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Featured Skin, January 16, 2003.

Energy3 was made for the First Annual Hardwaregeeks skinning contest, it has many awsome features including 3 modes (main, shade, corner), 6 advanced visualisations, multiple built-in configurations, a special easter egg, and heaps more!

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January 15, 2003 by Michael McBriar329142 downloads

Energy3 - Featured Skin, January 16, 2003.

Staff review

very nice

the easter egg should be a feature, lends a nice visual effect to the default mode. desktop alpha enabled- warning, it will slow your system down.


Wow awesome!!!! - I loved this one since the first one came out. It was gone, or i couldn't find it for awhile but it's back and just as badass as before. Rock on Mc^^^^. - May 23, 2007 by John Wilson, Jr

aboutthemusic - this is the best most functional skin of every single winamp skin ive downloaded. it has a corner window shade mode that is perfect. it provides every function needed but keeps it from screwing up what ever im be looking at thanx mc^^^^ - October 20, 2005 by Jesse Hammon

Nice Shimmer - Good skin overall. I love the shimmer effect. The colour scheme is almost too bright, though. - May 25, 2005 by Lake M.

wow, a gold pilow - an incredible design, and i like the shimer - May 25, 2005 by cole kerr

Very well done - It looks like a shiny pillow. - June 30, 2004 by Aquatakat the Kat

Confused - Im new to winamp5, how do i make the corner feature work? i like my corner amp but i like this one too i just need to figure out how to corner it. - January 6, 2004 by Proto Proto

spelling? - i don't know if you did it on purpose, but the word "shuffle" is spelled wrong. if you did it on purpose, i don't get why. and if you did it on accident, try to get spelling right cuz it really takes away from the skin if you can't spell the words correctly. - October 7, 2003 by kko n

Rakib - Good i can say - April 10, 2003 by Rakibul Hassan

Erm... - MMD3 Mod? - March 19, 2003 by Computer Chan

Very nice but - How the heck do I change the color!? - March 18, 2003 by Tanner Gregory

pretty skin - this is a great looking skin, with several slide out bits, and many cool features. I don't know if it's a Winamp3 issue, or to do with this skin, but it would sometimes be so laggy and would slow down my whole comp (which is no slouch!). It was such a pain that in the end I had to switch to a different skin - shame. - February 9, 2003 by r d

Nice skin - It tok me forever to find the easter egg. I looked through the xml and scripting, but still couldnt find it, so I just played with it for a while and found it. Im not sure if it was entirely worth my efforts, but its pretty cool. In the future, nobody should ever tell me they have included an easter egg, because I have somewhat of an obsessive need to find it :) - February 5, 2003 by Jon Neal

Oh my... - WTF? This is just up to perfect! I dont need a wallpaper 4 my desktop anymore :D - Awesome! - January 26, 2003 by chris r

Low contrast - At first: I use only WShade Mode, also on my 17" screen, and there are some skins BETTER then this in WShade mode (D-Shock, MMD3, Mercury..). This is bad-sized.. Second: change colors and add contrast!! Ugh, for this you don't take more than 3 stars. - January 24, 2003 by Stefano Bagnatica

font - Awesome skin...Especially for us 14" screen users ( those left of us anyway ) who have to use the winshade mode for all the skins. The winshade bar is pefect in its proportions. only drawback is the disgusting font used here.Had it not been for that ->5star - January 21, 2003 by sonic gringo

sweet style - nice!!!!!!! - January 20, 2003 by nate mummert

Colour Schemes - MIGHT be a bit bulky, but it certainly looks stylish. however, the only thing that is stopping me from giving it a 5 is colour schemes. most are straining on the eyes, especially the songs list. most importanmtly, the title where the song is played. let's say it's black n green i have chosen. the song title shud be in black instead of a shade of green that i cant see. overall, gd work. hope u change tt in future versions. - January 19, 2003 by Who Am i?

Loko - Muito loko vc pode muda de cor dentro dele eh bem lokinho animal se vc enjua de 1 vc pega otra cor que ja vem com ele eh bem legal !!! - January 18, 2003 by wellote takermiller

Mis-spelling - Shuffle is not spelled Shuffel - things like that should be double checked before submitting. - January 13, 2003 by Shelly Ward

It's OK, but... - In the shade mode it's also too big!!! And that font, it's also too big and that font is fucking hate!!! Color themes are ugly(without defoult :] ). Good idea with stuff, and very good quality os this skin. Repair details, that I told :)) PS. Forgive me my English :]] - January 12, 2003 by TheCwirek! Poland

NICE - This skin is just fucking allright.. the normal mode is too big.. but the winshade mode has all the buttons you need to play mp3's.. so.. 5 stars - January 12, 2003 by Klaas Broersma

not bad - but i have a problem with loading songs or playlists.... so i won't use it... i'll stick to MMD3.... but not bad - January 12, 2003 by Dustin Flaterud

My mum says im cool - Those extra analyzer visualisation things are cool. This skin kicks ass. - January 12, 2003 by daniel c

Great! - A new "enemy" to MMD3 and Mercury! Well, when you don't use the Desktop Alpha, it appears a bit ugly, but the skin is very clean and good, and the color themes are sweet. Good job! - January 11, 2003 by Yanizu Osborn

OK - The main window is very big but i like color theme. - January 11, 2003 by ake land

not too bad... - ...but all in all it looks like a copy of MMD3 - January 10, 2003 by Martin Siegel

Nice - Very nice. I like color themes very much. One thing-what about to add a button that cut these "wings" (config and eq) out of main window-and with a small animation? PS: Does anybody know what is in preferences in wa3 "add/ons for this skin" ? I do not have any skin that uses this feature... - January 10, 2003 by Ladinek Smolik

Needs some work. - -First off, for the love of god change the scroll text to something else. -The Main mode is to bulky, maybe cut off some un-needed area or scale it down some? -The Corner mode is nice, maybe have an option to switch corners more like Corneramp? -I like the Winshade mode the most, I dont like the tray at all, maybe take the tray out all together and add the buttons to the Winshade area? -Also, the playlist wasnt listing my list at all. (maybe add a winshade option to the playlist?) Just trying to help ya man! Love the color themes. - January 9, 2003 by Stroker Ace

Almost - It's pretty good, but overall I didn't care for the look it had. It was all bulky.. I'll stick with my MMD3 - January 9, 2003 by James O'Brien