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pinkly skin

pinkly skin

A very pink and fragile skin.

Reccomended that you eat a total of three pounds of beef jerky before use of this skin.

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July 15, 2006 by Skryingbreath _108179 downloads

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Staff review

Pink, do I have to say anything else?


.... - ThE bEsT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO COOL!! GREAT!! - August 31, 2008 by mateja mateja

cool color! - I like only color. It's hard to use :( - January 8, 2008 by luckyastro Mary

Very pink - This one is very pink and purple off-tone... I like the thin line border on the playlist, but it felt out of place not having it on the EQ and Player panels too.. But this was easily overlooked for the most part. The colors are nice (black could have been a darker purple maybe, or even red - ?) but the buttons words are too tiny and light to read. Over all the clean nature of this and the "polished shine" it shows off are worth a 4. With a little work and/or tweaking this could be a 5 pretty easily. A solid (and "ooh pink, cute") "Meow" for this one too. - July 21, 2006 by Kaitie_Lynn Parker