin.

A true example of why freeform skinning is great. Nothing really new except for that crazy shape, but pulls it off so well.


oh so smeckseh! - i am lamenting the fact that i went on a skin-spree earlier. d/l-ed a total of 15 i think....unfortunately this was the -last- one i found. i wish i had found it -first-. would have saved me about an hour of browsing less epic skins, trudging thru the dross and offal of lesser creations. if i could find you guys irl, i would like...hump your i wouldnt. id shake your hand. very very vigorously. ive actually -uninstalled- all the other skins i d/l-ed, and dropped it to the four defaults and this skin. ive also told everyone i know that uses winamp to d/l it. and those of my contacts that dont use winamp, ive attempted to convince them to d/l winamp just to use this skin. ive also linked the page to this skin on all my sites. this is last skin i will ever d/l.....unless you guys come out with something more smeckseh...which might be a little hard to do, but i look forward to you guys proving me wrong.much love, much thanks! - May 13, 2009 by cristofer levandoski

Awesomeness.. - I really like it but it wont install when i download it..So if anyone doesnt mind, If ya could help me out? - February 24, 2009 by Jose Torres

AWESOME - i've seen a lot of great skins at my time but this one clearly beats them alli also totally love the way it has the "repeat one" option, really missed on some good skins - January 24, 2009 by Alin Stan

AWESOME - This thing kicks ass! And I so love dragonflies. But this is like a mix between a dragonfly and a cybernetic bug. Cool for girlies and boys. And the color schemes are amazing! I can't choose! (okay, I chose Royal for right now, but I'll be changing often!) - April 12, 2008 by Holly Vaughn

cybernetic dragonfly!! cool... - niiiiiiiice! - March 9, 2008 by josef k

love the butterfly - I have surfed through alot of skins and this is by far my favorite. We should have more bug influenced designs...hint hint - February 7, 2008 by viz effects

Brilliant! - A great skin, easy to use. And an option of color themes to please any obessive desk top themer. Many thanks! (Y) - September 24, 2007 by Derrick Andrew


Wow - This has to be the most unique and cool skin I have yet to see! You should get an award for this design! ;-) Love it! - January 8, 2007 by Kellyann Malkowski flies! - never seen a player skin so well designed. the slight lack of intuition when it comes to the middle, main controls is offset by the awe and wonder one has and the curiosity that develops off of that to make one experience the epiphone that the middle controls are the main controls. - November 10, 2006 by Ransom Jameson

Awesome - i love the look i have a woodpanel desktop back ground so it looks like a giant bug has landed on my screen ... i'm easily amuzed - October 31, 2006 by Behaved Child

hamada - very good - October 25, 2006 by Ahmad AElGhani

The Best Skin I've Ever Seen - I’m a skin addict, my life’s got happier when Nullsoft invented Modern Skins, and this is the greatest skin I’ve ever seen… With a bunch of Colour Themes!! - October 21, 2006 by ciper lone

very good skin - Very good skin. Good colors and cool design - September 16, 2006 by Filip JAN

This is great!!! - It's shape is amazing! - August 14, 2006 by Kopi Peti

Coolest skin ever! - I use Enkera for a very long time and haven't seen any skin more comfortable for use than this. I use it only in windowshade mode, because I'm not a butterfly freak ;) but still I'm convinced it's one of the best skins ever. I have only one, but severe, problem with it. The scrollbars aren't displayed correctly under Winamp5.23 which makes it impossible to look at it :'-(. I hope this issue will be corrected soon, because I don't want to switch to another skin. - June 11, 2006 by Johnny KHack

How do you Pronouce Enkera? - Anyways......Who knew a butterfly could be so awsome! - May 30, 2006 by Robert Garvin

COOL!!!!!!!!!!! - iT Is A rEAlLY iNteRresTIng Skin wItH A GooD VisuaL StyLE! TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - April 4, 2006 by John Calitz

Awesome - This has been my skin ever since it came out. Once you get used to it, its the best ever. - December 3, 2005 by Peter VanEenoo

Great skin, but missing something - This is a great skin, but it lacks a few things. One is the options menu like the one in Drone V1. Plus I don't seem to see the notification slider at all and can't seem to find the option to turn it on. But overall a great skin, just needs a couple of things. - September 8, 2005 by James MacKenzie

hey - I like it. it's great skin - September 6, 2005 by Ruslan Regeza

Excellent - As always excellent work. - September 4, 2005 by Robert Norton

Very Nice - Really like the set up and very pleasing to the eye, buttons may be a bit difficult for beginners but I really like it. - September 4, 2005 by Rachel Toombs

Awsome!! - This is the coolest skin EVER!!! Way to go, ENKERA!! Rock 'n Roll, Baby!!! - September 4, 2005 by Jerry Wagoner

Awesome Shape, BUT... - I have two minor complaints. First, the start button feels a little counter intuitive--the rest of the buttons have stardard shapes. Secondly, the transparency obviously looks best against a darker background. On lighter backgrounds, the aliasing is very jaggedy--perhaps including a colour theme with lighter backgrounds in mind might have helped. That said, the colours for the various themes are awesome and the shape just wows. - September 4, 2005 by Elizabeth Mitchell

I Got a Username Just so I could Rate this - Quite possibly one of the coolest modern skins I have seen. The color schemes are very well done, as well. Only quirks: Figuring out that the top button is play, and figuring out which buttons are minimize, shade mode, and close. But I'm not complaining because if it was any other way it would take away from the overall effect. Keep up the good work, guys. - September 3, 2005 by Justin Wood

Amazing - Great skin, so cool! A giant dragonfly on my desktop!! In so many color themes!? It's just amazing!! 5/5 stars!!! Karasu - August 30, 2005 by Karasu Pape

Cool Dragonfly!! - Gee... reminds me of Yoshimitsu from Tekken - August 25, 2005 by Mizu Haru

It SUCKS - everbody may have liked it but my personal opinion is it sucks so i would rate it a big zero - August 16, 2005 by Kshitij Gokhale

sweet - this definly beats the pants off drone and tyrobite! - July 29, 2005 by jimmy jimmy

it's the best - i didnt see like this - July 13, 2005 by Yucel Kaplaner

The best skin - thank you from D?sseldorf-Germany - June 13, 2005 by Frank Leven

Amazing skin - Such a cool skin. Awesome design and not too big. I use this skin at home projecting it on a wall with a beamer. The smoothness and shinyness is great and it doesn't take too much space. 5 stars cause i couldn't give 10 ^^ - May 20, 2005 by Patrick van_Kleeff

f*c%?n amazing! - [breed] (man // people), what you've made is religion. the best i've ever seen, and i mean it, smashing f****n gorgeous i was skinning too, now it's meaningless to go on. - May 9, 2005 by Christo Dachev

GREAT!!! - This maybe the single greatest skin I have ever seen. Stylish and very cool to look at, great job to all who worked on it. A MUST download!!!! - May 5, 2005 by sara smith

Best. Skin. EVER. - How in the [CENSORED] the Skin Team gave it anything LESS than a full five stars for originality is beyond me... *PPPPLLLLBBBBB* hehehehehe I've been searching the entire Skins library for the last three days, and this is *THE* most original skin I've seen, *BAR NONE*. The shape alone is very much "eye candy", with a highly mecha-organic feel to it; the colour (no matter which one you chose) makes it seem to come *alive* no matter where you dock it on your screen. I've changed my background to a pure black screen & stuck this right dead-center! It's *THAT* good looking! I'm not sure why people seem to have trouble finding the buttons - they're GLOWING in the thing's torso & thorax... (Kinda funky clicking its butt to eject! LOL!) Ok, so having an on-mouse-over tool tip would DEFINITELY help tell you what the buttons DO, but they're easy to FIND even if they're not clearly labled as to function. (Sighs, it can't be *PERFECT* people, what would we have them do for an encore?! hehehe) Give this sucker two zillion more stars and beg the design team to make more! I am *SERIOUSLY* looking forward to their next creation! - April 27, 2005 by Shadow Systems

Best skin ever!!! - Thanks 883 [breed]! =D - April 17, 2005 by daniel ďż˝

Best Skin YET!!!! - I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING - LOOKS, COLORS, ALL... Lets see if someone would top this one out!!!! :P - April 12, 2005 by James Bacero

Beauty, eh? - My new favourite skin. I love all the colour options! - April 6, 2005 by Jackie LeBlanc

Epitome of 1337 - The entire world should download this skin, for it is easily THE coolest looking Winamp skin I've ever set my sights upon. Plain and simple. - April 5, 2005 by Aaron Gordon

veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeryyyyyyyyyy nice - I'm loving it!!!!! now's mine :p - January 30, 2005 by Ana Decoj

Kereeen abizzz!!!!! - Skin yang paling gw suka :) - January 28, 2005 by Aidirsyah Syarifuddin

COOL!!! - I took it too - January 12, 2005 by Ana Decoj

Best Skin ever ! - I was just looking for a Stylish/Cool and easy-to-use skin and this one fits perfectly to me. Also the color-themes look so nice. Damn, that is the best skin ever. Download it now ! - January 3, 2005 by Denis Kopp

A Wonderful Skin - I just went on a spree and happened upon this skin. I absolutely fell in love with it. This is by far the best skin I have ever seen, and I love the numerous color themes to choose from. I hope many poeple enjoy this skin as much as I did. - December 22, 2004 by Kiyoshi Katu

looks great and very accessable - love it... i love the new bend on the eq being circular... and all the important stuff is a button and they arent hard to find...attractive and functional - December 14, 2004 by Ryan Riley

cooooooooooolllllllll!!!!!!!!!! - cool, loads of colors and it looks of the best skins so far nathan - November 19, 2004 by natrol fred

Holy cow - What to say... Best skin ever, loving the colour themes, if lacking some good combinations. Nothing more to say other then if you have Winamp, then you should have this. - November 7, 2004 by Adam Willis

Wicked-sick! - B.E.A.utiful!!!!!!!!! This is the overall coolest skin ever! I love the color themes! I love the windowshade mode! I freakin love this skin! GET IT! Oh, and HUGE congats to the maker(s) :) - November 6, 2004 by Rory Girard

This is super - That skin is total super - October 17, 2004 by Olek Leonowicz

awsome - its just 2 gud - October 15, 2004 by harshvardan sharma

Brilliant! - The most imaginative and slick design ever put to a skin! Plus the colour scheme's are the most tastful ever presented :) - October 9, 2004 by Mik Wickyah

Pretty good - Nice, nice....I like it :) - September 7, 2004 by Yoanna **

Utsukushii!!! - Reminds me of Japanese mecha, which I have a slight obsession over. Though it looking like a rather big bug, there is this over-whelming desire to swat my screen with a newspaper... ~_^ Lovely Skin! ^_^ - September 1, 2004 by Silvara Hawnt

Holy Momma! - Easily the best skin out there; it ecels in colour palettes, organization, and ease-of-use. It handles all advanced features very well, though I do wish the makers of WinAmp would make Alpha Blending a liiiitle bit smoother. Great skin, and nice color themes, too! - August 27, 2004 by Hans Hyttinen

WOW!!! - OOO MY GOOOOOD!!! This skin is the king of all skins! If tare was a skin of the year award, This skin would definitly get it! this skin rulrs in so many ways! and i got to tell you, ewer since i first saw a skin made by 883 I hawe been a fan of 883s work! KEEEP EM COMING!!! - August 24, 2004 by B�rd Fleistad

Enkera Rulz! - This skin rulz, i use it all tha time. If u dont't already have this skin... GET IT!! i love the range of colour themes, I reckon that colour themes really make a skin great. I love the shape too, unusual but thats what makes it great, I dont nknow who made this skin but if they read this, keep it up this skin kicks arse - August 7, 2004 by Phillip Green

IDK - I think the design and placement is cool, but the colors I like black with red or white isn't there in one. But the rest is totally cool and the choice of color themes is the hardest decision I had to make. - August 6, 2004 by Phi Nguyen

BRUTAL!! - Excelent skin. Great style and fabulous colors. Congratulations. - July 27, 2004 by Nuno Pereira

Nice but confusing - Really brilliant skin (visually) but I have to say I was confused by the buttons. The only clear button label is the eject one. The rest of the buttons are either hidden or strange. Like the next/prev buttons. I know the point slightly upwards, but they look like they point exactly the opposite way they should. Next points left and prev points right. - July 20, 2004 by Willem Potgieter

Inovative............ - When I first saw this skin, I was like.............What in the world is it, then it started looking cooler and cooler to me, but that is basically it. It has many colour schemes which adds to the eye candy but some how the EQ buttons never moved when I was tryin' to adjust them and so forth, mabe it's the skin or my system but it's worth checkin' out. One - July 18, 2004 by Lance Cherubin

This Skin is Freaking Sweet - this is the skin that i use it looks so cool and there are many different color options its great the only thing that is bad about this is that the buttons a little hard to learn but i way worth it Very Good - July 16, 2004 by Bryon Potter

Good Stuff - First thought: Whoa. Second thought: it looks like a butterfly :) - July 15, 2004 by Andrew Griffin

Wow! - This is an awesomely impressive skin! Cool concept yet still easy to use. Also love all the color themes. - July 11, 2004 by twinmoons anime

Congratulations - Excelent SKIN! I Love It. Please make another one with new options. - July 11, 2004 by Nuno Pereira

Woa.. - Well...It's A Perfect Combination Of Design, Originality And Graphycs.... Simply Amazing. Love Your Work Dude...Want More!(Dont Forget The Classic Skins) El*ArGeNtO 2oo4 - July 11, 2004 by El-ArGeNtO (Fernando Adorneti)

This isnt the first one - This is one definatly worth 5 stars. Even with its unique style, it is still really easy to use and find the buttons. If you want to check out some really good classic skins, dont hesitate to check out 883's other skins. Amazing - July 9, 2004 by Shaun Mac

Pretty good - A little confusing with the buttons with what is what. Also it doesn't look as good as it's said. Overall pretty good. - July 9, 2004 by Jawad Ahmed

PWN - This skin wins. It's kinda difficult to figure everything out at first but when you get the hang of it, it's worth it. - July 8, 2004 by PD17 - M47R!X

Hot Butterfly !! - i already knew this skin , he's o so popular and great ! i love this one !!! - July 8, 2004 by Matt Deckx

Enkera - This skin is a New ERA, even the Men in Black Can't crash it, say Will and Tommy Lee. - July 8, 2004 by H. Audy de Boer

I thought this skin was okay.... - ...until I found the color themes. Now I think it is brilliant. 3 Stars for the design... +1 for the color themes. Damn there's a ton! Keep up the good work! - July 8, 2004 by Ground Hawg