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Smooth and Easy

Smooth and Easy

All the Winamp windows are skinned and includes cursors. Yes, the snozzleberries DO taste like snozzleberries.

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January 26, 2005 by Jim Stenzel265441 downloads

ElectraGlide - Smooth and Easy

Staff review

Metal with a bit of wood.

Good job on this. Personally, I'd like to see the wood appear in a little more of the skin, but you've done a very nice job. -fm


Looks nice - Great simple layout, with a chic look. The only change I would make is add a bit more of the wood detailing. Otherwise, works well, easy to use, and looks sweet. - October 24, 2008 by Austin Hernandez

likit - its nice, i like it. - June 25, 2007 by ichat maildi

Just wanted to let you know... - but they're called snozzberries instead of snozzleberries(no -le) - October 2, 2006 by Thomas Lynn

uha - oui, bravo c`est superb - July 19, 2006 by iliqna dimitrova

nice - its a nice skin,,,,,,,,,,,,, i like it a lot - July 11, 2006 by jeremy zanoria

Love it!! - Clean, easy to see...great colors and it reminds me of the dashboard of my car...LOL - July 9, 2006 by kari safir

Love it! Love it! Love it! - Might want to use a bit of higher (slightly) contrast backlighting, then I give it 6 stars :) - December 11, 2005 by Tamara Cochran

Looks good BUT is it really a classic skin? - Is this skin really a classic skin? My Winamp 5.092 does not show this skin. I disabled modern skins! When it is a classic skin I do not understand why it does not work on my winamp. all others do. - October 26, 2005 by christian Rosenstolz

Cool - What a cool design. The buttons are clear so it is easy to use. This kind of work can only be rewarded with five stars. :-D - July 22, 2005 by Frank Houthuys

Neat Design - Great skin. - June 26, 2005 by Arch Angel

simply stunning - wow this skin is awsome!! i prefered it to a modern skin, everything is so clear and simpleand i just love the wood, great choice of colours, it relaxes the eye great job would be nice to see its modern skin version - April 13, 2005 by Chris Darmanin

Stylish - Cute... simplistic and attractive. - March 1, 2005 by Joe Hayden

love it - im not big on all these skins that change everything so you have to find all the buttons again to see whats going on and i just found this one today and i love it its so simple and theres just something about it that just catchs my some really nice work ^_^ - February 27, 2005 by mike j

I didn't mean to post that - I wasn't finished yet. Anyway this skin rocks and looks great on my hail to the thief background. - January 27, 2005 by Amnesiac ........

This skin rocks! - I like this shikn! Its pretty cool! - January 26, 2005 by Abhinav Rao