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Drone v1dot1

Presented by the Breed Skins Division

Presented by the Breed Skins Division

This skin requires Winamp 5.04+. Concept and graphics by 883DESIGN, coding and additional graphics by R. Peter Clark.

- alternate main window mode
- slim main windowshade mode
- skin configuration window
- 7 custom beat visualizers
- 'Notifier' with CD cover feature
- more than 300 color themes

Changelog (v 1.1):
- broken scrollbar images with Winamp 5.24 fixed
- improved cover art window
- skinfile size reduced

For more skins please visit:

Drone (c) 2005-06 by R. Peter Clark and 883DESIGN, All Rights Reserved.

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February 18, 2005 by 883 [breed]1939332 downloads

Drone v1dot1 - Presented by the Breed Skins Division

Staff review

I won't drone on..

Needless to say this skin rocks so hard your eyes might bleed as a result, what can I say here?, tons of themes, more config options than you can shake a sponge at, sexy design, very functional, I only wish it had few more custom vis modes ;)

Err, that's it, it's great, get it now or be forever the poorer.


This is the Best what i see since MMD3 - September 20, 2010 by Antony Shalaev

Excellent skin. My favorite from all times. Lots of color schemes to choose from and very cool user interface. - August 20, 2010 by marioalv a

Fucking awesome man. So much functionality, so aesthetically awesome. Just found all the Bubblegum Crisis colour schemes too. The time and effort is most evident. I congratulate and thank you, sirs. - June 24, 2010 by Rake Theleaves

Amazing combination of "alien-tech" details. Simple and intuitive. Wide amount of colors to switch from.Just 1 tip... would be nice if once you hover the mouse on a button (when player is in "orb mode") a tooltip could be shown indicating the function of that button.Such a nice job! - May 23, 2010 by [email protected]

cool - May 13, 2010 by David Levingston

This skin is amazing. So beautiful, functional, more themes that one could ever ask for. I created an account just so I could comment on this beauty. Thanks so much for creating this. You guys are mega talented. - November 9, 2009 by elev84u

Wow. - I spent more than half a minute floating it around like a floaty thing on my desktop with my mouse.It's like a floating orb of floatyness that just happens to also play music.And it is orange.I am in awe. - September 10, 2009 by Jinky Williams

Bien... - Me gust, est creativo. Felicitaciones a los creadores... - March 14, 2009 by Psicko Metaphis

great skin - awesome design, great functionality and works docked on top, properly and with auto-hide (imho best way to use winamp)..also loads of nice color themes.. good work! :) - March 8, 2009 by Yangombi Umpakati

liczna skrka - liczna a ilo tematw kolorystycznych powala :D - February 17, 2009 by Piotr Smigfde

Perfect - Ever since this skin came out in 2005 I've always used it. I've tried other skins but I always come back to this one due to the style, the themes and it doesn't end up annoying me in anyway whatsoever. I always find a color theme that matches my forever changing backgrounds and not matter what current OS you use(XP or Vista), this skin is always impressive and make people say "WOW" every time they see it. Until I find something truly better or this skin becomes out-dated I'll always use this skin. - October 15, 2008 by David Sharp

sexy! - i've not bothered with another skin since i found this one. huge colour selection, multiple window types and more surprises. - September 1, 2008 by rain livengood

Excellent! - A really Cool High Tech skin well defined, finished! - August 8, 2008 by JeanPhilippe Maquestiaux

wont work here :( - cant get it to work, anyone knows why? nothing happens when i select it from the skins meny in winamp - June 15, 2008 by Marius Engebretsen

OMG!!!!! - This is by far the coolest skin I've ever seen and I'm 40 yrs old so I've seen a lot of skin. Looks like the skin you'd have if your were aerobraking into orbit around Jupiter. Awesome job guys!!! Thanx for purty'in up my desktop. P.S. my kids dig it too - May 13, 2008 by Gawen Crow

. - o my good this is crazy -.- bullshit - April 22, 2008 by asfsaas asffafsa

My Skin of Choice - I've used Drone (before I had been using Invicta) for about eighteen months now, and it's one of the most practical smart-looking skins I've ever used. With three modes, there is a player type for everyone. I use the bar most, keeping it always on top of my desktop. It never gets in the way and I can access the options I need to. Me being customization obsessed, I always want more color themes, but the default version comes with hundreds so I suppose most anyone else won't have this complaint. I just wish the presets were more varied and artsy, like Invicta's included pack. But that's my only complaint - and only because I'm too lazy to find some new theme packs.The "Config" menu of this skin is really tops; in Invicta, I would have to switch skin modes in order to adjust EQ, but with config, it's right there in toolbar mode, as are the controls for Drone's special functions like the great take on 'Notifier'. Only other tiny gripe is that the toolbar links should be changeable as in Invicta, where you may assign two buttons whichever function you wish them to perform (the big advantage being that I had a 'winamp preferences one'. Drone probably has got some options like this, but i just haven't stumbled upon them yet. The opacity settings render extremely beautifully on this skin, and I love that a double left click on the song in the scrollbar will open the song's tag. I do experience some moderate player freeze, but rarer than other skins and certainly fewer crashes than any other glamorized skin. Users with fast cpus (and big ram chunks) wont even have any freeze problems. Also love the skin's font, quite akin to what I would have picked for this skin. - March 29, 2008 by REM Rocks

Incredible - your skin is excellent but it use very full cpu!a display picture of the 300 thme-color indispensable make it for simplify the choice. - February 28, 2008 by redhill redhill1780

Stylishly Amazing - The snow camo theme is perfect, the futuristic design is flawless! 2 thumbs and 2 toes up! - February 14, 2008 by Kokuten Chiaki

YESSSSSSSSSSSS - For lack of a better word and less imaginitive wording. THIS THING IS OFF THE FUCKING CHAIN!!!!!!!!!!! - January 27, 2008 by Luis Delgado

Fantastic looking skin - Just dowloaded this and it has blown me away. Brilliant work and very well done - November 28, 2007 by Paul Waddington

Absolutely Phenomenal... - This skin "883" really rocks. All around winner with regard to skins, configuration settings, 3d design, etc, etc, etc.Keep up the great woorm "883". i think it's a fair response to say for everyone we will eagerly be awaiting your next creation.Rock on.. - November 28, 2007 by Kevin Grate



Newer Version 1.1 - I love this skin. What bothers me in here is only that even if title says "Drone v1dot1" available for download is only v1.0But everybody can obtain Version 1.1 that doesn't have problems with Shoutcast here: - August 8, 2007 by morten -

It's got everything I need. - Right now this is my favorite skin. Between the three modes, it does all of the things I want to do.* The main view has an awesome pod look and all of the critical buttons are pretty easy to figure out* The badge view is great! It's the perfect size and I LOVE the optional graphical drawer. Also, I'm pleased that the Music Library and Playlist buttons are still easy to get to.* The stick is very well done. I like the optional sizing and still clear buttons.Other big notes are:* The numerous color themes make it easy to find something that goes with my constantly changing desktop wallpaper.* Very snazzy custom graphic eqI'm a looong time winamp user and always a passive fan of good skins. However, I created an account JUST so I could come in and put my opinion down about this skin. - August 1, 2007 by Jason Fertig

Best skin ever... - Tanks for this!!!I spent a very long time looking for skin that would be as good as default Winamp skin but better looking... This is it! - July 31, 2007 by Roman Appeltauer

I like the stick mode - Hello i like this skin verry much but i don`t like it because when i wanna listen to a radio on the net the winamp player stuck`s because of the skin what can i do ? - July 19, 2007 by RampaGe .

Sexy - I was just looking for a cool skin, my search stopped here. This is definitely THE BEST skin for WINAMP. It was so damn good, I actually registered with the site, just so I could post this. I WANT TO DROOL! - July 4, 2007 by Chris Comtois

d - nice skin - July 2, 2007 by Piotrek Baln

sssss - hgygh - July 1, 2007 by shobhit pillai

something to go with vista - This is the best winamp skin i have ever seen. The default skin of winamp has never interested me and thats what kept me away from using it although i love its features. This skin has given me a reason to persist with winamp. The notifier is cool and this skin look good on my vista aero desktop too. It has large buttons unlike the default skin which is one of the reasons for me to love it. - June 27, 2007 by krish v

Dusha - , - !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! - June 27, 2007 by Dusha dusha

azri - my music - June 23, 2007 by azri afifie

chill - loved the notifier the most... very nice skin ;D credz for u - June 20, 2007 by alex soelberg

Quite Nice but has errors - I really like this skin, how ever i found it didn't work when trying to stream using Shout Cast TV which sucks :S - June 11, 2007 by Rob Anderson

the best - Well designed. The Evangelion color theme, is my prefered about this skin, that and the graphical interface, I like it.Good job. - June 5, 2007 by Annouilh Lyn

This is incredible! - Best skin I've seen in a long time, hands down! I love all the different color schemes (I'm using Vidalicious at the moment, but I'll probably change it soon), and the visualisations are great, I haven't even opened the graphic visualization window! I have one suggestion, though. In the next version, how about a custom color scheme option. Maybe toggles, sliders, or menus with different colors for each section, and different effects. Just a thought! - April 25, 2007 by Josh Kracoff

Very,very nice - One of the best skins I have seen - March 12, 2007 by V B

Keeped whith me a long time - The best match between functionality and beauty. Very pretty themes too. So, whith winamp v. 5.32 it has bug. I cant put it to work?? - February 3, 2007 by Ze Buscaope

Very tight. - This is my first review, but this skin is so hot I had to. The overall design is fantastic. The graphics are crisp, the colors are easy on the eyes, and the console is pretty intuitive. I'll be keeping this one for a long time. - November 14, 2006 by Paul Sheiman

Impressive but not perfect - Very impressive skin.. but it came across my desktop at just the wrong moment.. I have recently begun listening to ShoutCast Streaming Audio stations using winamp.. which is awesome because with the right technique you can compile a playlist of your favorite shoutcast stations, that way if a song you do not like, or do not know, comes on the station you are listening too you can just hit skip/next on winamp or your keyboard and go to another of your favorites stations in seconds without searching for it.. Problem with Drone: While trying to skip between stations on a Winamp Playlist of Streaming Audio Stations the skin/program crashes.. it is something coded improperly in the skin because using the base winamp modern skin you can easily skip between stations simply usnig the forward/skip track button - November 14, 2006 by Jake Ballard

Amazing skin... - What can I say that hasn't been already? This is simply AWESOME! - November 13, 2006 by Aaron Boswell

drone - ok - November 11, 2006 by Katarzyna Bogdanska

Problems-Problemas - Hi to all! This skin is really good and nice but since winamp 5.24 I have problems with it and other skins like MMD3 with green-thinger icons like sheets of paper (is solved for that skin), my problem with this skin (Drone) is similar to that but with the "notifier" that brings this skin near to the system tray that appears the green sheet and this is very annoying. If someone can help me I'll be very pleased. Thanks ¡Hola a todo el mundo! Este "skin" es realmente bueno y bonito pero desde la version 5.24 del winamp tengo problemas con ciertos "skins" como por ejemplo el MMD3 con iconos verdes en el "thinger" similares a hojas de papel (problema resuelto con este "skin"), mi problema con este skin (Drone) es parecido a ése, ya uqe en el notificador que trae este "skin" donde el reloj aparece un de esas hojas verdes y es realmente molesto. SI alguien puede ayudarme estaré muy agradecido. Gracias - November 4, 2006 by Antonio Alvarez_Martinez

Drone - Great skin easly accessable , fuctional and looks as it performs - November 3, 2006 by James hibbert

!!!! - ?????????????????? ????????! - November 3, 2006 by Andrei Strelkov

great skin! Gotta have it!!! - Very Nice! Take just a minute to get to know it and you'll like it. TONS of color schemes, which is a big plus with me. - October 30, 2006 by Chris Davis

robot - its cute - October 5, 2006 by hac man

the best - this is the best and coolest skin what is ever made :) only one (-) media library scrolling bars have been green since i installed winamp version 5.24 :( - September 25, 2006 by roger moore

Great Skin - This a very nice you can customise alot on this skin, all i can say is try it. - September 14, 2006 by Mike Yankovich

Cool - It has a very nice design, and I use it, but I'm having a problem with the scrollbar on the Media Library. It looks a bit wonky, and won't change colors. It just stays green. Other than that, nice work! - August 8, 2006 by My Ass

AMAZING - i really like this skin for these looks great, it is way easy to use and it looks great. :) gd job who ever did it and i hope u make more kool ones like this skin!!!!!!!!!! gd job..........MEL - July 11, 2006 by Melissa Leane

Wow - Its a really good functional skin. I was suprised when I saw the spectrum analyzers! - June 21, 2006 by Josh Sachs

=) - This is a fat skin. =) - June 8, 2006 by Philipp Philipp

VERY NICE - I'ts very cool, i like the color themes. one of the best skins i've seen in my life!!! I'm glad I dloaded it!!! I recomend it to All VIRTUAL DJ - April 4, 2006 by John Calitz

Drone v1 - BEST WINAMP SKIN EVER! - LOTS of adaptybility in functional as well as in appearance matters (besides the obviously unmatched design and perfetion in detail beyond any need for revison). Make sure you check out the theme related color themes (Games, Movies, etc.) My personal fave so far is the "Games: Doomed MG" colortheme, just to mention that ;) - March 25, 2006 by Oliver Florian

Wow. - Holy Shit. - March 1, 2006 by Doug Phillips

A melhor - Nota 10 - February 27, 2006 by Guilherme Kreto

Simply Awesome! - I have been a Winamp user for about 7 years and this is by far the best skin I have ever come across. It's simple, functional, and just plain looks sweet. Congratulations to the creators of this excellent skin! - February 5, 2006 by Kevin Hill

Beyond Kewl !!! - This is one of the best skins I have seen. Doesn't hog up desktop space, really nice look, functional. Most skins don't have any color schemes that I like (I'm picky that way.) But with this skin, with lots of color options it is actually possible to find one that I like. The only problem is that I like several of the color themes and find myself trying to decide which one I like best. I may be here a - February 2, 2006 by John C

Best Skin - The best Winamp Skin I ever used!! - January 12, 2006 by Daniele Contaldo

Perfect - It's the best skin i've seen so far, and i've seen a lot. It does beat MMD3 in all areas. It has everything that a skin should have. I'm in love. - January 3, 2006 by Vasago Schwarzhand

Excellent Skin! - One of the best by far and I agree it certainly knocks MMD3 off the stop spot! - December 19, 2005 by Eddy Daiko

Amazing - This is probably the best skin I have ever come across. There are so many options for colour and layout, blows the snooty pants off the MM3 top rated skin in my opinion! A definate must if you want your desktop to look cool at parties etc! - December 14, 2005 by Angela Stephen

Gorannnnn - It`s the best skin for winamp I`ve ever seen !!! Congratulations !!! - November 21, 2005 by Thomas Cooper

By far the best skin ever. - I've searched through all of the Winamp skins available here, and as word from a graphics expert I say that this is the best "man made" skin ever. It is sleek, practical yet functional and very complete. The design is simply the best for a Winamp skin. Nice job, 883 & RPC. - November 14, 2005 by Goran Frankey

Re: Drone v1 - Just one word...Awesome! The ONLY winamp skin you'll ever need. - October 26, 2005 by Fernando Villarroel

this is the coolest skin i have used - u c i usually use dark backgrounds, and this cool skin comes with its own set of color themes, i love it. - October 23, 2005 by Stevie Jay

drone! - This is the greatest, coolest skin I\'ve ever seen and used. There are plenty of colours for you to change to suit your mood and style. It looks as if it is complicated but when you are using it, it is super convenient and easy to use! It has links to many websites that allow you to search for more skins. However, if it\'s shape or style can be changed (with options like the colour), it would be perfect. Use it! Try it! And remember to rate it! Enjoy~ - October 21, 2005 by Vedant Kidambi

Nice! - Darm its a coll skin!!! - October 18, 2005 by Jezey Ellen

Just what I was looking for!! - This skin is awsome!! The many color options and the different sizes make it perfect for my desktop. The font sizes are good for even a high res screen!! Thanks - September 25, 2005 by Lizard The_One

drone - The "Best" Skin ! - September 21, 2005 by Ken Dessecker

One of the best - This skin is a must have. - September 17, 2005 by Adrian D

Oh my god! - Only the fact that one of the themes is named "How to be emo" and the one after that "How to be truley emo" and the only diffrence is that the second one is a bit darker makes this my favourite skin ever! That is has 300 other colors to chose from is also a good thing. It's easy to use and I'm in love.. - September 13, 2005 by Nicholas D

Best Ever - This is the best thought and created and the most original skin among all modern skins - September 12, 2005 by Kajsa Karlsson

Very Good - Nice - September 10, 2005 by G�khan �apar

Me encanta - Tengo muchas skins y he visto muchas y esta es con la que me he quedado para usarla. Es la que mas me gusta sobretodo por el notificador con imagen, he visto otras que me han gustado tambien mucho pero el notificador de canciones es lo que me ha hecho decidirme. - September 6, 2005 by Lybod Olsen

Excellent - This skin rules. - September 4, 2005 by Santi viuuuu

It?s the BEST!!! - Hi! I?ve never seen a better skin! All my wishes are true in this brilliant Winamp 5 Skin! It showes which song is on the move or when you have selected a song and you already heared it, it showes which you chose at first! That?s brilliant! The colorthemes are wonderful! So many colors for just one skin! You can choose everything for all! So... I just have to say...WOW!!! Download it or you?re just the poorest guy at all...! Bye and much fun with it, Sarah - September 2, 2005 by Robert Norton

awesome - I can't find anything wrong with this. It's great. It's one of my favorite skins and mixes compactness with style very well. For me it's an easy and well worth it download. - August 28, 2005 by Sarah Stiller

Beatiful Skin!! - One of the best that I saw in modern style, the theme option its very usefull when Its time to change the windows style. - August 26, 2005 by z l

the best - it is the best skin I have ever seen.... - August 15, 2005 by Alexander McAllister

Stunning. - Simply stunning. Wonderful skin, the colours are wonderful, the controls are clear, this is a great skin. You will hate yourself if you do not download this one. - August 11, 2005 by murat kantar

USE THIS ONE - DRONE has to be the easiest to use and easiest to navigate out of all the fancy-lookin skins out there. Everything is easy to see, easy to reach. Add the fact that there are an enormous amount of colour scheme CHOICES and you'll probably end up doing as I did, having a ball just spending hours matching schemes to suit desktops. The great design of Drone just brushes off onto it's users. You too can be stylish. Or something. Note: I run my screen resolution at 1280 x 720 and I have to say DRONE looks better slightly elongated. Hands down my favourite skin. The only question is: when are these babies hittin the shelves? huh?huh?I want one!! - August 5, 2005 by Jay M

Wow! - Pros: Really nice set of features packed inside a clear, instigating design. Main/windowshade modes allow full control and legibility; color themes and custom features set this skin apart from the bunch. Cons: Slow feedback on some simple functions, such as opening the playlist editor. Result: My skin of choice! Keep up the good work, fellas! - August 1, 2005 by mike h

awesome - this skin is crazy and no problems so far, so many different color themes i can barely choose which one i like the most. mad props to the creator, thanx. - July 30, 2005 by Thiago Rocha

Awesome - This skin is fantastic. Everything I could want and more. Thanks for the hard work. - July 23, 2005 by mitch k

Not a waste of skin - Easy on the eyes with loads of toys. Worth the look. - July 17, 2005 by Chris Lyons

Drone - So impressed with this one that I registered just to rate it. Smart n' Sexy! - July 16, 2005 by Michael Walker

Freakin' Sweet - One of the best "modern" skins i've tried, and I'm pretty picky. - July 13, 2005 by John Halsall

Drone - Einfach nur genial der skin - July 13, 2005 by Jamie Lynne

Drone - Winfach nur genial der skin - July 13, 2005 by Daniel Moll

Sir - just outstanding,multifunctionable,superb looks,great job! P.S. - too heavy to load,that`s the only thing I dont like - July 12, 2005 by Daniel Moll

Hot Dang! - Phenomenal work! For me personally, arguably the best skin I've come across. One can certainly see that a lot of work/detail went into this skin. With loads of themes to boot! Great! My only gripe: more EIGHT83 skins! - July 11, 2005 by Sir John

drone 1.0 ROCKS!!!! - i loove looking at this skin! there is so many colour choices and some have some funny names! i only joined so i could review this FANTSASTIC skin!!!!! - July 1, 2005 by shaun laver

drone 1.0 ROCKS!!!! - i loove looking at this skin! there is so many colour choices and some have some funny names! i only joined so i could review this FANTSASTIC skin!!!!! - July 1, 2005 by Blood Fiyah

Best skin ever!!!!! - skin ever...hands down. Once i installed this skin its been there ever since i don't eve car about my other ones. it is very compact when you use the setting with only the rectangle screen mode. very clean and simple looking and it supports the modern skin functions wich is a plus in my book. this skin has alot of features and has potential to be even better with some tweaking and adding. if you don't download this skin....your missing out. - June 26, 2005 by shaun laver

Drone v1 - This thing is awsome.... No dirty ad support and it is about 50 times better then that stupid batman theme.... This is so worth downloading that I actually signed for a chance to rate it.. The best bar none Thanks to the guys who made it... - June 24, 2005 by Mike Goode

AMAZING - A neat functional skin, really beautifully desined. The colour themes are just INSANE - 300 of them, and nearly all are stunning! The only shortcoming is that there is no separate window available for the colour themes, so you have to wind through the long long long menu until you can pick the next theme (and if you're heading for one of the last themes you can imagine winding through 300 entries!) - June 19, 2005 by Rusty Shakleford

Wondrous - By far my favorite skin. Beautiful graphics, clean animations, great winshade mode, good-looking and well executing notifications...this skin has everything I like. - June 18, 2005 by Pawel Cislo

yes - I have 15 skins the DRONE is the best ! D?sseldorf/Germany - June 15, 2005 by Drex Olympus

Very Very Very NICE MAN........... - i love this skin it's so nice AND good....!!! DOWNLOAD IT NOW - June 14, 2005 by Frank Leven

MAT - Effective and wonderful... WOW! Salute! - June 10, 2005 by kasper heyst

Great Job!! - Love this one. I found it to be easy to use after a very breif time of experimenting. This is a very nice looking skin, love the tool tips. If you are one of those color scheme addicts get ready to join a 12 step!! This skin includes enough color schemes to have more than one color choice for your desktop style. Be ready to spend a couple of minutes checking them all out. I found the windows to be easy to navigate ( although I got the ML stuck in the corner of my screen :S), and the controls are easy to navigate. Love the mini mode, it has all the options you need in a smaller player, although the mini mode is not as small as I have seen. The stick mode is GREAT, nice and long so plenty of room to see ans use your controls. Highly recomend this skin. - June 9, 2005 by Martin Klem

One of The Best Winamp 5 skin?s I?ve ever seen - This is a really a great skin from the breed skin divison with over 300 colors and the special equalizer?s It?s so good animated really cool. See you waiting for your next skin. Kay - May 28, 2005 by Wolf Bringer

Finnally, a great skin - GREAT, finally something with extra vis effects notifications (Showing the album tou are listening to), and double reapeat (and the design) This is a SKIN! - May 17, 2005 by L_KAy L_KAy

excellent - shit - May 12, 2005 by Sandar Kleven

This is SKIN!! - This is what I call great work.Good guys,realy good i say. - May 11, 2005 by gaurab jain

Best Modern Skin Ever - This skin kicks ass! First, it looks nice. Second it has lots of colorthemes. Not five or ten, but over 300! "Drone's" library is skinned, notification are also skinned too and can show album art, if you put cover in album folder folder and rename it to folder.jpg or front.jpg. Finally it has 7 visualizations and 3 skin modes. Just try it! - May 7, 2005 by Jakub Zeman

PIMP. - What more can i say. you guys did an awesome job on this skin no skin can replace it. so congradulations you guys are my heros on winamp skin well if you guys ever come up with a new skin im bound to get it :D - May 1, 2005 by Phoenixed P

Blindingly good - not much else to say really... I'm lost for words - April 27, 2005 by Jack MeOff

WINAMP - 'XFLG, - April 25, 2005 by Chris Morley

Drone v1 - The most awesome winamp skin ever, it has the feature of notification so you don?t have to open the winamp to know the tittle of the song, the size is perfect and is very cool! Congrats to the author! - April 21, 2005 by Irina Irina

Wow! - This skin is so freakin' awesome! When I installed it I instantly fell in love with. Great graphics and detailing. A must have! - April 17, 2005 by Radoslav Stoilov

mr sStoilov - RADO - April 17, 2005 by kta girl

Oscar worthy!! - you guys really, did a lot of work, on this one, all the details, ok ok ok I wont say anymore, the best one at the moment!! Congratulations! - April 7, 2005 by John Hatch

absolutely amazing... - why in the world hasn't everyone downloaded this skin already? I don't understand why it currently has so few downloads... it's been up for a while. This skin should DEFINATELY be featured... it's way better than any of the current featured skins. Absolutely amazing color themes, and it's so well put together. This one has taken over as my all time favourite skin. - April 5, 2005 by Carlos Acevedo

Drone rox!! - Hands down, one of the best looking skins ever. The interface is nothing complicated. Its sleek and clean look is very well done. Its abundance of color themes makes this skin easy to match to your Windows visual style. Drone is a great skin that deserves more than a 5 star rating. -Dave - April 3, 2005 by Whitney StCharles

Amazing - Nothing left to say, but: AMAZING!!! (883 touch ;-) - March 30, 2005 by David Membreno

One of the best i've ever seen - MAN, this is the real thing right here. So many colors, the technicality! My hat of to the guys that built this. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - March 30, 2005 by Clytoone Stuzzifica

Very Nice - A job nicely done. Not only is the skin visually appealing, but it has lots of color themes to choose from. So I can make it match my computers theme whenever I change it. Also the visualizations available are quite neat. Very good work on this skin. Does seem a bit bulky, but overall it's quite good. - March 27, 2005 by Lloyd Cooke

*faints* - this skin is definetly one of the best if not the best. I love the three modes, especially the vert mode where it looks like a remote controller, very nice. the special effects are so worth it and looks spiferious. the controls are very manageable and visable no matter the theme and the custom visualizations are very nice. i wish i coud give more stars... *sigh* but anyways, the theme overall ROCKS. - March 27, 2005 by Christopher Reed

THE DADDY OF ALL SKINS - Can only agree with everyone else, this skin is awesome, love everything, even love the notifier, only thing is finding time to go thru all the colors, but can never have to many. Lets get more skins like this please. Respect. - March 26, 2005 by adrian ho

well drone... - the best thing i ever found since i downloading skins.MMD3 was king for a long time.but now its king of winamp skins is caled drone!! - March 25, 2005 by Paul Howls

That's amazing! - I've downloaded lots of themes, but this one is the BEST one!!!!! The animation is sweet; the style is incredible! I even have no words to describe it - you'd better see it yourself! =) - March 23, 2005 by Rob Lupt

azerty - very good - March 15, 2005 by Dmitry Orlov

azerty - very good - March 15, 2005 by azerty uiop

VERY cool & NICE skin !!!!!!! - Nice thinking boys !!! Keep it like this !!! You have all my respect ! Cristi, From Galati, Romania - March 14, 2005 by azerty uiop

genial - That's sheer madness. - March 12, 2005 by mary poeske

:) - That's sheer madness. - March 12, 2005 by Cristi Paraschiv

What the f*** are you waiting for? - As I've already said what are you waiting for? I haven't been able to find another skin on that suits the user of winamp so well. Don't look at it! DOWNLOAD... - March 8, 2005 by mary poeske

This is elite... - use this skin if you appreciate this different between a great skin, and simply an average skin. these guys definitely know what theyre doing. - March 5, 2005 by Kirill Kontorin

A Perfect 10 (uh-huh) - This skin is beautiful just to watch, additionally the window that pops up for the current playlist rox! I don't think I've ever seen such attention to detail and variety of colors in a skin. Yep folks, finally a perfect 10. My only criticism and it's minimal is that this skin uses quite a bit of R.A.M., but hell, it's well worth it. (applause) - March 2, 2005 by winamp winamp

simply sooooo goood - Not much to say except it is really so goood! Millions of colour themes, it looks smooth, nice design, very nice design! Also it is very ergonomic, easy and simple to use. - March 1, 2005 by Jackson Sorrentino

Good work Bud! - what to say.. you are one with winamp :D - February 26, 2005 by JeanLuc Valde

Breed's Done It Again. And How. - Winamp Modern skins are a pretty tough category to judge even-handedly. I work with and consult for GUI designs, and while it's truly amazing the variety of approaches different minds can apply to a point-click software interface, to come across something truly unique but seamlessly, flawlessly implemented is rare indeed. This is the best example of transcendence in skinning for individual apps I can show you. No, not just because I think it looks cool, though I do. Without rambling on too much, let me light on the fabulous stickmode for a minute. Any skin, any system, no matter how pretty or well-planned, has to be judged sometimes by its least flambouyant elements. With Winamp, this is a careful balance of the invisible (the coding) and the camouflaged (stickmode or the most likely "I'm doing other things too" config), which makes for a lot of disappointments. Skins like Machina, for example, possessed of absolutely breathtaking full modes, they break my heart when I find myself setting them aside for others who simply are easier to work with 99% of the time. Anyway, as I was saying, Drone does not suffer from the pretty bug, though it is gorgeously rendered and laudably adaptable to other skinned apps, themes, blinds, and the like. It is the only stable skin I have seen providing absolutely everything necessary from stickmode, without so much as a right-click to get to the goods. Intuitive layout and instrumentation. Razor-sharp, fully-contrasted display faces all throughout the spectrum. Dynamic elements that "call" themselves through subtle shading and pulsing, making the important stuff "pop" while not obscuring the less-accessed info. And the colours! The only thing I don't care for about this skin is its default colour theme! AND THERE ARE BETTER THAN THREE HUNDRED OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM! This is ingenious, successful GUI design. This is the cat-killer of Modern skins, and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Bravo, Breed. - February 24, 2005 by El-ArGeNtO (Fernando Adorneti)

Yes...He's Back - Just Perfet, Small, Stilish, Smooth, And Shinny!... 10 over 10 man! you Rock! - February 24, 2005 by Andreas Nilsson

Very very nice skin! - Awesome looking skin. I really like the Min/Stop/Playlist and Open buttons. The concept is perfect!! 300 color scheme, wooohooo!! thanx! - February 23, 2005 by Rhythm Obsession

All Stars - All the features of WA5 in this skin. This is why it took me 2 minutes to post my review right after trying it. Oh and the color themes. Seeing is believing. ***** - February 23, 2005 by Ike Eisenhower

Yup... definitely a great one - Can't say enough good things about this. I was using MMD3 before, but access to some items was cumbersome. This covers it all and more. I give it 7 thumbs up and a toe up for added measure. - February 21, 2005 by Steve Darken

:D - very good - February 20, 2005 by S Scrumbus

Simply amazing - Sheer beauty in appearance; more features and color themes than you can shake a stick at; solid coding; a large normal mode, medium-sized pad mode, and slim windowshade mode: drone is simply everything one can ask for in a skin. This rightly takes MMD3's place as the epitome of Winamp skinning excellence. Congratulations on another excellent job done and on your best work yet, 883 and RPC! - February 20, 2005 by Patryk Misiun

My my my - Well, I've been waiting for a while now and the time has finally arrived. The perfect skin... And so many unique, really cool color schemes; more than a grrl can use. Brava! - February 19, 2005 by toejam 07

UFB!!! - 883 + RPK = Brilliance. These are 2 of my favortie skinners and this incredible piece of work is why. Each mode is a standalone work of art, more color themes than one could ever ask for and a fairly low CPU tax too! It's just an amazing skin. Great work guys! - February 19, 2005 by Petula Gothmuppet

Wow! - BEAUTIFUL skin. - February 19, 2005 by Cary Summers

This skin > My Music Listening Power - PROS: - Tons of Color Themes - Smooth animations - Cool fonts - Best Shade-Mode I've ever used CONS: - Ummm...let me get back to you on this one, I can't find any yet; and I doubt I ever will. :D GREAT JOB - February 19, 2005 by c settles

Among the elite - Not since Resurgence has a modern skin looked this good. There are only a handful of really boss skins out there (like MMD3 and BOOM), and Drone is definitely one of them! - February 19, 2005 by AE 4713

wow - perfect PERFECT nothing bad about that really good! - February 18, 2005 by Scott Snively

SHWING - OMG das ist der best skin! - February 18, 2005 by Naveeth Ravindran

Cool skin - Cool skin man. Looks absolutely blow you away. Everything is easily understandable. Hundreds of cool colour themes. This skin sure is a rip . - February 18, 2005 by Luigi Hann

This Skin Rox!!! - I never change my winamp skin because before this skin, MMD3 is the best. however I changed to this skin recently. ( only because I was a wanting a new skin) This SKIN ROX!!! - I wish MORE People would code skins like MMD3 & Drone v1 - Coders pat your self on the back, you guys did a GREAT JOB - - I can say, most of the skins out there, lack options - This is skin has a TON of them - - I Love the song tagger ( with Album conver view ) - PLEASE, PLEASE More people need to make more skins like this. - ATTN: ALL - DOWNLOAD THIS NOW - - February 18, 2005 by LIFE G��wein

Very nice - Very nice design, and I love all the color themes. - February 18, 2005 by First Last