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Dark Skull reloaded

Dark Skull reloaded

updated for winamp 5.1

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October 10, 2005 by merci oner117565 downloads

DarkSkull - Dark Skull reloaded

Staff review

Featured Skin, April 10, 2003.

WOW !!!!!

This one is a real beauty, it's just wonderful, great textures, very nice animations, and everything is skinned except for cursors.


Wonderful! - This one is just amazing i love your textures and its still very easy to use. simply awesome. - April 30, 2007 by Allan Curtis

Wachout! This pimpin skull's got steel coating! - Absolutely beautiful. The buttons are easy to find, and the choice of color is nice. It's a shame I cant say anything better than TOTALLY PIMPIN'!!!!!!!!!! ::::p - November 24, 2005 by cole kerr

Wow - I am very, very impressed with this skin, the only thing I might think of changing would be to make the button icons, like play and such, teal instaed of gray that way they stand out. Other than that, amazing I love it. - October 21, 2005 by Taylor Shields

merci indeed - really nice design. classic layout = ease of use! - October 15, 2005 by _Bk _