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Dr Who The Ten Doctors

Vrooop Vrooop Vrooop...

Vrooop Vrooop Vrooop...

To celebrate the new series of Dr Who JT skins present a trip through Doctors past and present.

All ten Doctors included, a different looking skin every hour!

Lots of hidden extras including a special TARDIS mode, see if you can find it.

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Dr Who is (c) 2006 BBC

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April 7, 2006 by Jones Owns39502 downloads

Dr Who The Ten Doctors - Vrooop Vrooop Vrooop...

Staff review

At last! a shiny new Dr Who skin, perfect for all fans of the show worldwide, you can come out from behind the couch now, not a Dalek in sight....


Ooooooh I LOVE this skin!!!! - Absolutely lovely skin! Definitely going to be my favourite for some time to come! I love the colours and overall design as well as all of the lovely little details ( the changing background colours and the vortex effect and changing Doctor faces when you touch the buttons and the hidden Dalek) and of course having a choice of Doctors (Though I tend to leave it on Eight ) I also love the Monsters and villians version you did. (Any chance of a Mikroamp skin or skins to match? ) Well done! - May 2, 2006 by Kath McGann

Amazing - This is just awesome. The buttons are easy to find and the pictures chosen for each of the Doctors are very nice. Very creative and well done. - April 8, 2006 by Loray Dilerd