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Onett Town

You opened a present! ... There's nothing inside.

A skin based on the famous Super Nintendo RPG known as Earthbound in the US and "Mother 2" in Japan. You probably know Ness or Mr. Saturn from Super Smash Bros Melee... I made all the cursors and most of the animated stuff FROM SCRATCH. And they are good. Happy questing!

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July 11, 2004 by Luigi Hann108005 downloads

Earthbound - Onett Town - You opened a present! ... There's nothing inside.

Staff review

More 16 bit goodness.

And this one actually has a decent looking Media Library.


perfect - pixel-perfect - January 13, 2009 by tr 67

This is great! - I love this skin. It even has all of the characters of the game. Great job! Thanks. - September 16, 2007 by Nicole Lopez

tal scene - i like that - July 12, 2005 by tal levi

the whole idea is very clear - good job to make a complex image to a clean view. - March 13, 2005 by super macgyver

I worship you. - Earthbound kicks ass as a game, now it can kick ass as my Winamp skin. - February 23, 2005 by nathan andrews

Wonderfull - This is a wonder full little skin! very fun to look at! - February 21, 2005 by Grog Sperro

Super NES Sweetness!! - Very Cool! Especially for being made FROM SCRATCH, as the author so proudly boomed! Nice work! - And a must have for Earthbound fans!! - November 26, 2004 by Mikey Findlay

Excellent! - Earthbound is perhaps the greatest game ever and this skin pays it wonderful homage. The subtleties, animations, ah! Orgasmic! Infinite stars! - September 6, 2004 by Harry Brammer

awesome! - This is the best EB skin by far! I love how all the characters are clickable! So cool! - August 26, 2004 by mandy herd

Great - Wow, this is nice... I love the idea... love the little windows, love the animated characters, and I'm not even a big Earthbound/Mother fan! One small problem, though... most of the menus in the playlist are hard to see when you use them. Otherwise I woulda prob gave a 5. - August 16, 2004 by Alan Karna

Bubblegum Monkey - This skin rocks. I love it. You can put the different winamp elements together in different patterns to make your own little village. Such excellent use of sprites. The menu element is awesome and the volume bar/yoyo is genius. The only qualm i have is the lack of animated icons for buttons, except for the dog head bounce. If i could give a 4.5 i would, but that rounds to a 5 so a five it is. - July 29, 2004 by SSJ Kriccolo

Wow! - Looks nice! This is one of the actual, nice game winamp skins! Nice work! - July 12, 2004 by Scott Kuehnert

Amazing - This is by far my favorite outta all your game skins! - July 12, 2004 by b silver87

I Love It :D - It's An Exellent Skin....The Way You Used The Resourses Is Wonderfull...I Don't Know Any Of The Characters...But This Skin Rocks!...Keep It Up... El*ArGeNtO - July 11, 2004 by El-ArGeNtO (Fernando Adorneti)

Poor Guy - It sux! dont waste time downloading it - July 11, 2004 by acefrehley gordillo