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dcb v3



::: dcb v3 by dcbel :::

After years of using winamp,

i saw many great skins but only a few of them were good looking and usable. So, i decided to try it at my own.

It takes me uncountable hours to draw it. Skin is now also available for the following:

colorpad, kewlpAd

samurize, xxcalc

hope you like it,

comments always welcome...

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Download skin

August 9, 2006 by dcbel _38667 downloads

dcb v3 - upgrades

Staff review

green and very soothing on the eye


green skin - good green skin. - November 23, 2006 by Nova Aeroscape

Nice! - Nice! Works well with my nature-type backgrounds. Not too many green skins do. Great job especially for first skin. :-) - October 31, 2006 by James Sabean

nice work - good looking and usable is exactually what i camelooking for. and what do ya know, nice work - October 29, 2006 by Nate Priddle

mmmm - i think this is really good not even mentioning it's a first skin nice job! - August 15, 2006 by Daniel Gourkine