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Diablo2 Amp Of Destruction

Diablo2:LOD skin

Diablo2:LOD skin

I have tried to make a decent diablo2 skin for quite sometime and could never get it quite right. I think I finally nailed it this time.....hope you like it.

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March 22, 2004 by Dave Hudson139889 downloads

Diablo2 Amp Of Destruction - Diablo2:LOD skin

Staff review

Dark Diablo.

Good skin, but it is a little dark. Buttons are not very clear as to what function they have.


Amazing!It looks like extracted from the game itself :) - November 23, 2009 by undeddo

great! - Hi All!Very nice, the runes as the add/remove buttons was a big idea :DGood workdesert - October 17, 2007 by desert hunter

nice - looks really nice - October 12, 2007 by Mia Raven

Perfect - I've become a total diablo fan after the v1.11 release, and this skin is just perfect for when i'm not playing. Aka Anadune - September 29, 2006 by Rubika Karim

Awesome - I'v been looking for somthing just like this I used to always look to see if they had one when I used to play Diablo 2,but I quit it, I play counter-strike now, all they need is a counter-strike skin ^^ - April 28, 2006 by Eddie Hart

This has a +5 to all skills mod on it too - not really but it should. I love D2, can't wait for D3 to come out. i know they are making it right now, but still this is the best skin i have ever seen im so keeping it!! - April 27, 2006 by tony luckert

Skin of Style +2 - Just the kind of skin I've been looking for. Mouse turns into the Diablo 2 gauntlet style and everything. Great for any die-hard D2 fanboys. - January 21, 2006 by Tim Ruzzo

Diablo - very cool desing i love it very much!!!!!!! - August 26, 2005 by Kevin Heid

Cool skin, perfect amount of light. - It would be cool if the songs in the playlist were real Diablo songs from Blizzard (you can download them at these locations: - May 31, 2005 by Wulf Saxon

Dope - This is the illest skin i've seen for D2exp. You should make one with Baal on it. That would be pretty tight. - April 20, 2005 by Steve Saldivar

Great! - This one is so cool! Reminds me of the good old days of diablo 2. I like this alot. Good job! - December 29, 2004 by Killa Assassin

Make more! - mmm Its dark like hell, just like when you walk through Diablo?s room?s ... i like it a lot!!!, make more for the fans of this game please!!! - December 29, 2004 by Gonzalo Rodriguez

DIABLO - This is the most womderful skin I met. I'm a Blizzard fanatic, and this skin is passes to my WinXP theme, which is a D2 skin too :D - October 27, 2004 by Richard Steelheart

hi - not really a opinion,, i need the base skin for winamp 3 so i can do my one d2(not like yours though) could you or someone else help me out - April 23, 2004 by Linus Langels

well. Nice ide but... - I like this ide of skin. but if u consider to make an update version of Diablo2 Amp Of Destruktion, plz make it lite brighter and get rite of the runes in playlist section \"the text behind runes are so fine dont hide it.\" ;) and make the player little bigger. Otherwhise this skins are realy fine done - April 10, 2004 by P3kka ime

Awesome - This is truly the best skin as far as any I've seen for any of the Diablo games Period - March 25, 2004 by mylinda beach

it's all good - Decent skin, but nothiug more. But i really like that the playlist is readable, few people remembers to fix that thing :) - March 23, 2004 by Peter Manning