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Featured Skin, December 12, 2002.

The Next Generation Shock Resistant MP3 Player. This is my first skin, hopefully of many =)Graphics by Robouk, Coding all by Vica.Here are just a few of the features:-38 colour themes-Convertable winshade mode-Slim stick mode-All conponents skinned-Configuration panel-Shock resistant =) Thanks!

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December 11, 2002 by Robouk !2258200 downloads

D-Shock - Featured Skin, December 12, 2002.

Staff review

Finally a shock resistant skin.

It is here, and it is free, the skin that is more shock resistant than your personal CD player. Fully skinned and ready to go. Easy controls for the novice mp3 enthusiast.


Good idea, but could need some more work.. - This skin is in need of excessive improvement. Its a brilliant concept, but it has lots of minor flaws, and the themes really arent that exciting. Features are a little too few, and you get the fealing of lack of controll when using it. "Drone_v1" still is the dominating skin on the Pad-skin market! I've used it for 4 months - havent found a single flaw. Check it out! - November 19, 2006 by Kasper Mortensen

D-SHOCK RULES - This is another skin that for me is easy on the eyes with its lighter colors and simplicity of use. For me this is powdery sort of color in this blue color and very unobtrusive. Best yet, my computer liked it by not shutting the winamp program down. - April 5, 2006 by Mary Gawlas

Dear - It's the best skin I have use ^_^ - March 4, 2006 by Goed D

Oh Em Gee >. - February 26, 2006 by Kiki L

functional - In stick mode, not all the buttons are very obvious.. but the skin itself has a great choice of color themes. Not particularly original but completely useful. It's handy especially for new winamp users. - June 2, 2004 by Whitney Bell

only use this skin - sence winamp3 came out i've only liked this skin...i've looked around for other ones...but this one just stays my fave...tha other once have too much on it..this is simple and really easy to use..and with the colorschemes you can get osme really nice shades...this is deff my favorate...=) - March 12, 2004 by petra smit

GRRR... - Nice skin with one major floor.. how are you supposed to get it back out of winshade mode? The only way I could find was to switch to a different skin.! Needs a button in winshade mode. Ahh! I see if your lucky enough to find the hidden button for the top drawer, the option to change back to normal mode is there! cool.. (& very criptic!) - February 28, 2004 by Barry Whitaker

Perfect skin. - This skin the possibility of talking by any means is good without. In the only one kind it hides inconvenient case picture and the button is not visible well. - January 30, 2004 by Jae_Kwang Hwang

this skin is the BOMB - this skin is perfect. ive never used a skin as much as i use this one, and its even shock proof. thank you robouk for such a wicked sweet skin. - January 19, 2004 by maddie s

Wow! - Could a skin be more perfect?? I think not. I love love love this skin. It's wonderful. - November 15, 2003 by Pamela Ferdinand

perfect - its nice tollnow - October 26, 2003 by suresh chalise

GOOD ! - VERY GOOD! i have no complaints, but the colors aren't beautiful ... a pity, otherwise it was my favorite ... - October 15, 2003 by Assurancetournix B

SUX ASS!!!! - sux. plain and simple. the colors are great, but you don't really know what you're looking at. Sorry dude. - October 5, 2003 by Desidarius Motes

I just noticed something - This one has multiple configurations, and I found one that was obviously designed for internet surfing. It fits right up along the top, over the blue stripe on explorer. If you put it right in the middle, the interface doesn't interfere with any of the browser buttons, and lets you see the whole page...unlike the corner amp. This one is just awesome. - September 20, 2003 by Dante _

best skin - oi, def the nicest skin out right now. simple, easy to use and fast loading, but still very nice looking! wicked! - September 10, 2003 by arto p.

doesn't crash winamp THAT much... - For all the people who said this skin crashed their winamp, they ARE right, but it only crashed my winamp only once, and then this is PERFECTLY okay! I didnt have reinstall winamp like SOME people who CLAIMED they did. Anyway, this skin rocks! Too bad its circular... - September 4, 2003 by Andrew Kang

my jaw went down the floor - This is a fabulous skin!!! Nice to look at, cute aesthetic design. I can't believe this is the first skin of the creator! I LOVE IT!!! I got bored with that MMD3 skin, which is something I love as well. Well, i guess it's served it's purpuse, because this new skin is fantastic!!! - July 28, 2003 by Cheti Alzona

BEST ONE HERE...BY FAR - Ok, where do I begin? The first thing that caught my eye about this baby is the sheer size of it; big enough to see the buttons, yet small enough as to not eat up the entire screen. It's simple to use, and very, very sleek looking. I suggest using the skin with the "peace" desktop on windows xp. It's almost as though they planned d-shock to compliment this background. I don't usually write reviews, but this one is EXTREMELY GOOD!! D-load this sweet thing as fast as you can. Perfect in everyway; kudos to Robouk ! - July 10, 2003 by Darrell Weiblen

Love them shocks - Looks like it could bounce off the walls of my screen and come away without a scratch. "Navy blue" is my favorite color theme -- some of the lighter themes make the white time display hard to read. Even so, it's a great skin that I use all the time. - July 8, 2003 by c n

Great skin... - This skin is great!! The layout is very nice and it doesn't take up half of your screen. You can make it nice and compact. Overall, excellent skin!! - July 2, 2003 by Nate Dogg

Sweet! - Sweet! it's shockey cute!!!!! - June 14, 2003 by Hanabi

Hmm - It always makes Winamp crash. When I go to change skins it always causes an error and shuts down my computer. The only way to change skins is to d/l a new one and make sure not to change back to d-shock. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me? It looks really cool and works well. Other than crashing, shutting my computer down, and not letting me change skins. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this one. - June 10, 2003 by Kayla Howard

Kickass! - Light backgrounds and white text make it hard to read in places, but overall a kick-ass skin. - May 31, 2003 by Dave Giesler

GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! - This is by far one of the BEST skins I've ever seen, very easy to use, nice color schemes, and cool just to sit down and look at it. They should make a MP3 player that looks this good.....A++++++ - May 25, 2003 by Sean Nelson

Won't work - It looks very nice in the picture, so I gave you a star. But everytime I try to load it my winamp crashes so I can't even see how it works. - May 16, 2003 by Kathy Staggs

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - hello when i trided 2 download it i couldn't use it on my winamp thing HELP by the way it looks very nice!! - May 15, 2003 by katie watson

Not bad - Looks cool but mmd3 is better. - May 4, 2003 by Brian C

Way Cool:) - I love the work, the color, yhe light blue/silver is perfect easy to read as it's nit tooooo light/dark. Good Luck! - April 27, 2003 by sherry rose

CANT DOWNLOAD! - CANT DOWNLOAD ! - April 23, 2003 by Morgan Morganio

great - really love this one. colors are great.tuff - April 11, 2003 by AL3XI5 A

Great! - One of the best skins I've ever seen! - April 4, 2003 by Michael Arnold

Great - this one is realy great!!!! - March 30, 2003 by marie koch

why? - Why I can't change the new skin???? - March 26, 2003 by Erin Lau

Very pretty - This skin is incredibly pretty. Enough said. - March 24, 2003 by Ryan Butler

Hmmm - Mmm, well, can't say it's ugly, but it hardly fits anywhere and I can't see what's so compact about this one...ok, it's not high, but it still takes enough space to be anoying... - March 21, 2003 by Andreas Svensson

wow I LOVE IT - It's really a great skin, I'm imprest by the work u made, I think everyone should have this skin; it's the "mother" and "father" of skins!!! - March 12, 2003 by florin nicu

Reply to Amat Amattozzi - I had that same problem that you had, with the skins not loading after downloading them, but all you do is right click the download link, and select "save target as". This will let you download it to wherever you want, so you can find it and install it. Enjoy =] - March 2, 2003 by Alex Morrison

I want this skin too. :((( - I guess I'm too stupid to install skins on Winamp. :(( I downloaded 3 different skins, but it doesn't work. It automaticly saves the file to a temporary map and I can't find it. In the picture say said that it will install automaticly, but... :(( I looked in my preferences, but there are only the Classic skin and Deffault, which were installed with the program. I WANT THIS SKIN! :(( A.D.A. - February 25, 2003 by Amat Amattozzi

I love it - Best skin I have ever seen. love the colors. I can't wait to see more from you. - February 23, 2003 by Relalith Skota

Awesome skin. - Fullmode is nice and sleek... small too, no need for a winshade mode... but low and behold!! 2 winshade modes, just as cool as full mode. Definite 5 stars. - February 19, 2003 by Alex Jeffreys

pretty cool - Its nice and small, easy to get out of the way. But wheres the vis? I like my moving bars. - February 14, 2003 by Another Guy

Very solid ! - Oooops, it slipped off my screen and felt down on the floor but I can't see any damage ! Wow, what an anti-shock ! Cool design for an efficient player... - February 9, 2003 by Stanislas Michotte

WOW!!! - I really really like this skin alot! I will be using this skin. I love how everything is so portable and compact! It's really easy to use! Two thumbs up! - February 9, 2003 by Meredith Kersey

Usefull - Yt's more usefull from the others.Colour themes are cool.And it has a smart vision... - February 4, 2003 by Ulas Tercan

Huh? - why would I want something that looks portable, its not like I can take it out and use it. Nothing special about it too. - February 3, 2003 by True Believer

Config. - Hey Guys, Check the config panel, you can adjust the glare of the shine as well as the volume buttons rate. Right click > Configuration Thanks. - February 3, 2003 by Robouk !

Nice - Very nice skin, well made and it works together nicely. I have but one minor complaint, the volume buttons take too long to start working. At first I thought they didn't work at all. I suggest lowering the time it takes to change the volume. Otherwise, i love it! - January 21, 2003 by Chris Holtzapple

Yeah, I'm in love... - Tiny, beautiful, and easy-to-find controls. I especially love the color schemes. The best skin I've seen since I started using Winamp. - January 19, 2003 by Rebekah Simmons

the skin was good but... - ...if you make it more larger and i better not use scale because it will looks ugly :( - January 14, 2003 by hadi duadua

Volume down/up slow - I already reviewed this skin, and I think it's the best. But it has a little "bug": the volume buttons are too slow in my opinion. However, I installed the HotKeys components and now I use it to regulate volume. - January 13, 2003 by Stefano Bagnatica

awesome. - i like this skin alot.. i really wish there was a button that would open the media library though(right on the skin). i use media library alot. this skin is almost perfect. - January 10, 2003 by graig smith

Great! - Out of most of the skins i have downloaded this has got to be one of my favorites! Love it! :) - January 8, 2003 by Nakita Dennis

My fav skin, definately! - I've been a fan of robouk and his site for a while now and i've been excited about this skin from the day i saw it in the winamp forums... His site and tutorials are simply amazing and this skin excedes that. I hated winamp 3 until i downloaded his skin and now i'm a winamp 3 fan... anyways, nice work man, 5 stars for ya! - January 6, 2003 by Tucker Watson

mm - from all the skin's ive seen, this has got to be the best 1. - January 6, 2003 by Jacky Cheng

easy to use and very cool - I'm still getting used to WinAmp3 in general, but this skin is by far the easiest to use so far. I like the multiple view/display modes, and how you can expand and collapse some tools within the UI. Very well done! - January 4, 2003 by Bill Swallow

WOW - From all the skin's ive seen, this has got to be the best 1. - January 2, 2003 by Lynn Dyche

Good stuff.. - This is a very good skin, certainly. It's quite functional, it's a good's really a great job overall. The only thing i don't like is that there's no where to dock the playlist with the skin itself, but that's really just part of WA3 in general, it seems. Anyway, certainly won't lose any stars because of my personal preferences. Great skin, man. - January 2, 2003 by Kyle Taylor

F*-*K - i can't download this m******* skin!!!! - January 2, 2003 by Filipe Marques

It's cool!!! - Thank's very much! It's nice & simple for me. I like it. Waiting for new skins. Sorry for not good English, but I'm a Russian & sometimes saing not normal... - December 31, 2002 by Marat Kamalov

Slick, Clean, Cool... - Pretty nifty skin here. No flaws and very original. Makes me drool...yummy - December 30, 2002 by Cody Prizel

The Best! - WOW! i love this skin. its the only one i use. well, i occasionally swich skins but i use this one th most. its got plenty color themes, looks cool, you can actually SEE the buttons, it is very "clean", and its i can ask for. good job! - December 29, 2002 by woody s

tight - i like it a lot and i really like how it plays music - December 28, 2002 by silvia Romero

Love not Like - This skin is great. I love the winshade and stick versions. The regular version is sorta crooked but it's nice. Nice color selections. For some reason it reminds me of my baby-g watch. I love my watch, therefore, i love this skin. - December 28, 2002 by Kirah Brown

zone gave it - it looks beautiful - December 25, 2002 by lin as-zone

SWEET - I can't wait to see v.2!!! - December 24, 2002 by Jake S.

good - it looks beautiful - December 22, 2002 by longmao wang

It's Buggy - anything i try to do in this skin, it crashes. when i reload it it doesnt remember the skin and goes to default mode. Other than that, it looks great - December 22, 2002 by handen bramilton

Looks good, but... - You cant read the title to your songs that well when it is in mini-mode. - December 22, 2002 by Ben Dvorachek

bissonet - that the best beautiful skin isee first tim and thanks for every thing bye bye - December 22, 2002 by bassam bassam

mmmmmm sniiice - not a bad skin give it a whirl i say - December 21, 2002 by kayleigh knight

Daaaaaam - This skin is hot as hell, any one that gives it less than a 5 needs to be shot, obviously they don't kno talent when they see it, keep up the good work man - December 19, 2002 by Timothy Wright

It's great... but... - I really love this skin, it was exactly what i wanted in the small mode and it looks great, in fact it's perfect, except... it always crashes winamp when i go to the skins section of the preferences and it doesn't remember when i reopen it that it was in the smallest view, it always defaults back to the large view - December 19, 2002 by josh morris

best - it's cool!! - December 19, 2002 by illiani ariffin

Ha - asd - December 19, 2002 by Guilherme Junqueira

Iss OK...but... - Its a ok skin...i gotta hand it to ya, i mean i cna tjust trash it coz its obviously worth soemthing...BUT the thing is so many people are coming up with the same ideas, same graphix same components...y not something new?Im not trashing your work m8....coz its gr8(haha i rhymed :P)but you get wat im saying? almost all the winamp 3 skins have colour configs and come in a sleek rounded 3d form (and dont get me rong thats all good) but we need something new for our screens, something fresh and interesting.....just a message for the future m8ys!!!!!!!!!! - December 18, 2002 by SYKO MOOLI_NZ

Hey - it's ok - December 17, 2002 by Stine Jensen

almost perfect - christ this things almost perfect! everthin is skinned, there r 3 modes,almost everything is perfect except 4 the edges, which r a bit ruff. maybe that prob could be solved in v2? - December 16, 2002 by Scott Ivey

nice but low - nice nice, but the competition is too hard for ya. keep improving - December 16, 2002 by Nappocat X-]

Freakin Awesome!!!!! - This skin is rad! but it kept crashing Winamp when you close it! BUt it still gets 4 stars. - December 15, 2002 by phillip pullion

The best Skin ever - This is the finest skin ever.I`ve never seen anything like this.I have like 30-40 skins,but none of them are like this one.Good work.!!!!!!!!!!!!! FORZA LAZIO - December 15, 2002 by kobe bryant

it's okay - I like it but it's a bit too small & the colour themes are pathetic u should improve them - December 15, 2002 by born to be wild

malay - Hai - December 15, 2002 by AJEH_JB LILO

fresco! - sexay - December 13, 2002 by Ludas Poltorn

Sexy but too small - I run 1600x1200, so this thing is microscopic for me. Is it a big deal to support resizing (a la the default skin)? But if I had hawk eyes, I might just use it. - December 11, 2002 by Hotel Towel

User friendly - Tis my 1st skin. I found it very easy to operate. Thanks for the nice skin. :> - December 10, 2002 by Jannis Tan

more color themes, please - This skin is gorgeous! Make a blue and rose color theme, it would be great - December 7, 2002 by Yanizu Osborn

Almost great - It's a good skin, very functional, but when it comes to the size stuff, it's a big problem, you can't find the buttons, and the color themes aren't very nice. Anyway, it gets four stars, because it's a good job. - December 7, 2002 by Sweet Zombie

Quite Nice... - Today's my lucky day! Another possible alternative to my fave, MMD3. A wide selection of cool colors, well-placed controls and a small, functional window-shade. - December 7, 2002 by c settles

But why does it crash winamp?!? - Every once in a while I find the skin of my dreams, one which I will most certainly use for a long time. This is one of those skins, and so was Neptune and Techenify - but like the other two it causes WINAMP3 TO CRASH WHEN I TURN IT OFF!!! That means it doesn't save any changes I made to the Playlist editor or the program in general, and I'll have to change back to my favourite skin when I use it the next time. I don't get it. Does anyone else have the same problem? - December 6, 2002 by Valdimar Bjorn Asgeirsson

clean skin - sweet design indeed with nices color themes.I like it :) - December 6, 2002 by trevor bull

Great. A tad too small, but great. - If only the main window would be resizable... If only... Anyhow, Valdimar, I had the exact same problem. The solution is painful. Complete re-installation of WA3, with internationalization turned off. :-\ - December 6, 2002 by Michael sappir

Beautiful, but just one thing... - I only use WinAmp in winshade mode, and this skin doesn't have a slide bar for play volume. If it had that, this skin would be my skin of choice, but for now I'm with Echo... - December 6, 2002 by david gullett

B*tchin! - The really wide layout fits perfectly in the top left of the screen when I have a window maximised, looks great! Flickers a bit when I drag it, but I'll attribute that to my POS computer ;) - December 5, 2002 by void main

reminds me of mp3 players - I may just be stupid an havent seen it around, but this should be an mp3 player layout. You should consider selling the design. - December 5, 2002 by Rachel Baucum

excellent - Wow. Three different modes. Definitely one of the best! - December 5, 2002 by Justin Lewis

loving it - YES IT HAS A SCALE! - December 4, 2002 by lyra belacqua

its nice - i have liked it very much - December 3, 2002 by hagop shazoghlion

Great Skin - Like every thing about it, the toggle layout mode is great. - December 3, 2002 by apb mund

I really like this one - i love the colors and it's..... just beautiful man! - December 3, 2002 by Alyson Perkins

Damn good skin - This skin is really good. It's compact, has good graphics, and all the buttons work. You can even make the damn thing smaller. Whoever said 'size doesn't matter' sure didn't pay attention to winamp skins. The color is iffy, for the masculine guys (or girls) out there. I would suggest making a few more color schemes for it, to customize the looks to some of our windows themes. All around, this skin is a must, for your winamp skin library! - December 2, 2002 by Nate Oversen

very sweet - Just downloaded and love it. A nice addition to my skins collection. - December 2, 2002 by arikamu ji

F**KN' FORGET BOUT IT!!!!!!!!! - This thing you made here is the best skin ever.nuff said. - December 2, 2002 by A Aman