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Doctor Who

10th Dr Adventures

The closing chapter

A final skin to celebrate the end of the recent Doctor Who series, featuring scenes, monsters and characters from each episode, a different looking skin each hour.

Lots of hidden extras including a special TARDIS mode, see if you can find it.

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Dr Who is (c) 2006 BBC.

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July 9, 2006 by Jones Owns47779 downloads

Doctor Who - 10th Dr Adventures - The closing chapter

Staff review

The final part of the Modern Doctor Who skins, still can't find that TARDIS mode though.....


Cool - good skin - March 6, 2008 by Olivia H

Fantastic! - Absolutely class skin, as is the villains one (sadly lacking the black dalek, but other than that - fantastic!) And I've found the tardis mode - it shows the door open when you have music playing (revealing the tardis console room and an old friend) and the door is closed when you have nothing playing. To obtain tardis mode you need to click the middle yellow glowing dot in the doctor who logo - the dot inbetween 'doctor' and 'who'. You have to get it dead centre and voila - the skin becomes the tardis, complete with pulsing light and song title written in the lintel sign post that normally would say 'police public call box'. The left window of the tardis hosts the level graphs and the corner wall pillars cleverly house the transport control and the volume control. Very smart and deserves to be a skin in it's own right, not just a hidden feature. - October 9, 2006 by Peter Darrington

Lost Tardis? - This is so cool. I have been a Doctor Who fan, since childhood. The skin is supposed to change every hour, but it doesn't. Takes a lot longer. So far thought, I've found 5 different scenes, still no Tardis yet. Certainly worth the effort of downloading. - July 11, 2006 by Robin Doherty