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Cpro Winamp Modern

So New

So New

Winamp Modern Now has lots more uses in Cpro! -- LYRICS!-- PLUGGINS!--Get our Cpro installer and you can use Our new Skin based on the Winamp Modern Default>>Skin By Mertcan Kaya

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March 20, 2008 by Skin Consortium504348 downloads

Cpro Winamp Modern - So New

Staff review

New SUI skin.

Winamp modern skin, but different.You can now have all components in one window.


Nice but I miss the other colorthemes of Winamp Modern... - August 19, 2010 by Betty

een hele goede zender - January 1, 2010 by eriksmolders

it is very cool - you have did a great joob with it - January 18, 2009 by mriela dragolova

Clean & Easy to use & setup - My favorite skin! It's clean and easy to work with. It maintains all your settings and functions very well. All controls needed on the main AMP, everything else expands at a click right where you want it. Very well done and Thank you! If you like functionality and great looks, this is your skin! - June 2, 2008 by Ken Salois

wella - thank you - April 18, 2008 by waleed saeed

goot - yeh,yeh - April 4, 2008 by marco alessio

Wawawhowa - Very nice...Very nice... how much? - March 21, 2008 by pjn123 SkinConsortium