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Winamp + Steam !?

A ClassicPro skin based on the interface design of Steam v3!Comes with 18 colorthemes. The drop shadow is turned off by default, you can turn it on via 'Options->Skin Shadow'. Enjoy! - [Last update: v1.16, 29/8/2010]

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July 19, 2010 by Alvin Chong21211 downloads

cPro - Steam - Winamp + Steam !?

Staff review

Steam like cPro skin

Simple skin, based on the interface design of Steam v3. Usable even if you're not a steam fan. Nice touch adding colorthemes. I like the drawer/side buttons. Thanks for your submission.


very nice.... - October 7, 2010 by MoonDragon

Awesome skin. But it does not fully maximize with small gaps being left on the sides of the screen. The same problem also plagues your C-Pro Minimal Skin. If that would be fixed in an update it would be one of the best C-Pro skins. Thanks anyway. - August 28, 2010 by drmnys x

Easily my favorite Winamp Skin. I like the minimalist approach. - July 30, 2010 by Paul