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Dr Who -- Monsters and Villains

Monster fun

Monster fun

Continuing to celebrate the return of Dr Who to our screens, Jonestown Skins presents a rouges gallery of bad guys.

Ten different monsters included, a different looking skin every hour!

Lots of hidden extras including a special TARDIS mode, see if you can find it.

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Dr Who is (c) 2006 BBC.

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May 20, 2006 by Jones Owns67273 downloads

Dr Who -- Monsters and Villains - Monster fun

Staff review

More Who fun to be had here, this time I really am hiding behind the sofa, these guys give me the creeps...


Out Of This World!! - just over 4600 dLs and no review!!. This skins is not to be missed !! Its wonderfull animations are evenly spaced all the way around the skin so no matter where you look there is something going on. I also have the Doctors version but this one really brings the series home especially with the true guest appearence by none other than ? .... I wont spoil the surprise!!. If your a fan of the Original or just finding out about the newest Doctor this skin is just what your looking for. Nice Work!!! ahhwahbe - May 21, 2006 by ahhwahbe myown